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Notice & Disclaimer:  
The research & educational packages listed here consist of; 
- proprietary information compiled from first hand direct personal experience, and/or
- parties known to us who are active and successful in their fields of endeavor, and/or  
- a collection of some of the best-known material from credible third-party sources which is available in the public venue.
There are no warranties or guarantees expressed, implied or inferred as to the accuracy or completeness of this information 
and it 
is offered 'as is' with the full expectation that the reader may or may not incorporate this information into a more comprehensive 
overall personal plan to achieve certain objectives and that this information shall be considered a 'supplement' for which the 
reader accepts full responsibility for verifying its accuracy, completeness and current status or applicability to any given situation. 
These packages are essentially a free thank you gift when you make the corresponding donation to Panama Christian Foundation (PCF).
PCF is working diligently to share God's love and mercy with those who are most desperate in Panama and now Venezuela where conditions are horribly frightening.  When you request these packages you can rest assured that you're not only helping yourself but you're also helping
some of the neediest and most desperate people and animals in this world. For more on PCF see 



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Law & The Courts




A-101 Initial Contact - Everything you need to know to protect yourself when approached by 'authorities'   Read More $149  
A-102 Winning in Court - Kill the Case - Explicit details and procedure to knock any 'victimless crime' case out of the park!  - Read More $495  
A-103 Strategic 25 week Boot Camp - In-depth and expansive knowledge and training on a wide variety of important issues which will help you  - Read More $249   
A-104 How to Uncover Bribes to Corrupt Judges -  - Read More $149  
A-105 Travel by Right - Learn how to exit commerce and regain your legally protected right to travel without licensure and regulation - Read More $149  


SPC: Secured Party Creditor - Legal Status Correction - Read More

Complete Info on a 'Done for You' solution

in F-101 'Insiders Rolodex' package


various options

See Insiders Rolodex




Affidavits of Obligation -  Learn to use this effective non-judicial procedure for getting rights violators to admit guilt and damages. - Read More





IRS Freedom Course - More ammunition than you'll ever need to divorce the IRS and never pay 'Alimony'! - Read More



Money & Finance



Private Investment Club (for Global Entrepreneur Members ONLY!) - Learn about passive growth in aggressive opportunities using the collective power of 'the club'.  Membership closed to the public. Available only to Global Entrepreneur members.



Beat the Bankers - The gig is up.  The fraud is uncovered.  It's time to take action for recompense - Read More



Kill the Debt - Learn to legally eliminate credit card and other unsecured 'bad' debt with a proven system which works 100% of the time when followed as instructed - Read More



Kill the Mortgage - Stop Foreclosure - Your house has already been paid for (perhaps more than once!)  in a fraudulent system which wants to steal it from you anyway.  You can stop it!  - Read More



Financial Privacy & Asset Protection



The Art of Financial Privacy Using the Blind Trusts of the Super Rich - Comprehensive educational and research package - Read More

D-102 One fully enabled multi-purpose private trust w/EIN & banking - Read More $3,800
D-103 One simple private trust w EIN & banking instructions - This is your starting point to 'Come out of Bablyon' and start working on the private side!  - Read More


Complex holding, management & asset protection structure of 6 entities including banking & professional management services - What have you got to lose?  Perhaps everything if you don't protect it!  - Read More



International Lifestyle & Business Arrangements


E-101 Disappear in Plain Sight - The ‘PT’ Lifestyle - Read More $149
E-102 Global Entrepreneur Membership - Int’l. Business Trust w/ banking & more - Read More . $1000 rebate until Dec. 15th. 2018. More on the rebate click here $4,500
E-103 Global Entrepreneur Financial Summit  
   not available 

Other Important Services


F-101 The ‘Insiders Rolodex’ - Do you need help? - Read More

F-102 Full Membership  Do you want it all?  This is a lifetime education like no other. No holds barred at a super discounted price.  Go for it! - Read More
25% scholarship (discount) until Dec. 15, 2018


Law & The Courts


 A-101 Initial Contact


- Overview document with instructions

- How to respond to police when you get pulled over

- Initial Contact Audio #1) 23-minute audio presentation from Mark with some critical tips on how to best manage a traffic stop including some of his own experiences.

- Initial Contact Audio #2) 17-minute audio presentation from Mark on; Searches, Warrants, Consent & How to get killed with any initial contact. Protect yourself.

- What is a valid search warrant? Don’t let them bluff you


Through his associations and his own personal activity challenging fake authority, Mark has been directly or indirectly subjected to 4 separate raids by FBI and/or SWAT teams not to mention approaches by police on more mundane matters where his 'set-up' on the scene proved pivotal in court.  He knows the ropes.

                                             See our intro video


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A-102 Winning in Court

A) Challenge the case at its root from the very beginning. Contains a sample letter to the prosecutor with the option to withdraw the case or you file a motion for discovery which will open him up, along with everyone involved, to huge personal IRS issues.

B) Folder I: Knock it out of the park! Going…Going…Gone! This folder contains:
- 10 research documents with instructions and sample ‘Notices’
- 3 audio files

C) Folder II: When arrested…
- An arrest is presumed false if…..
- Challenge the law by demanding certification. You might be surprised!

D) Folder III: Win in Court - video workshop
Understand Status, Standing & Agency. 1 hour 5 minutes of intense study and proposed guidelines for taking control of the courtroom.

E) How to Win in Court Pro Se - This document directs you to an excellent online course which will have you beating up on the opposing attorneys or prosecutors with your ‘spot on’ procedure and courtroom savvy.

 - California Judges Bench Guide. This is the opposing team’s playbook! Anyone interested?

 - Petition for Judicial Disclosure. File this and watch how fast they shut the case down!  This is kryptonite for crooked (all) court actors. 

                                         See our introductory video
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Strategic Boot Camp

This is one of our most valuable offers in that you’ll get information, video workshops, sample docs, planning strategies and enough knowledge to get you qualified to understand and manage a variety of different subjects all designed to equip you to achieve true freedom. One lesson per week will be delivered to your email inbox for 25 weeks. 25 weekly lessons including a wealth of information in multimedia format. Subjects including, but not limited to; the mindset required for freedom, cash flow, taxes, court, crypto-currencies, strategic planning for your escape from Babylon, steps and documents to Come out of Babylon, books and videos to download, traffic stops, paycheck withholding, Beat the bankers, Private & Public Trusts explained, foreclosure and much, much more!  This program is in-depth and expansive.  You'll be glad you did this!

                       This video provides the underlying concepts


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Uncover Bribes to Judges

The method used to bribe judges has been discovered and you’ll never guess where to find it…… You’ll find it in the public record! Do you have a nasty, crooked, corrupt judge in your county or district? Root him out for corruption! This package will show you how! 
                                          Corruption is intolerable. 

                              Understand why we must 'Live Free or Die'!


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Travel by Right

This package provides you all the knowledge and law needed to travel by right and not by license. But don’t do this until you’ve first removed all vestiges of being ‘property of the farm’!

- Private Traveller video workshop. Complete details & illustrations covered in over 2 hrs. 20 minutes
- Certificate of Title and Registration Audio: 42-minute audio file from Mark covering;

• How, even with the certificate of title, you don’t own your automobile.
• How natural rights are converted to regulated privileges using the ‘Motor Vehicle Code’
• Specifically how we get subdued into being a subject of the legislative code through the ‘markers’ which tag all subject citizens. What are they? Watch and learn.
• How Mark nullified his certificate of title and then operated a private automobile which was not registered with the state and how he prevailed when directly challenged.
• Alternatives to ‘State’ registration which allow you to maintain full ownership of your private property and keep it ‘exempt’ from fines, fees, penalties and compelled performance requirements.

- Confirmation letter from a legislator on behalf of a constituent, written to a judge, stating clearly that a free citizen ‘individual’ who wishes to exercise his right to travel on the public highways cannot be compelled to have a license to exercise a free right.

- No Law requires you to record or pledge your private automobile. 24-page legal research document supported by Supreme Court decisions and voluminous case law.

- Stanford Law Review treatise on ‘Non-Arrest Automobile Stops are Unconstitutional Seizures of the Person’. Once you are pulled over, you are ‘seized’ which is a violation of your right to liberty and the police officer is walking a very thin line to stay within the law. Read this and understand your rights and his obligations. This is ‘the law’.

- Right to Travel Links  - Some impressive information from third parties confirming that states are now recognizing the ‘Right to Travel’ as a non-commercial carrier.

Come Out of Babylon folder:
- Two Audio files,
- Declaration of Status as Christian Ambassador,
- Memorandum of Law in support
- Sample Auto-ID tag.

                                        Come Out of Babylon video 


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Secured Party Creditor

If you know what this means, then we don’t need to describe it. If you don’t know what this means then you don’t need it (yet) as you have some more studying to do. This package contains the forms, sample docs, and complete instructions to achieve SPC status and the providers even have a 'Done for you' offering. 



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Affidavits of Obligation

When you can get no recourse in the corrupt courts, this administrative, non-judicial procedure allows you to clearly establish the violations and abuses you may have suffered, garner an admission of guilt from the offenders and establish an agreed upon amount for damages all without a court process. This is done entirely in the realm of 'Commerce' which you direct and control. The matter then becomes 'res judicata' or a matter settled in law and in fact by a bargain of the parties in fact. For all those who have seen our video presentation on HOW TO BEAT CORRUPT COURTS, we recommend that you establish your case with this method in order to properly present your case to the international human rights authorities. This package provides simple training, worksheets and several samples to work with and guide you.


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The IRS Freedom Course

This course, when followed correctly, will free you from IRS harassment and illegal collection activity once and for all, permanently, the end, goodbye! However be aware, that if you do NOT follow instructions and do NOT position yourself properly so they can’t hurt you, this course will NOT DO A THING to stop them so long as you continue to offer yourself as a willing main course for the dinner party! Pay attention to important details and BE FREE!


The info contained in this course is quite detailed, well researched and just irrefutable.  You'll be able to act in 'Good Faith' (no criminal intent) and on the right side of the law and you'll put the IRS in a box with no way out. You'll even have inside information in the IRS Tax Crimes Prosecution Handbook showing exactly what and how they try to prosecute criminal cases.  You'll be able to compare this information with what you'll be doing and in knowing this, you'll sleep very well at night, knowing they can't touch you and if they do, they'll get burned bad!   This package is worth ten times the donation being asked, or more.  How much would you pay, or get stolen in the next 5 years without it?  Order now.

                                             See our video for more


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Money & Finance 



Private Investment Club

This package qualifies you as a founding member of a new private investment club and entitles you to inside information on how we plan to double our money (or more) on a regular basis while at the same time fueling the engine to freedom which makes for an interesting twist. If you have a little bit (or more) to put away for growth, you’ll be excited to see the possibilities. As a member, you’ll have a voice in the club and in making related decisions with the opportunity to vote on club issues, or even be a leader or officer in the group should you desire. Don’t do this if you are not a risk taker and are not prepared to lose. There are no guarantees in anything, period.


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Beat the Bankers

This package contains some intensely powerful information and loads of it! Let’s start with the TOP SECRET BANKERS MANUAL which is 160 pages of inside information the bankers would NEVER want anyone to know. Well, we do! It uncovers their strategies and mechanisms for using the false, fiat monetary system to defraud customers which is only the beginning. It also provides a host of; Strategies, Challenge letters, Notices, Demands and other sample documents to help you confront the fraud head-on!

Then we have a complete research manual on how to defeat any and all ‘Debt Collectors’. This compendium consists of 230 pages of legal memoranda, step by step instructions and sample documents which can be used to send the collectors home with their tail between their legs and not be bothering you anymore!

Then, we have proof of the Treasury Offset Program. You’ve heard of the Treasury Direct Accounts and related information, right? These documents prove the program exists and is being used to settle 'alleged' debts when you don't pay.

In addition to the above, if that weren’t enough we top it all off with a nice little bonus in a sample ‘Conditional Offer to Pay in Full’, showing your willingness and good faith in wanting to settle any alleged obligation, provided they….. x, y & z. When they can’t do x,y & z they fail to validate their allegations of obligation. Get it?

                               Beat the Bankers - Battle Cry video


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Kill the Debt

An amazing secret in U.S. law allows you to legally erase all of your credit card debt and other unsecured 'bad' debt. This package provides you with the research, the strategy, the sample letters and the personal hands-on support to eliminate ‘unsecured’ alleged debt obligations. This system has been proven 100% effective every time, provided that you don’t give up and follow through as instructed. If you are involved in a courtroom situation we can also provide you access to a paralegal who specializes in these cases who could assist you with research and document preparation.

Also included are three huge bonuses!  One - is a complete manual on how to beat debt collectors.  It's fully referenced with legal memoranda, sample letters, instructions docs and more. 

The second Bonus shows you how to extract big money from debt collectors for violations of the law.  How's that for turning the tables?   The third bonus is even more valuable but we're keeping that as a surprise!

                           Here's a full recorded webinar on the subject 


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Stop Foreclosure   - Kill the Mortgage for Fraud

This package will get you on track with a strategic plan including the research, the contacts, the professional services and support* you need to uncover fraud, kill the mortgage, stop making payments and even stop fraudulent foreclosure no matter how late in the game you might be already.


Whether your mortgage is in good standing or if you are days away from a Sheriff sale, this package is for you.  Not only do you get powerful information to blow the bankers out of their seats, but you’ll also have access to the specialists and paralegals available to assist with all the details if you want their help. Here’s what you get in this package;

- Folder I: Forensic Audit & Paralegal Assistance Packages
- Introduction to the simple, economical yet very effective resource package*.
- Introduction to the ‘Full Boat’ package including securitization analysis*
- Folder II:   Fraud Stopping Research Materials
- Folder IIa: Six powerful sample documents
- Folder IIb: Case law & important cases to know about. What the courts say.
- Folder IIc: Borrowers Defenses to Foreclosure in Non-Judicial states: 40-page manual

PLUS 2 special bonuses you will be thrilled with!  This package is pure Gold! 

* You will pay the professional services separately.


    If you're wondering 'where is the fraud?'
this video will clarify. See this first.

         Then this video will seal the deal 



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   Financial Privacy & Asset Protection


The Art & Science of Financial Privacy Research Package

If you intend to do business, create wealth, manage it and/or keep any of it, this is the most important and powerful information you’ll find anywhere. Words simply cannot do justice to the impact of what’s in this package. But here’s a quick insight;

Folder I: 8 detailed presentations & documents bringing you an understanding of trusts and ‘trust like’ entities which cannot be touched by predators.

Folder II: How to open a bank account in the USA without an S.S. # including legal support, sample Notice & Demand to the banker to comply with the law and the strategy on how to go about it.

“HOW THE SUPER RICH DO IT” 400 page incredibly detailed and illustrated manual on how the Super Rich live with complete immunity and financial anonymity using the COLATO (Common law trust organization which goes by many other names i.e. ‘Blind Trust’ and others including our Natural Law Trust-NLT). Highly documented and referenced for legal researchers and easy and entertaining reading for us hard working stiffs!

“THE NATURAL LAW TRUST” ebook of 52 pages illustrates and demonstrates the beauty, the origins and the effectiveness of the same COLATO discussed in the item mentioned above.

                            What does 'Freedom' mean to you? - video


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One fully enabled COLATO/NLT with EIN and banking facilities

COLATO: Common Law Trust Organization = Private Business Trust, Blind Trust = NLT: Natural Law Trust, and other names which also apply.


Our consultants will work with you to create a customized entity specifically built to suit your purposes and it will come with an assigned EIN already issued and will have banking facilities already set up and ready to use for certain purposes. In addition, the entity will be set up with professional trustees to oversee, protect and defend the entity and its assets. Move into the world of privacy and protection with this package. This package includes the D-101 educational package so you don’t have to purchase it separately.

This includes the D-101 Research Package

                          Operating as a soveriegn nation - video


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One simple COLATO with banking instructions.

Same as D-102 but without the banking, EIN or professional management. This is for people who are confident in their own abilities to provide for those things.

This includes the D-101 Research Package

                          Operating as a sovereign nation II - video


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D-104 Complex Asset Holding Company and Business Management Structure.

This is subject to consultation and customization but may include a general holding company to own and manage;
- A business operating company
- An auto leasing company
- A real estate investment & management company
- A financial & accounting operation
- An employee leasing company

All of these entities may be geared to be inter-related serving one common business purpose.  This type of structure may include foreign and/or domestic domiciled entities and full details will be clear upon a final proposal presented after necessary private consultations.

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International Lifestyle & Business Arrangements


E-101 Acquiring the PT Lifestyle

This is a beautiful way to live. Where ever you are, you appear as though you’re from somewhere else and people just leave you alone: Police, tax collectors, inspectors, shark attorneys, you name it. The world is your oyster and you enjoy it to the fullest.

This package starts with a 20-minute personal audio message from one who has been living the lifestyle for more than 20 years. He gets you on track.

That leads us to several video workshops where this practicing ‘PT’ takes you into his life, what it means, how he got there, and how you can too. Those video sessions include;

- Acquiring the PT Lifestyle: 26 minutes
- Introduction to ‘The Previous Taxpayer’: 9 minutes
- The Previous Taxpayer workshop: 1 hr. 14 minutes
- The Private Traveller workshop: 2 hrs. 19 minutes
- Portable Trades & Occupations: 5 minutes

If that weren’t special enough, you’ll get a real treasure trove of hard to find and long sought after information in the classic series of WG Hill’s books, in their entirety in pdf format including;

- PT
- How to become an Honorary Consul
- The Invisible Investor
- Portable Trades & Occupations
- The Passport Report

While these books are dated and the world has changed substantially since they were written, the classic concepts in these tomes are like the laws of gravity in that, no matter what you do, they never change!

You will delight in this, the most comprehensive package on the subject matter anywhere and we can only hope and pray that you take what you learn here to heart and soon become your own ‘PT’!

                                              See the intro video

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E-102 Global Entrepreneur Membership Package

This includes the D-102 package with an International Trust;
- Plus, access to and use of the PAMS (Private Asset Management System)
- Plus, full membership benefits and access to the complete private resource library and members forums of the Lighthouse Law Club

Short of the complex holding and business management structure, this is the ‘Daddy Warbucks’ package for business people who are ‘alternative thinkers’ and conservative ‘preservationists’ in view of the corruption in finance and banking these days. For more on this see the Global Entrepreneur link in the menu above under 'Membership'

                                              See the intro video

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E-103 Global Entrepreneur Financial Summit

 Hear from one of our Global Entrepreneurs

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Other Services


F-101 The Insiders Rolodex

This is the list of our most valued contacts who would be available to help you on a number of issues including, but not limited to;
- Getting an ‘American’ passport instead of a ‘U.S. passport’
- Filing bankruptcy to stop foreclosure instantly
- Forensic auditors for mortgage research
- Paralegal help in federal court cases
- Paralegal help in state court cases
- Paralegal help on debt elimination issues
- Paralegal help on mortgage fraud issues
- Paralegal help on debt related court cases
- Legal research and discussion on fighting bank fraud
- Where to find hundreds of pre-made document templates you can modify and apply to your case.
- Where to file documents when your local county recorder refuses to file
- Help for dealing with Calif. Franchise Tax Board, IRS, Traffic tickets, family issues
- Filing a Tort Claim for millions in damages when you've been violated
- Secured party creditor status - Full support with 'Done for you' solutions
- How to file a criminal complaint against 'bad actors' and sue for damages
- and much more.  

Need help?  You'll find it here. 

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F-102 Full Membership

Not only does full membership provide you with nearly everything you see on this Packages page for one low price, but there is much much more. We have an entire library of books and manuals most of which you won't find anywhere else. You'll have access to the members' forum where serious and educated members gather and share personal insights and experiences. We start with strategic planning to help you with a customized plan to meet your needs and personal situation. Then we start laying the bricks, one at a time, to pave your way to freedom and prosperity. What's represented here in 'Packages' is less than half of what full membership provides. Here are just a few adjectives our members use to describe what's here: Incredible, Unbelievable, Overwhelming! This is a true opportunity that may never appear anywhere else in your lifetime and that's not a stretch. Give it some thought, and then dive in. 

A layaway plan is available with 50% down and the balance in 60 days or less.

Excluded from this package are; C-101 Investment Club, C-103 Kill the debt, E-102 Global Entrepreneur membership, E-103 GE Conference, D-102 COLATO/Trust, D-103 COLATO/Trust, D-104 Complex Holding Company
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