TMG is the term we use to represent our elite membership. It is an informal association of successful freedom lovers and business minded entrepreneurs who aggressively work to gain the highest levels of freedom and success available today. It is a private closed group.  

Our activities are broken down into three general categories:

#1... Personal Freedom.  This involves many issues relating to individual rights, liberty, personal finance and freedoms.  The Club is active in  developing, implementing and advancing various methods to; stop foreclosures, eliminate debt, discharge criminal cases, eliminate all claims against you in court by oppresive government, navigating the court and courtroom procedure, changing your legal status, collecting claims for damages, defending against corrupt courts and errant public officials and much more.  We're also very active in taking pro-active measures to change our legal status and live free without the encumbrances of 'United States citizenship' and all the regulation and control which comes with that. 

#2... Personal Finance & Cash Flow.  Many people are struggling with poor finances and this is by design in many cases.  This is how the system wants us.  Desperate and dependent.  The Club puts a heavy emphasis on each member developing independent cash flow so that they are economically able to take good care of themselves and their families, in addition to help others and still have the resources left over to do what's necessary to protect themselves and put a solid security plan in place.  Our members have access to a business training system to establish multiple sources of independent cash flow so they are no longer dependent on a job, government benefits, or any other source outside of themselves.  This is what we call out 'Entreprenurial Incubator'.

#3... Advanced Business Strategies.  This level of activity is for established business owners where we share strategies on globalizing your business for risk diversification, enhanced financial capacity, security, privacy & asset protection related issues.  This activity is also for everyday hardworking folks who see the need to develop an appropriate 'Bug-Out' plan in the international arena where they can enjoy thier lives with comprehensive lifestyle 'enhancements'! 

What is the Purpose of ‘THE LLC MASTERMIND GROUP’? 

The purpose is to enable members to position their personal and business lives in such a way as to minimize risk and help to ensure not only survivability but also peace and prosperity.  We seek to protect our personal and business interests, maximize personal and financial security, and be able to stay one step ahead of economic, political and world events as they unfold.

Who is a candidate for 'THE LLC MASTERMIND GROUP'?
#1... We are attracting people who already have advanced knowledge in one or more disciplines and are already leaders and teachers in their own right.  They see the value associating with like minds and creating the synergy that comes with the idea of 'coming together' to create critical mass.  They also see the value for what The Club and it's members might add to their current knowledge and processes.  Plus, they see the value of having 'The Club' as a platform to expose and disseminate their own knowledge and information as an adjunct to their own activities.

#2... Also, you are a candidate if you are a hardworking, abused, oppressed or legally raped victim of the system seeking remedy, or simply if you are merely awakening to the reality of our world and you seek more:  freedom, money, peace, independence, security, privacy, mobility, personal empowerment and/or self direction in your life!

In the most simple terms: membership in the LLC will present you with the keys to freedom and prosperity in a world which is rapidly descending into tyranny and economic depression.   Are you content with the status quo?   This may be the last life preserver which is thrown to you as the ship is sinking!  Will you grab it?  
No matter what your current circumstances or limitations might be, your LLC membership will provide you with the tools to break free and live a life of freedom and abundance. 

What would this be worth to you? 
Would you exchange the equivalent of one latte´ per week to break free from your limitations and transform your life to that which God intended? 

'You' can afford it and 'You' can benefit in so many ways! 

Here’s the package: 

LLC MasterMind Group Membership  
12 month subscription a meager $25 month. 
No registration or signup fee.

Benefits of the Monthly Membership
  1. Access to exclusive ‘members library’ of resources in members area
  2. Exclusive Members Only training videos and recorded audio training
  3. Weekly training and support sessions via live webinar - fully interactive & archived for 'on demand' future access.
  4. Invitations to special event webinars to drill down on specialized subject matter
  5. Interactive ‘Members Only’ forum & bulletin board for information exchange, networking & mentoring.
  6. Access to specialty ‘Adavanced Training Modules’ containing specific, results oriented programs, materials, coaching and related systems. 
  7. Member discounts on selected specialized materials & training packages.
  8. Preferred access to vetted third party specialists and service providers
  9. Entrepreneurial Incubator - Business building support & guidance to create financial independence
  10. Numerous free books and manuals of importance and practical value available for download in the Members Forum

See additional steps in 'How to Join' at the bottom of this page.  

You do not need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal as a merchant processor.

Potential Benefits Resulting From Your Membership
and Successful Application of Your New Found Empowerment 

  • - Eliminate the IRS from your life, permanently
  • - Eliminate your mortgage and keep your house free and clear
  • - Stop Foreclosure and keep your house, free and clear
  • - Stop Bogus Court Cases Against You
  • - Have 'criminal cases' for victimless crimes against the state DROPPED!
  • - Remove illegal IRS liens
  • - Recover damages against criminals in offices of public trust
  • - Never worry about traffic tickets again
  • - Enjoy the exemptions, privileges and immunities of an 'International Organization'
  • - Be free of federal regulations and mandates as a 'State Citizen'
  • - Be able to live and work from any 'wi-fi enabled hammock' in the world!
  • - Be able to keep 100% of what you earn
  • -  ....do you need more? 

                                                   Look at some of the key areas of focus and expertise

                                                that membership will bring you for only 84 cents a day ….

    Escape the Matrix


    • Cancelling your contracts with the USA
    • Changing your legal status from 'federal' to 'state' citizen
    • Developing alternatives for living outside the 'corporate system'
    • Breaking free from the corporate life
    • Creating your own independent lifestyle
    • Learning to live as a human and not as corporate chattel
    • Developing a 'Bug-Out' and survival plan for when the SHTF!

    Asset Protection

    • Proper trust creation & management
    • The impenetrable International Business Trust
    • Business management through private trusts
    • Creating ‘friendly liens’ to deny any equity to predators
    • Business strategies with proper business structures
    • Wills will make your ‘Heirs’ turn gray! 
    • Estate planning
    • Business Succession Planning
    • What good is a lifetime of work if the fruits are not protected and could be stolen on a moments notice leaving you penniless? 

    Becoming the Secured Creditor

    • Tap into the bond account created by your birth certificate
    • Wipe out all forms of debt
    • Rid yourself of judgements, liens, court, lawsuits, warrants, tickets, and more
    • Learn how to investigate those who might want to harrass you
    • Become as Bulletproof as one can be
    • The bankers rule the world.  Learn to be your own ‘banker’! 

    Bug-Out to the International Arena - Expat Living & the PT Lifestyle 

    • Create your escape route to paradise
    • Learn to live on ‘permanent vacation’ on a low budget if necessary
    • Residency & citizenship programs
    • Banking & business options
    • Be a ‘Permanent Tourist’ with no legal reqiurements or paperwork! 
    • Insights from seasoned practitioners
    • You have no idea how ‘good’ life can be until you experience this! 

    Debt Management & Foreclosure Prevention

    • Learn how all bank loans and credit are fraudulent & how to attack it
    • Get all debt collectors to ‘cease and desist’ immediately! 
    • Investigate your mortgage company to find inevitable fraud to stop your foreclosure, according to law and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
    • Anyone burdened by the yoke of debt needs to free themself!

    Financial Enhancement & Private Funding 

    • Create your own Portable Trade & Occupation
    • Generate independent 'Quick' cash flow to give you mobility & survivability!
    • Finance your plan to freedom & prosperity
    • Various options to suit your needs in the short and long term
    • Can you work from any hammock with wi-fi, anywhere in the world?  If not, you need this!
    • Advanced:  Tap into your secret bond accounts & force liquidation

    International Business, Banking & Finance

    • Setting up all forms of business entities in the international arena
    • Selecting the right vehicle in the venue that’s right for you
    • Corporate structures, options, uses; pro and con
    • Banking in ways you’ve never thought of
    • Specialized structures and supporting systems to support your business
    • Dealing with new banking regulations
    • How to set up and operate a ‘non-banking’ financial institution without licensing requirements.
    • The use and benefits of an international holding company
    • Affordable online banking software for financial management of various accounts.
    • Anyone who ‘has’ or ‘is starting’ a business needs these tools.

    IRS Management 

    • Solve almost any problem with these nice folks using legal, lawful and proven methods.
    • How to quietly eliminate the IRS from your life without risk, confrontation, fighting or court! 
    • This is a ‘major’ brick in the road to slavery which must be removed if you seek freedom!

    Personal & Financial Privacy - Dropping Off the Radar 

    • Disappear in plain sight without going anywhere.
    • Getting off the databases
    • Disconnecting from the control systems
    • Maximizing your privacy and personal security
    • Without personal privacy, you have NO security!
    • How to use cryptocurrency to maintain a private business and lifestyle 

    State citizen - Moving to the Private Side & Common Law 

    • Nullify your fraudulently induced contracts for federal benefits
    • Remove your private property from ‘state’ registration
    • Learn to operate as a ‘Private, non-commercial human being’
    • How to enforce your rights
    • The citizens’ common law Grand Jury
    • Setting your common law court
    • Enlisting the Sheriff’s support
    • You want to escape all the crap coming from D.C.?  This is key! 

    Writing Criminal Complaints for Local & State Officials  

    • How to write a criminal complaint that threatens the employment of an errant public servant
    • Defend your rights and enforce justice without the need for an expensive attorney.
    • Put local government on ‘Notice’ that you are not one to be ‘messed with’! 
    • The only way to fight tyranny is to push back.  Use the law to do it! 

    How to Claim Damages and Collect for Violations of Rights and Abuse

    • Federal lawsuit typically is for violation of civil rights under ‘color’ (pretend) law. 
    • Federal charges apply to any local ‘corporate’ official as well
    • How to frame, write and initiate such an action without the need for expensive attorneys.
    • Often, simply by virtue of ‘filing’ such a suit, will elicit a favorable response to your demands without the need to proceed. 
    • Full support and assistance by experienced practitioners is avialable.
    • Tyranny continues because people ‘let it’!  Start enforcing the law!  

    How do I join? 

    This is a private, closed group and is not available to the general public.  Membership is by invitation only and we do our own KYC on our members for security reasons.  If you do not have a personal invitation don't worry.  Just read the instructions carefully. 

    Notice:  Please complete ALL of the steps 1-4 to get to a point of receiving benefits and personal interaction.   Any incomplete submissions will be simply disregarded until all 4 steps are complete.  For some reason, far too many people seem to think that doing the process 'partially' will somehow accomplish something.  The only thing it accomplishes is to take your time for no benefit.  Our admin is extremely pressed for time and we simply cannot interact with all the people who cannot, or will not follow simple instructions.  This club is not for everyone.  It is only for forward thinkers with an ability for critical analysis, ability to read, follow instructions, are willing to learn, teach and take action to get results.   Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

    1.   First, Join our email list which is an indication of interest in our subject matter.  You can join on the homepage of onefreemanswar.com if you are not yet subscribed. 

    2.  Discuss your interest with someone who is already a member and ask them if you can use their name as a referral.  If you don't have a referral from an existing member, provided you have accomplished #1 above, you can proceed to steps 3 & 4 below. 

    3.  Subscribe to the membership to show you're serious.   It's only $25 per month. Cancel anytime.           

     If you are later not accepted as a member, your subscription will be cancelled and amount paid ($25) refunded in full. 

    • Alternatives to PayPal.  Pre-Pay 4 months membership only $100. These links will take you to donation pages for a private foundation we support called PCF (Panama Christian Foundation)

      a)  Any debit or check card (no credit cards).   Click Here
    • b)  Any card including AMEX, JBL, Diners Club, and others. Click Here 

  • 4. Fill out our online questionnaire.  Click Here   Enter 'LLC' as your personal referral if you're not referred by an existing member.  

    5.  Talk with us.  The information provided in the questionnaire will lead to direct personal contact by phone or skype and you'll be able to speak directly with Mark or Tam to get acquainted and establish your priorities and some clear cut goals and objectives which are attainable for you in the short term.  If you fill out the questionnaire without the subscription, don't expect a call! 

    Special inquiries may be sent via the 'Contact' page of the website but please be aware that we have many requests for us to call and discuss particular cases which we simply don't have the time for.  Everything we do is in the context of 'Membership' where we have the training systems, information delivery, communication systems and set ups to deal with you personally, along with all of our other members. 

    Show us you're serious by completing ALL of the steps above and then we can talk.  If for any reason we're not a good fit thereafter, we'll cancel your membership and refund the $25. 


    All of the above are necessary to begin receiving member benefits.  We'll be in touch with you from that point.


    Thanks for your interest and we look forward to speaking with you personally