Nearly half of all Americans have less than $10,000 saved for their retirement. 39% of Americans are anxious about their ability to achieve their desired retirement lifestyle.    65% of working families are living on the edge with less than 60 days of living expenses in savings.  Is your current debt load working to rob you of your financial security? 
You need dramatic results and you're not going to get it from traditional 'financial counsellors'.  Traditional thinking does not solve traditional traps like the one you've stepped in!  It's time for bold action to turn the situation around and create your own financial independence.  

The Lighthouse Law Club offers its members incredible, powerful unheard of tools and research which acheive very dramatic results for those who are willing to make bold moves to take control of their lives and futures.  In fact, the club has three distinct methods of dealing with debt.  

#1...One method involves the possibility of uncovering fraud in the creation of your credit/debt contracts and using that to get your debt 'forgiven' in its entirety!  You will have your banker shaking in his boots for fear of his fraud being publicly known.  He will beg you to allow him to zero out your balance if you just keep quiet!  Odds are very strong that this will apply to you.   Start learning about it.  You'll be amazed what you find!  
#2...The second method involves tapping into a very special government account which is held in your name which you don't know about.  Your birth certificate has been securitized and monetized for millions.  You can use this pool to discharge the debt in its entirety.  

#3...And lastly, we are helping people just like you benefit from a new concept called 'cooperative economics'.  Cooperative economics is a term which represents being a part of a community which generates donations for worthwhile projects and that community shares those donations between themselves.  You could be a part of that community and receive donations to help eliminate your debt.  Your project could be anything. One example could be: "Eliminate my debt and mortgage so I don't have to work and I can devote more time to my kids and community!"  Using 'cooperative economics' we can work together in a successful system to generate financial assistance to you.  We do this through our very  unique 'intentional community' with special 'leveraged' crowdfunding platform which, when you follow the programs guidelines, it assures you of success in receiving free donations from the community we are creating.

To learn more about this specific system and -Cooperative Economics- Click Here 

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