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Beating the Bankers and their Fraud

We’re Taking It to ‘Em!  Send DataSend Data By now, surely you are aware of our video series ‘Run Bankers Run’.  We’re actively exposing the fraud in banking, mortgages and the finance system in general to the public and also in some very specific cases. Our members are getting intensive guidance

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Is Jeff Sessions Playing Possum?

Things aren’t adding up if you ask me… Send DataSend Data I’m going to go on record with what I’ve been saying for a long time.  People all over are calling for Jeff Sessions to resign.  He’s not done anything to drain the swamp, etc. etc.  Could it be, just

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‘They’re Heee-eere!

Taxes on your Cryptocurrency Trades are Here!   Sorry U.S. Citizens, thanks to the new tax bill signed into law just before Christmas you are now required to track every single cryptocurrency trade you make, calculate the profit and loss and keep a record of ‘ALL’ activity so that your uninvited

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Big Brother Wants Your Bitcoin!

The Globalist Central Bankers Fear Freedom!  Send DataSend Data Bitcoin continues to set almost daily price records. It closed yesterday at $6,953.58/BTC. Indeed, since the beginning of 2017, the price of bitcoin has more than quadrupled. Your friendly Big Brother is watching this price momentum. And he’s aware that the long-term

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Message to the Freeloaders of the World

What’s the value?  In this article I want to provide a very clear and unequivocal reply to those people who, are rare but they do pop up consistently, and ask questions like;  – If you are so successful in what you’re doing, why do you charge?  – Why would you

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When the SHTF – Are you truly prepared?

How to Survive the Days Ahead Send DataSend Data he signs are all around us; chemtrails, newborns being required to get 26 vaccines, the rollout of the implantable chip, FEMA camps are now not only public knowledge but the core staffs are active and in place, weather modification and engineered

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IRS Cashes in on BitCoin Boom!

Warning to USA Bitcoin Traders IRS Cashes in on Bitcoin BoomBy – Simon BlackWhat happened: Have you made money on Bitcoin? Did you give the IRS their cut? Here is another reason to hold Bitcoin long term, instead of treating it as a speculation. If you sold your Bitcoin high, and made

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Private Asset Management

Alternative Financial Solutions in the Digital Age Send DataSend Data Will you continue giving these guys power over you?  Or will you seek Private Asset Management and alternative financial providers? If you who work hard, own anything, are an entrepreneur or business owner and are trying to build a future for

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New Lay-Away Program to Help You Benefit!

We’re Trying to Help You Benefit from Membership!  We’re happy to announce our new ‘Lay Away Plan’ for the Constitutional Commando Membership! It works like this: You start at the Pathfinder membership level with a $500 deposit, or more.  You have a full six months to make up the balance

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Governments are Not Sovereign

Our Inheritances Have Been Stolen by UnGodly Governments Most anytime you want to hold government minions accountable for damages which they incur, they hide behind the cloak of ‘Sovereign Immunity’.  In other words, ‘You can’t sue the government!’. With that in mind, let me share with you an interesting treatment

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One Reason to Love Crypto-Currencies

Let us learn well…. “And they watched him, and sent forth spies, which should feign themselves just men, that they might take hold of his words, that so they might deliver him unto the power and authority of the governor.  And they asked him, saying Master, we know that thou

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