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Protect Yourself from Healthcare Providers


Doctors, hospitals and other health care providers are becoming increasingly aggressive when it comes to over-charging for their services and then collecting the debts.  And the bad news is compounded when insurance companies factor in the ridiculous fees being assessed against patients when calculating the insurance premiums which then also become over-inflated.

In the old days, the worst-case scenario would mean that people unable to pay would file for a medical bankruptcy and leave it at that.  Today, hospitals are getting one step ahead of the game and filing suit in court and placing liens on property.   The debt and lawsuit for exorbitant medical costs  (which far surpass logic and reason) could cause you to lose your home and make you destitute.

And even ‘with’ insurance, people are going broke paying BIG MONEY to the insurance companies who want too much money for the premiums upfront and then do everything they can to avoid paying claims anyway.   I have a friend in the insurance industry and he admits that the Motto for the insurance industry claims process is... get this....:  DISPUTE, DELAY, DENY!  That's their mindset.  And you are paying 'how much' to these guys? 

Prudent consumers will recognize this predicament and take some ‘preventative medicine’ so they never find themselves under the gun with such lunacy and extortion.

The Lighthouse Law club offers several solutions to such prudent consumers:

  • Re: Hospital Bills: Understand that any ‘Bill’ is a presentment.  It’s an ‘offer’.  It can be refused and negotiated.  Most people don’t understand this and they accept whatever they are presented with.  Training on this simple concept is important to have just for general purposes, not just medical.
  • Re. Bill Collectors:  The law provides some very specific protections for people dealing with debt collectors and the debt collectors also have some very specific restrictions.  Most people don’t know about this and let the debt collectors run roughshod over them.  The Lighthouse has some wonderful research on this topic which allows someone to put the debt collectors into ‘silence’ mode.  They usually break the law in their aggressive attempts to collect and when they do, YOU could collect from the collectors some very nice damages awards for violations of the law which they rarely if ever get challenged on. 
  • Re. Liens and Lawsuits:   Liens and lawsuits are almost meaningless when your assets are properly protected.  Understanding how to properly use trusts for property management, business structuring and employer relationships is essential to long term financial solvency.  This is an area of strength for Lighthouse Law Club Members.
  • Re. Insurance:  This is a racket which is good for only one party…the insurance company.  Think about how much you pay in premiums every year.  Then think about the deductibles and co-pays that apply to any bill which you are required to pay even with insurance coverage.  Then think about what a typical hospital procedure might cost for something that could come up within your family.  Then think about being able to negotiate it down to what that bill ‘should be’ which is about 30% to 40% of what is actually charged (or less).  Now compare that figure to your annual premiums that you pay.  And if you require 1 procedure every 5 years of premiums paid (which is high for most people), maybe you should think about self-insurance.


Self Insurance:  This author has been fortunate to have never spent a night in the hospital.  I was looking at the money going out the window every month in medical insurance premiums for my catastrophic insurance with a $10,000 deductible which wouldn’t pay for 99.5% of anything I would ever need anyway and I said, “This is ridiculous!”

Here’s what I do and you might consider it yourself if it fits.

I self insure.  Rather than dumping money out the window for the benefit of the insurance companies, which I will never get back, I choose to take that premium money and buy gold instead.  I don’t keep the cash saved in a bank account because it’s too tempting to spend it.  I’ve tried that before and it doesn’t work.  I buy gold and put the gold in a drawer. It’s not so easy to spend that way and over time I look for that gold to appreciate significantly in value as I hold it.  If an emergency ever arises, I have something to fall back on to cover the bills after I negotiate them down to a reasonable figure.  This way my 'self-insurance' can pay 100% of the bill not just 15% after deductibles and co-pays!.  I highly recommend Karatbars as one good source to by gold online in increments as small as a gram.  I also earn free gold here as I make referrals to common sense and logic for the betterment of others and to hell with the racketeers of the controlled and weaponized health care system. 

If I never need them for medical expenses, I’ve accumulated a nice little nest egg I can leave to my heirs and at least somebody can benefit other than the insurance companies.

I don’t own anything in my name so lawsuits are not a threat.  My income is independent so that is not at risk either.  So I’ve basically immunized myself from these predatory practices of the medical, collections and legal industries.

Plus, if I do need non-emergency medical care I know I can get better care with advanced procedures outside the USA.  'Medical vacations' are gaining in popularity where people visit exotic locations where they can get advanced treatments which are not even available in the AMA and FDA controlled medical systems of the USA.    Other countries aren’t burdened with the predatory legal and medical control systems which the USA has and which keeps prices so high for fear of liability.  What would a 7 day stay in the hospital after emergency surgery for kidney removal cost in your hospital?  Any guesses?  A friend of mine went through that in Panama at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Total bill:  $4,000.  It was paid out of pocket and done!  

This is just one more reason to be a member of the Lighthouse Law Club.  We expect that your membership will help make life go a little easier!


Many Blessings, 










Excerpt of Article by Jeff Thomas in The INTERNATIONAL MAN

The Bank is Being Robbed!

















In 1903, the desperado in the image above appeared in an early film about a robbery. He was the classic guy in a black hat and, of course, he was eventually foiled by the guys in the white hats.

That was a simpler time.

Today, law enforcement is assisted so much by modern technology that the guys in the black hats rarely try to rob a bank, as they’ll almost surely be caught.

So, does that mean the end of bank robberies? Well, unfortunately, no. In the future, we’re likely to witness bank robberies on a scale such as we’ve never before witnessed.

The difference is that they’ll be robbed by the guys in the white hats. And, the kicker is that the laws of the land will be entirely in their favour. It will be legalized robbery.

In 2013, the world saw its first “bail-in,” in which the banks of Cyprus confiscated the deposits of many of their clients. There was no warning and there was little in the way of explanation, except to say that it was “necessary.” What that really meant was that the banks had been mismanaged to the point that, unless the deposits were confiscated, they would fail.

Under the guise of “assuring the security of the institution of banking,” the banks were robbed by the bankers themselves.

Continue Reading this article 


Learn More on how to foil the bank robbers!!  Click HERE





We talk a lot about ‘Coming Out of Babylon’, changing your legal status and walking away from the corrupt systems of control.  Today we’re going to flip the script and discuss how people who are entrenched in the system can use legal and financial Jiu Jitsu to shepherd resources from within the financial and legal infrastructure to enhance their own financial and personal independence.

Most of us understand very well how the banks use debt as a weapon to control and subjugate the majority of the population and entire nations for that matter.

Similarly, the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission which regulates securities, investments, the financial markets, hedge funds, etc. has such an entangled  web of regulations that only the rich who can afford stables of attorneys can successfully navigate them to get richer.  The little people without large legal teams typically get caught in the web and the regs are used to put them in prison for daring to be successful.

It’s easy to understand what then presidential candidate Donald Trump meant when in one of the televised debates he pronounced what many of us already knew when he said that, ’the system is rigged’.

At this point it might be appropriate to remind ourselves of Einstein’s famous equation of: E = MC squared.   For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So now let’s explore the ‘reaction’ to the rigged system and how that might work for you or someone you know.

In the never ending quest for truth and practical solutions for escaping the chains that bind us, the Lighthouse Law Club has now established a relationship with a financial consultant who can help our members do some amazing things.

Have you ever heard of a ‘non-recourse loan’?  ‘Non-recourse’ meaning that if you take out the loan, there is no recourse against you to pay it back.    Don’t worry, yes, the loan does get paid back, but the repayment doesn’t come from you!

The concept is simple:  A majority of the loan proceeds go into an investment which generates enough of a gain to pay back the loan, leaving you with the surplus without any obligation

The elements to this system include the following;


The Credit System: 

One could easily argue that the system of credit scores used in a false monetary system is useful for keeping people down and out as much as it is to reward those who have good behavior with the bankers.  We will use it in our favor.


The Banking System:

With debt being used as the modern day weapon of choice to conquer entire nations, the banking system will be used for our purposes to advance our cause.


The Financial Regulatory System:

While the morass of regulations is used to keep most players ‘out’ of the system, our consultant has successfully navigated this swamp and has properly established his own private hedge fund to serve our objectives.

The formula is simple.  Let’s use a generic example of an actual recent case for illustration purposes.

A successful professional with a good credit score of 800+ and a good provable income works through our consultant to obtain bank loans of $660,000.  By agreement with the consultant, the loan proceeds are invested into the registered private hedge fund which has a long and successful track record of earning substantial profits.

The consultant agrees to pay the client 1% of the total loan proceeds each and every month for a period of time.  In this case that was $6,600 USD extra monthly income for the client which he used to pay his childrens’ college education, and more.

The hedge fund earns enough in profits to pay off the bank loan(s) and there is no recourse to the client.

The same can be done with companies which have good credit and cash flow to qualify for the loans.

The amount of the loans obtained is entirely dependent on the credit and cash flow of the client as a matter of ‘qualification’.

The consultant can work with clients to improve their credit score and thus qualify for higher loan amounts but that takes some time.

Surely you can start to imagine the possibilities.

So what we’ve done here is use the very same system which oppresses so many people and we've used its own energy and impetus to turn the tables and be a portal to a higher level of independence which is directly opposed to the creators of the system.

Think of the causes and projects which could be funded using this strategy.

I should also mention that our consultant doesn’t charge any fees up front.  Zip.  Nada.  His benefit comes on the back end from what the hedge fund can do which should lend itself to a vote of confidence in the system.

If you don’t see yourself being in this position to qualify, perhaps you know someone who would qualify and you could negotiate a ‘win-win’ situation for yourself.  As a law club affiliate, you’d make nearly $500 just on the membership referral alone.

Qualified members of the Lighthouse Law Club are entitled to a free introduction. 

Think of the possibilities. 

I trust you will benefit in one way or another.
















If you're a 'regular' you've likely seen various articles and/or videos we've produced warning you about the dangers of keeping much money in the bank, in the stock market or in traditional investment vehicles.  You can read about the current and coming market correction to your heart's delight elsewhere.  Since you're already here, we presume you're already informed and well aware of the risks and paradigm shifts going on in the markets. Since we're all about solutions, let's get to it. 

The advantages at a glance:

  • - Storage of gold, silver, platinum and palladium
  • - Direct property of the deposited good
  • - Possibility of retrieval of the lot size mentioned at all times
  • - Segregated storage also possible
  • - Storage outside of the banking system
  • - Guaranteed authenticity of all deposited precious metals
  • - Fungibility and liquidity of the precious metals
  • - Acceptability of the warehouse receipts as collateral
  • - Easy transferability through simple endorsement
  • - Maximum discretion with regard to the client's data
  • - Free-of-VAT endorsement of silver in the bonded warehouse

How does it work?

MMG offers its trust clients the opportunity to have trust corpus safely stored as precious metals in Switzerland. As evidence of ownership we receive a negotiable warehouse receipt guaranteeing the retrieval of the precious metals at all times…

The precious metals are stored in high-security vaults in Switzerland, entirely independent of the banking system. The internal controlling system (ICS) is certified according to the international standard ISAE 3402.

The negotiable warehouse receipt

The Swiss cantons of Uri and Zurich officially authorized our partner to issue documents of title according to the Swiss Code of Obligations. These documents of title are issued as negotiable warehouse receipts. They are freely transferable by simple endorsement. They are traded like commodities and are not regarded as marketable securities.  Thus, they can be transported across borders and not reported because they have no face monetary value.  Only a weight value of the commodity is represented on the certificate. 

The renowned audit firm BDO AG audits the accordance of the issued warehouse receipts with the goods in stock twice a year. 


We can retrieve the metal at any time or we can also sell the warehouse receipt directly to the authorized dealers at current market prices for liquidity.

Thus we gain maximum fungibility and liquidity of the precious metals and keep the unrestricted security of property of the physical metal.


Absolute Privacy

As a client of MMG Trust Services or as a Global Entrepreneur member of the Lighthouse, arrangements can be made by the trustee to have the certificate issued in the name of the trustee from the account of the trustee.  The certificate can then be assigned and endorsed to be used for the intended purposes of the trust client.  The endorsed certificate is 100% negotiable and fungible at all times.  It can be used as collateral for a loan.


With this kind of privacy, protection and security, why would you have your nest egg anywhere else?  


Become a Global Entrepreneur member now and get smart about your future!

The Monaco Mangement Group (MMG.World)





We all have decisions to make every day as we prioritize tasks, responsibilities, people, and events in our lives.  It often comes down to a decision of weighing the long-term value versus the immediate sacrifice we must make in making those decisions. 


This is especially true when it involves managing a limited budget and balancing both personal and business needs. 


We often tend to put off making the more important (larger expenditure) decisions thinking that somehow things will change soon making the decision easier, less risky or less of a sacrifice. 


Let me share with you how I use a 'cutting board' to help me with such decisions.  I've found that this method helps me to make the right decisions most all of the time. 


So one day I was in the kitchen section of a department store looking to buy a cutting board for my new home.  I quickly found the cutting boards and there was quite an assortment to choose from.  When I first arrived at the store, in my mind this was a no-brainer, just a simple thing.   I expected to find what I wanted quickly and spend about $10, get in and get out, like I always do. 


Upon reviewing the assortment in front of me to choose from, all of a sudden it wasn't such a simple thing anymore.   There was plastic, laminated bamboo, teak, small, medium, large, different designs and of course different prices.    Hmmm.  


I found the one I had envisioned in my mind when I first came looking.  It was smallish, simple and cost $10.  Just what I thought I was looking for.  But this other one which I really liked was quite a bit larger, was flat on one side and had a groove around it to catch meat juices on the other side and cost $40 which was not what I  originally wanted to spend for such a simple thing. 


I began thinking about how I would use it and what practical value each one really had.  I'd look at one, and then the other.  I'd think about the price and then I'd think about the long-term benefits and my original thinking was really being challenged by this new option I was looking at. 


I thought to myself, 'I'm thinking about the price today because I didn't intend on spending $40 when I came in.   But this bigger one is very nice and I'd surely be getting much more value out of it each and every day that I used it, possibly for the rest of my life.   In the future, when I'm enjoying using it, I won't be thinking about the price, only how I enjoy using it.  The price consideration is only something I'll be dealing with for today.  


So I bought the $40 cutting board.  I enjoy using it almost every day and I've never thought about the price again after that first consideration.  That has left my mind.  All that remains for me to deal with now is the 'value' I continue to receive. 


We can use this example when making other purchase decisions.  For example, the Full Membership and the Global Entrepreneur Membership to the Lighthouse Law Club are quite a bit more costly than an ice cream cone but the ice cream cone will be gone in 5 minutes and offer no more value despite the easy price.   Choosing one Lighthouse membership or the other is a commitment.  But when put into the context of the long-term impact that either one of these will have on the results you achieve for the rest of your life, the cost is a bargain in view of the long-term value one can receive, just like the 'Cutting Board'. 


I hope that helps! 







So let's say you're thinking of installing a complete home security system.  When would be the best time to do that?  Should you wait for a 'clear signal' like AFTER a burglar enters your home, completely ransacks it, threatens the lives of your family and then takes everything of value?  Would that be the 'signal' you're waiting for to then go ahead and take precautionary measures?

Or maybe you should wait and keep doing business as usual with all your savings and cash flow sitting in the bank because 'it's safe there and nobody, especially the IRS or the government would ever think of transgressing the lines of morality because "they would never do that'!"

If this is your thinking all I can say is: 'Wake up Fool!  You got some learnin' to do!" 

The coffers of the Federal government's asset forfeiture fund are bulging. 

"Over the past 30 years, this fund has ballooned 1,600%, from $93.7 million in deposits in 1986 to $1.6 billion last year.  But many of the owners who’ve had their property confiscated by the feds aren’t convicted criminals... they’re innocent people never even charged with a crime, much less convicted of one. A whopping 87% of DOJ forfeiture cases involve civil, not criminal, forfeiture — meaning no conviction is required. Under U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Trump administration has doubled-down on this controversial practice. 

Police and prosecutors like civil forfeiture because their departments often get to keep most, if not all, of the forfeiture proceeds. As Pete Connelly, a former city attorney in New Mexico bluntly described it, civil forfeiture is a “gold mine” that lets the government take “little goodies.” Even worse, in adoptive forfeiture cases, agencies can bypass state protections for innocent property owners.

Civil forfeiture can be — quite literally — highway robbery. Musician and entrepreneur Phil Parhamovich found that first-hand when he was pulled over by the Wyoming Highway Patrol last year and ticketed $25 for improperly wearing his seatbelt. During the traffic stop, troopers found $91,800 in cash. Suspicious, they seized the money but never charged Parhamovich with a serious crime. Parhamovich wanted to use his cash to purchase a legendary Madison, Wisc., music studio where Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins had once recorded. In the months after his highway robbery, Wyoming refused to return the money to Parhamovich. In fact, they even held a hearing about his funds before they notified him of the hearing date. The Institute for Justice (IJ) sued the state of Wyoming on Parhamovich's behalf. Justice was so swift it could have been pulled over for speeding: Mere hours after IJ filed the lawsuit, a Wyoming judge ordered the state to return the money to Parhamovich, which the state flatly refused to do until he sued." -  USA Today March 13, 2018


Along these lines, the IRS no longer needs any proof that you owe them anything.  If they have you on the radar and want your money, they just walk into your bank, flash some bogus paperwork to the bank manager and he turns over the keys to your account without discussion or verification of any type of real due process. 


We've had people coming to us to protect their assets from vindictive, irrational spouses.  One in particular just recently joined explaining that she worked her whole life and her freeloading money-grubbing husband started getting nasty when she tightened up the purse strings to act in her own defense. 


Often the attacks come from someone who we suspect is the least likely to hurt us, and then they do.  People change, sad to say.  Morality is not much of a factor anymore.  Doing 'what's right' or 'mutually beneficial' is not something that enters the minds of many of the people we love and trust.  It's just a fact of life.  


For these reasons and more, the Lighthouse Law Club has created the Global Entrepreneur membership which includes a virtually impenetrable trust as an asset holding vehicle.  No prosecutor, highway robber, judge, ex-spouse or other predators could touch any assets held in this system for a variety of reasons.  


Aside from safety and security, you'd also have the opportunity to minimize your exposure to the pressures of inflation and devaluation of fiat currencies and fiat denominated assets.  


Liens and garnishments would be impossible. 


Lawsuits would accomplish nothing. 


Court orders would have the equivalent impact as pissing in the wind! 


So the question comes down to 'When would be the best time to take precautionary measures?' 


Only you can answer that. 


For more info on this subject see the following links; 


Private Asset Management video series


Building Your Personal Financial Fortress


The Global Entrepreneur membership














If you are fully aware of what's going on in the world and well informed, then you understand well that President Trump's election was nothing short of a miracle and clear evidence that the hand of God is working to move HIS plan forward.  You might dispute that because of your own personal ideology but the irrefutable fact remains regardless. 


If you have not yet come to that conclusion for whatever reason, then let me help you catch up and get up to speed. 


First, you must understand the Trump Prophesies

Next, you must understand The Plan to 'Drain the Swamp'

Then, you must understand what we'd be dealing with had Hillary been elected. 

And I (or you) could write volumes on these subjects alone but let these references serve as support and as a short introduction to my point today which is imperative that you understand and take action on. 


My point today is that should Hillary have been elected, the entire world would be racing towards and experiencing the seven seals being opened as clearly explained and outlined in the Book of Revelations of the Christian Bible. 


But, by the direct intervention of the hand of the one and only almighty God and by his mercy and grace, he is using Trump to give us some 'extra time' to get our affairs in order before total tyranny and destruction come upon us.  He is giving us this time BECAUSE WE NEED IT!  He loves us so dearly and his heart aches for all the souls which will be lost for their love of the world over their love for HIM. HE is giving us one final chance to be with HIM in Light and Love and not be lost forever to darkness and eternal torture.


Think about it.  Seriously,  Do you think one man alone could successfully beat the satanic global system which controls; 

- the global money system

- the global politicians 

- the U.N. 

- the controlled media

- the controlled and globally unified national intelligence services

- the web of black budget controlled corporations  and 'off-budget' self-funded 'black ops'

- the military industrial complex

- the controlled social media platforms

- the Chinese and foreign control of USA universities and film production in Hollywood


President Eisenhower warned us of this very threat in his final speech to the public as president.  But no president has ever been able to do anything about it since.  And the menace has only grown in power and influence since then.  A true story of Jimmy Carter was told in Pat Robertson's book THE NEW WORLD ORDER in which newly elected president Carter had a hand-picked team working overtime and very diligently to painstakingly create a list of qualified candidates for key cabinet positions.  They spared no effort and sacrificed a great deal to make the list of candidates the best possible. 


Being given 'the news'  from above and realizing the incredible and painstaking sacrifice made by his team, Carter called a meeting and, with tears in his eyes basically informed his team, to paraphrase, "I cannot accept your list of candidates because this list has already been decided.  I have no voice in the matter!" 


So in this context, do you think that one man, a political outsider is doing this somehow because he's brilliant?  Brilliant or not, 'No friggen way!"  There have already been at least a dozen or more assassination attempts on Trump and all have failed.  Coincidence? Trump is a tool being used in God's plan and I think we can clearly establish that fact without debate. 


So now with the red tidal wave coming upon us in November, Kavanaugh being confirmed to the US Supreme Court and military tribunals for the evil ones right around the corner, let's ask this question of ourselves.... 


.... is God helping Trump?  Or is he helping us?   I would propose that 'we' are the direct beneficiaries of these divinely directed political events. 


Had God's plan not been in effect, we'd already be victims of intense tyranny, loss of first amendment, fifth amendment and many other rights, total censorship of internet (which is already significant but not total)  and I feel that we'd be seeing contrived disasters herding people to the 'adult education' camps (FEMA death camps) Hillary was so in love with. 


So let's get to the point.  What does this mean for you? 


All of this amounts to a gift from God.  God has granted you some 'extra' time which was not originally planned for.  He is answering our prayers. He has given us this 'extra time' to get our acts together, to learn to follow HIM, to seek HIM, to develop a close personal relationship with HIM and to rely on HIM as our sole provider for everything we need.  That's not to say that we won't endure hardships. We will.  We are all brought low so that we can see that 'we' are not as great as we think we are.  Our solutions of this world will not get us the ultimate victory. 


Forget about political solutions.  Political solutions are 'man-made solutions' and we've clearly demonstrated that we're not capable of doing much good there unless you can do it on a local level and even then, without God as your guide you'll fail.  You're completely wasting your time with Jural societies, constitutional education, getting international recognition for your new country or other efforts thinking that by aligning yourself with some group you'll be immune. 

There is only one solution and I can guarantee you, it's nothing you or I or anybody else will come up with.

We need God in our lives in order to stay in the light and out of the darkness and we can see darkness everywhere now.  Pure Gold is only derived by putting the dross in an intense fire.  We can expect to be put under intense fire.  And when we stay true and faithful, the result is pure gold.

Now what is mentioned above is 'the priority'. 

Secondarily, in dealing with worldly matters we must use this time to prepare ourselves spiritually, as per the above, and on worldly matters as well.  We know the plan of the predator.  We know, that to avoid the plagues which are coming upon Babylon, we must leave Babylon!  There are many detailed and accurate analyses explaining how the corporate, deep state, central banker-controlled America is the whore of Babylon and the whole world is 'drunk' on her wine...(Lucre). 

In view of what we see happening with God's plan and Trump, 

In view of what we see being discussed by economists everywhere, 

In view of what we see being discussed by market analysts all over on YouTube, and 

In view of what we see in the global geopolitical and economic shifts already well underway... 

.... only a fool would continue doing business as 'usual' thinking that everything 'is fine'. 


It is in this light that those involved in the Lighthouse Law Club and the Monaco Management Group have been diligently working overtime to create 'an alternative financial management system' which would if nothing else, help those who are taking advantage of it to 'buy more time' for themselves and their families when the world starts crumbling around them, which it is already doing.

However, most people are lazy and they waste the gift of time that they have been given and they wait until they have a problem before they come looking for help.  Often, it's then too late to fix. 

I bring to mind the Parable of the Talents which tells of how God blesses the worker who uses his blessings and applies them in the most productive way possible.  


I fear for the so-called Christians who have been paralyzed into passive inaction and effectively 'neutered' and placed on 'the bench' as they wait for their Rapture ticket to be punched.  So you do nothing with the gift of time which you've been given and if you're wrong?  Or if you're not 'on the list' to be taken like you thought?  Whoops!  See the Parable of the Talents again. 


I'll give you my view of what we should be doing with this gift of time that we've been granted.  See if it's worthy of being incorporated into your plan or not.  You may disagree. 


  1. 1. -Get right with God.  This channel has helped me immensely. I encourage you to subscribe and watch one video daily. (or more)
  2. 2. - Come Out of Babylon which involves; getting out of the stock and bond markets.  Liquidate assets based on those or similar markets.  Figure out how to make a living without a corporate or government job, change your legal citizen status. etc.  
  3. 3. -Personally, I would liquidate any traditional, market-based retirement account I had and gladly take a hit on taxes, penalties etc knowing that I can easily make those up on the flip side. That's not advice.  That's my feeling of what 'I' would do. 
  4. 4. -Understand that the real estate bubble is bursting.  Sell while you can.  Renting a nice place with a lump sum of cash stashed away is a far cry better than paying an upside-down mortgage or just being foreclosed on anyway when you lose your job and can't pay on it anymore and you end up on the street.  See our video 'FREEDOM IN THE DIGITAL AGE'.
  5. 5. -Eliminate all forms of bogus debt.
  6. 6. -Start learning how to use trusts.
  7. 7. -Enlist the services of a professional trustee management company where needed
  8. 8. -Start learning to use 'Alternative Assets'  and alternatives to traditional banking
  9. 9. -Immunize your savings and investments in a portfolio which won't be negatively affected by a global financial collapse. 
  10. 10-You can wrap up items 2-8 above into one complete package as a Global Entrepreneur member.
  11. 11.-Learn how to disappear in plain sight and drop off the radar.

    So, You've been given the gift of 'Time'. 

    Don't squander it! 

















It's been said that the most productive slave is the one who doesn't know that he's in bondage!  This article is to point out that YOU are one of those! Like it or not.

Here's an excerpt from my new book coming out in early 2019 which will be titled HOW TO LIVE FREE AS A 'PT' which will also be the subject of my presentation at the ANARCHAPULCO TDV Investment Summit in February: 




"Who is really free?


Let’s start with this very important question and the answer is not as simple as you may think. A reader of mine from the USA asked me once, “Why did you leave the states to live in Latin America?”  I replied, ‘Because I want to live free.”  He was taken aback by the immediate and simple reply and didn’t know how to respond to that.  Eventually, he asked, “well aren’t we free in America?”  With a question like that, I didn’t even know where to begin or even ‘if’ I should begin.  It would probably prove pointless.


However, for the benefit of all who are new to this concept and could use a little help, let’s discuss that for just a minute and not a second more. Let me illustrate the situation with a little story.


So the slave master tells his slaves: “I’m going to pay you $100 a month if you work hard, don’t get uppity and live a clean life and do as I say.” 
You can’t get married unless I say so.  You can’t leave the plantation unless I say so.  You can’t do anything else,
unless I say so and I won’t say so unless you give $1 to the family fund.. 


So the first month passes and it’s time to pay his slaves.  He gives each one $60.  They look at each other confused. 
One gets up the nerve to ask, “But massa, you said you’d pay us $100.  This is only $60.”  
Master says, I DID pay you $100, but had to deduct $40 to pay for your security around this place. I had to pay for your doctor's visits. 
I know you didn’t see the doctor but I have to pay him anyway just so he’s ready for you when you need him. 
I need to pay for keeping the roads and machinery up around here to you can work and have a job and all kinds of other stuff!”


So, pressed into financial hardship the slaves had to get creative and they did a little moonlighting at night to earn something extra. 
They’d get paid for the moonlighting job and they put it in a jar which they hid in their cabins on the plantation. 
One day the Master’s foreman was inspecting the grounds and he found the jar.  He informed the Master who decided to keep it. 


The slaves found out and asked, “but Massa, we worked for that money.  That’s ours!” 
The Master came back, “everything on this plantation is mine and since you didn’t report it to me or get
my permission to do extra work, I’m keeping it.  You should know better.”


Now, without elaborating further, please tell me how you and your relationship to your boss and government and their collection agencies are any different than what these slaves are dealing with?  Is there one iota of difference?  Sadly no.  Do you still feel free?


You don’t own your home or your land.  You only have ‘Real Estate’ which by definition is the conditional right to use the land, it’s not ownership.  If you really owned it, why would you be paying annual ‘rent’ to the plantation owner to stay there? What happens when you refuse to pay the rent (real estate taxes) ?  Where is your 'title' to ‘Land’?  You don’t have it.  You only have a deed to 'Real Estate' NOT Land!


You don’t own your car.  You only have a ‘certificate of title’ which is proof of ‘title insurance’ and this is not ownership.  If you really own your car, how can the plantation owner take it away from you if you violate too many of his rules?  Where is the Manufacturers Certificate of Origin?  Who has that?  This is the real 'Title'


And get this.  You don’t even own your children.  If you did, how could Child Protective Services just show up at your door and take your kids on a whim, without cause whenever they like?   It happens every day.  I’ll tell you why later.


If you’re lucky enough to be permitted to keep your children, your little girls and boys surely will not be allowed to set up a lemonade stand in the front yard without paying the Master $45 or more for his permission (commercial vendors permit)!  And if they did, they’d surely need to report earnings and pay the Master his ‘fair share’ of the earnings.  Lemonade stands across the country are being shut down to squelch any spirit of entrepreneurialism our youngsters might have at an early age.


Do these examples seem extremely ridiculous to you?  Well, on one hand, it is extremely ridiculous that people don’t understand how the world works around them, but these are the cold hard facts and you’ll learn more as we go along so have some patience and open your mind.


So no, I'm sorry to inform you that you are not free."




Here's a short video of Aaron Russo's visit to the IRS to corroborate the point and drive it home.   Click Here

Here is a Free Book you can download to give you further ammunition and knowledge.  The title is HOW I BEAT SATAN AND THE IRS.  Click Here and scroll down the page just a little bit.  This is a quick read.  When finished please go to and give a review to help spread the word.  Just do a search for the title on and look for the Reviews section.

You can attend our video workshop on the subject anytime.  Click Here

And when you're ready for one serious solution to solve your problem forever.  Click Here

Here is the ultimate solution which is something else altogether:  Click Here


From this point on, you have no excuse to continue being a SLAVE unless that is your choice! 


The Choice is Yours! 





Dear Readers,


I have some good news for you, but first the bad news.


It comes from various trusted sources.


It’s from the NY Times...


... And it’s from a man worth many billions...


... AND it’s from a global watchdog group monitoring the world situation.


So what are they all saying?


First, a bit about Turkey and the crash of the lira...


Market Update

Turkey Currency Crisis Causes Asia Market Slide

Turkey's deepening currency crisis is putting pressure on emerging markets,
with Asian stock markets falling on Monday”


Hmm... that doesn’t sound so great. 


But I’ve promised good news, too, so what about a word from the editorial board of the NY Times:


... the market appears to be more overvalued now than it was before the crisis [2008 recession]
according to Robert Shiller, the Yale economist who won a Nobel Prize for his work on bubbles
in the stock and real estate markets.”


Ooops, no optimism from that, either.


Well then, how about an individual investor who is worth billions?


In a speech earlier this year, George Soros said that...


... Rising anti-European Union sentiment, the disruption to the Iran deal, a soaring dollar
and investors taking money out of emerging markets are adding up to bad news for the
global economy. We may be heading for another major financial crisis.”


Ummm... how much is the global economy going to affect me?  My job?  My employer?  My industry?  My region? My currency? Let me think about that.


But what about the good news I mentioned?


Let’s think about it for a minute.


As individuals or small businesses, we’re more nimble, more responsive and creative and can adapt faster than big corporations, agencies, or organizations that need input and approvals, studies and analysis from a dozen sources before they can make the slightest move.


In a way, the effects of the global economy are much like the British army was in the American revolutionary war when they’d advance in columns and in formation to the beat of the drums making themselves easy targets for the patriots who were scurrying about behind the rocks and trees picking off the British soldiers one at a time. 


The British thought they were following the ‘rules of engagement’.  The Colonists said, ‘To hell with that!  We’re coming up with our own rules of engagement!’ 


The Patriots were nimble, flexible and could react on-the-fly.  They could see the British coming and position themselves so they weren’t easy targets and had good cover to survive the advance and counterpunch.


And that’s exactly what survivors of the coming economic storms will be doing, thinking out of the box and coming up with their own ‘Rules of Engagement’


So if all hell breaks loose on the world's stage, YOU can still be sitting pretty.


There are ALWAYS people who make a killing in the worst economic situations.


I’m not talking about taking advantage of people who are in trouble.


No, I mean being properly positioned so that they are largely unaffected by the winds of ill economic tides and with a little bit of foresight, can be in a position to profit nicely.


That’s why I created the Global Entrepreneur membership in the Lighthouse Law Club which adheres to the following principles;


  • You can’t lose what you don’t own
  • Learn to live like a king while being a pauper on paper
  • Minimize your exposure to banks and traditional financial institutions and their investment instruments
  • Minimize your holdings in fiat currency and shift holdings to ‘appreciable assets’ so when fiat drops to the sewer those assets rise through the roof.



No matter what’s going on in the world, YOU control your own destiny and can never be stripped of your family’s inheritance by the ‘wanna-be’ controllers of this world.


As a smart, in-tune individual or small business, you’re NOT at the mercy of forces that devour ordinary people… and even ordinary entrepreneurs.


The signs, the signals, the bells, the whistles are going off everywhere…GET OUT OF FIAT CURRENCIES!


Whatever you do or don’t do, be sure to watch this video interview by  Greg Hunter entitled THE WORLD IS VENEZUELA!


This will give you pause to consider what I’m saying.


Then take a hard look at what’s available to you in the Global Entrepreneur business package which should be looked at as a lifeboat to carry you through the coming storm.


Peace and blessings to you and yours!






This important article is a WARNING to Everyone!   




Let me start by saying that I've done some stupid things in my life and have paid a heavy price for my stupidity.  This article is written to help you avoid having to pay that heavy price which others are paying every day for not being aware of what you are about to read and know.  So In order to establish a base of understanding, let's start this article with some facts which should be 'given' and are pretty much accepted as universal common knowledge, shall we?  Surely I'm going to offend some people but that's fine.  Perhaps it needs to happen. 


1.  Government is NOT here to help you

2.  Governments are bankrupt and seeking funds from wherever they can find them 

3.  The IRS, Inland Revenue, HMRC or your local Tax Office do not follow the law 

4.  Banks do NOT demand due process or proper paperwork before giving foreign agents full access to your bank accounts on a whim.  They roll over like puppies looking for a belly rub from their master.

5.  Attorneys work for the Crown not you! (BAR = British Accredited Registry) 

6.  The Crown's right-hand consists of the bankers like hungry dogs on a leash chomping at the bit to be let loose. 

7.  The courts provide the playing field (slaughterhouse) and collection agency for the BAR, the Crown and the bankers.

...and this is where massive ignorance and stupidity come into play....

8... And despite this common knowledge, People still think that their money is 'safe in the bank'!  




Nearly the entire free world which has the opportunity to participate in 'Free Enterprise' is chasing the Holy Grail of success and financial security.  The free world offers numerous stellar examples of rags to riches stories.  These stories almost never happen without an intense commitment of blood, sweat and tears along with directed and focused energy in building these empires.  The cost in time and energy are almost immeasurable when you look at the years of sacrifice that go into such successes.   These are truly inspirational stories of accomplishment. 

And even in your hometown, you know stories of the local kid who 'done good' to one degree or another!   Perhaps you are one of those examples.  If so, this article is intended for you more than anyone.  

So then why is it that we so often hear of someone's rise to the pinnacle of success, only to hear that after years of making the climb, they somehow get crossways with some government agency and lose it all?   Everything!  They go from multi-millionaire to almost 'refugee' status

In view of the above, let's look at some absolutely brilliantly successful business people who had the world at their feet after building an empire, only to lose it all due to frightening ignorance if not downright stupidity! 


Case in Point:  Matt Lloyd - MOBE

Matt had built a fantastic business empire selling business training online in his business known as 'MOBE' (My Own Business Education).  He has created numerous other millionaires who were consultants in his program.  These were people, many of whom started with little to nothing, who followed his program and with hard work, learned how to manage an internet business and became very successful in their own right.  MOBE had paid out more than $100 million in commissions to its consultants and just this year Matt bought his own private island in the south pacific to develop a global training center and resort.

Matt surely knew or should have known, about the given factors 1-7 above.  Fast forward to June of this year and we see that the FTC came in without warning, without due process, without any Notice & Grace to correct anything, and just flat out shut them down putting thousands of successful people out of business.   

MOBE was a profitable livelihood for thousands of people who will all suffer.  The fact that they were shut down is bad enough, but to the point of this article, messages have been distributed through various MOBE networks that Matt was 'accepting donations' for legal expenses.  What does that tell you?  All of his accounts were seized.   When he went to bed the night before he was a multi-millionaire.  When he woke up the next day, he was virtually penniless.  Just like that!  This multi millionaire with his own private island all of a sudden had no money left to pay his own legal team to fight back. 


That's what they do.  When they see you as a 'ripe target' with something to steal, they strip you bare financially to 'get the goods' and then you have nothing to fight back with no matter how egregiously criminal the process was.  Let that be a word to the wise.  This is standard operating procedure.  And a key point for you to understand is, that you don't have to do anything wrong!  Governments are hungry for cash and they're going after it wherever they can find it.  This is no small point.  The courts have become nothing but organized racketeering enterprises.

People who refuse to recognize this are the willing victims.  This is the price of ignorance. 

I have personal friends who have been in the truth and freedom movement since the 90's.  They have seen first hand how corrupt and underhanded government agents can be when they're trying to score career points by being a good collector in gathering spoils for the Queen.   

One such friend of mine had been very successful in accumulating millions in assets when he got legally attacked for purely political and financial reasons.  When discussing the matter of asset protection vis-a-vis his legal case which was already in process, his attorneys advised him:  "Nothing to worry about.  They'd never do that!"   

For some strange reason, my friend had a serious case of brain flatulence that day and he accepted what the attorneys told him.  Shortly thereafter,  large sums in his accounts and his other assets were seized leaving nothing but a crooked public defender who was in on the game, to defend him against bogus charges which could have resulted in a virtual life sentence had he gone down on a case which was completely fabricated.  The issue is still not resolved and he's currently living month to month with the help of some friends.  Meanwhile, his multi-million dollar business is destroyed and he's virtually penniless.  So much for listening to attorneys! 

So, just in case you are naive, or shall I say, 'misinformed' and thinking that these are just isolated cases and these guys probably deserved what they got, perhaps you should see what's going on in the rest of the world.  Click Here for an endless list of examples of just what I'm talking about.  Before you do that though, I recommend going to get your valium. 


So then, now that you've been properly informed on what's going on in this world, you can no longer claim 'Ignorance'... "Well I didn't know...!"  From this point forward, should this ever happen to you, it would be based on nothing short of willful stupidity.  Sorry, but those are just the facts, maam!  That would be your choice. 

Prudence and intelligence would dictate that once someone is aware of a substantial risk, that they take pro-active measures to control or mitigate that risk. 

It is for these people who have the awareness and vision to steer clear of the potential danger that we have created our 'Alternative to Traditional Banking.

The primary purpose of our GLOBAL ENTREPRENEUR membership level is to provide you with a safe and very private haven and toolkit to use in keeping your business and finances free and safe from the CROWN, the BAR, and their endless teams of collectors and enforcers. 

For a full training and due diligence on these issues, I can highly recommend this series of training videos:

Do your research, make your plan and put it into play. 


It's not so easy to make money and build an empire. 
But it's extremely easy to lose it!  




Get Started with Your Global Entrepreneur Membership Today!

Protect Your Future Now.  Click Here 


Get Your Free Report - Click the image below 







The worst thing you could ever do in a courtroom situation is to hire an attorney.  They will never do for you what you can do for yourself with a little training and practice. 

I have my own personal experiences, watching attorneys in the courtroom, which are just absolutely amazing and the depths of incompetence that they will often sink to.  

Here are a few little tidbits to put a smile on your face and to give you some insights as to what you get with an attorney; 

How do court stenographers keep a straight face? 

These are from a book called "Disorder in the Court" and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and published by court reporters that had the torment of staying calm while the exchanges were taking place. I think all were from the law firm of Dewey, Screwem & Howell.

ATTORNEY: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact?
WITNESS: Gucci sweats and Reeboks.

ATTORNEY: Are you sexually active?
WITNESS: No, I just lie there.

ATTORNEY: What is your date of birth?
WITNESS: July 18th.
ATTORNEY: What year?
WITNESS: Every year.

ATTORNEY: How old is your son, the one living with you?
WITNESS: Thirty-eight or thirty-five, I can't remember which.
ATTORNEY: How long has he lived with you?
WITNESS: Forty-five years.

ATTORNEY: Now doctor, isn't it true that when a person dies in his sleep, he doesn't know about it until the next morning?
WITNESS: Did you actually pass the bar exam?

ATTORNEY: The youngest son, the 20-year-old, how old is he?
WITNESS: He's 20, very close to your IQ.

ATTORNEY: Were you present when your picture was taken?
WITNESS: Are you shitting me?

ATTORNEY: So the date of conception (of the baby) was August 8th?
ATTORNEY: And what were you doing at that time?
WITNESS: Getting laid.

ATTORNEY: She had three children, right?
ATTORNEY: How many were boys?
ATTORNEY: Were there any girls?
WITNESS: Your Honor, I need a different attorney. Can I get a new attorney?

ATTORNEY: How was your first marriage terminated?
WITNESS: By death.
ATTORNEY: And by whose death was it terminated?
WITNESS: Take a guess.

ATTORNEY: Can you describe the individual?
WITNESS: He was about medium height and had a beard.
ATTORNEY: Was this a male or a female?
WITNESS: Unless the Circus was in town I'm going with male.

ATTORNEY: Is your appearance here this morning pursuant to a deposition notice which I sent to your attorney?
WITNESS: No, this is how I dress when I go to work.

ATTORNEY: Doctor, how many of your autopsies have you performed on dead people?
WITNESS: All of them. The live ones put up too much of a fight.

ATTORNEY: ALL of your responses MUST be oral, OK? What school did you attend?

ATTORNEY: Do you recall the time that you examined the body?
WITNESS: The autopsy started around 8:30 PM.
ATTORNEY: And Mr. Denton was dead at the time?
WITNESS: If not, he was by the time I finished.

ATTORNEY: Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a pulse?
ATTORNEY: Did you check for blood pressure?
ATTORNEY: Did you check for breathing?
ATTORNEY: So, then it is possible that the patient was alive when you began the autopsy?
ATTORNEY: How can you be so sure, Doctor?
WITNESS: Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar.
ATTORNEY: I see, but could the patient have still been alive, nevertheless?
WITNESS: Yes, it is possible that he could have been alive and practicing law.



Fighting White Collar Crime and Abuse of Power can be Very Profitable!




As the Lighthouse Law Club is actively engaged in the arena fighting for truth and justice with the same verve as a gladiator would be, fighting for his life in the coliseum, not only have we put together the strategic and tactical teams to have a truly strong prospect for success, but we've also found a formula to not only achieve justice against corporate fraudsters, racketeers and criminal imposters posing as public servants, but we've developed a simple system to make it very profitable for those who wish to support the cause.


By now you are likely well aware of our crusade against the fraud in banking.  If not see our YouTube channel.  The 'Run Bankers Run' series is our battle cry.   


Our tactical team and others like them across the nation have taken the battle to the enemy and are achieving  some very serious results.  See the previous blog post for details on that (scroll down). 


In addition to the mortgage fraud, good hardworking people are being financially raped, pillaged, abused and jailed by the very same bankers and their minions in the courts and their municipal corporate enforcers.   People in this unsavory position have substantial claims they could make but rarely do.  By the time the government gets through pillaging and fleecing the people in the private realm, the victims are often destitute and ill prepared to go up against 'the machine'. 


This is where the Lighthouse comes in to play.  Our tactical teams have the knowledge the tools and the ammunition to take the fight to the perpetrators and hold them accountable to their own laws and do it on their own turf.   We are the visitors coming in to whoop up on the home team.  But one problem still exists... 


Our tactical teams have certain financial requirements to meet to make things work.  And this is a difficult obstacle for most.  After being ravaged by the bankers minions the victims often have little to no funds to fuel the battle.  Tanks and heavy artillery need fuel  and supplies to move on to the enemy territory and take the spoils of war.  


To not only solve this problem for truth and justice and to help our fellow wounded brothers in arms, but also to provide a mechanism to help share the spoils of our victories members of the Lighthouse have formed a 'Members Only Investment Club'  to provide the financial fuel to get the tanks and artillery moving. 


Here's a hypothetical illustration for us to look at in considering the possibilities; 


Initial investment to sponsor one particular case: $10,000

Claim for Damages: $10,000,000

Sharing arrangement : 50% of net proceeds of damages award.

Let's say it takes a year to prepare the case, file it and get to a court award.  That court award can be sold like an accounts receivable to an investor such as a factoring company, hedge fund or other investor.  A 10% to 20% discount would be reasonable in this instance.

On the other hand, to cash out more quickly than going to trial, it's very feasible that the defendants could offer an out of court settlement. This could easily happen in six months or less which is entirely possible.

Out of court expedited settlement example: $5,000,000

The investment club 50% share of the settlement payment: $2,500,000

These numbers would represent 25,000% return on investment (250:1) and based on simple interest 12 month amortization schedule would equate to 2,083% monthly gain over 12 months.

Where else would we find a two thousand percent monthly gain ?

And if we invested in 3 cases to increase our odds of winning and only 1 case paid off, we're still looking at a monthly average profit of almost 700%. If all three paid off?

I think that's better than Bitcoin!

40 members with only $250 sponsors a case. At 25000% that would net a nice $62,500*
20 members with only $500 each would do it. $500 would net $125,000*
10 members with only $1000 would be a breeze. $1000 would net $250,000*

Who wants to be a part?

Available to constitutional commando membership level or above. 


* . Hypothetical illustration based on the given presumptions.  There are no guarantees, promises or expectations offered or given.  


See the MEMBERSHIP > JOIN page above to explore membership.  







We're Taking It to 'Em! 





By now, surely you are aware of our video series 'Run Bankers Run'.  We're actively exposing the fraud in banking, mortgages and the finance system in general to the public and also in some very specific cases.

Our members are getting intensive guidance and support in the effort to not only expose the fraud which exists in their so called 'debt obligations', but also we are taking the bankers to task.  Our specialists have perfected the approach to go after these criminals in court.  We are winning!   And those members who have the guts and the diligence with the wherewithal to mount an attack, are being handsomely rewarded.  

By exposing bank fraud on your mortgage or other debt, not only do you get the court to order that underlying note, contract or finance agreement 'NULL AND VOID' (no more payments) but you have incurred some significant damages and you're entitled to damages.   You know the story.  

But don't take it from me.  Let me share some actual case histories which have made the news.  The fraud is coming out into the public.  The obvious conclusion is to JOIN the Lighthouse Law Club, go on the attack, and put those criminal bankers cowering in the corner where they belong.  

Repeat this to yourself throughout the rest of the day today: "Debt Free. It could be me!" 

Here's the proof; 


Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing - Racketeering still going on with pretend lender/servicers


Thousands in Arizona could get money from $45 million settlement over bad foreclosure practices


Jury Awards $5.4 million to couple after finding fraud in foreclosure case


Bank of America pays $46 million in damages for foreclosure fraud and abuse. 

Jury Awards Homeowner $21 million in Mortgage Lawsuit


Florida Couple Wins Appeal After House is Foreclosed and Sold


New Jersey Resident Wins Suit Against Predatory Lending 


Numerous Case Summaries with Specific Case Cites - Click Here


List of Damage Awards in mortgage/creditor cases Nationwide


Woman makes all payments, Bank of America forecloses anyway!


And the list goes on, and on, and on.... But you get the idea. 


If you have a mortgage issued by a national bank or mortgage company which has been packaged, securitized and sold, you can bet dollars to donuts that there is fraud involved and you may be entitled to nullification of that mortgage (no more payments for your free and clear home) and quite possibly millions in damages. 

If you'd like to explore that, JOIN the Lighthouse Law Club as a Constitutional Commando member and we can help you explore that.  

Full Disclosure:  You will need to engage the services of our recommended outside specialists who are highly proficient and successful in what they do.   They will have fees above and beyond the Lighthouse Membership.  In that regard,  Consider the fact that you will NOT need to hire an attorney who could easily charge a $15,000 to $20,000 retainer to take on a complicated case.  PLUS, during the process of going after fraud in litigating a case, you will NOT need to be making payments every month for possibly up to a year or two while the case is proceeding.


Note:  You do not need to be in foreclosure to do this.  Fraudulent mortgages in good standing are 'Fair Game' for legal attack! 


“Security against defeat implies defensive tactics;  (But) the ability to defeat the enemy means taking the offensive.”    –Sun Tzu, The Art of War




Things aren't adding up if you ask me...




I'm going to go on record with what I've been saying for a long time.  People all over are calling for Jeff Sessions to resign.  He's not done anything to drain the swamp, etc. etc. 


Could it be, just on a wishful hunch (or perhaps more) that they (Trump, Sessions & DOJ) are giving the appearance of 'foot dragging' or even 'protecting' as  'sleight of hand' in order to buy time, when in the course of the master plan it would be ill advised to release too much too soon and they already have all they need (ropes included) to nail these demons in one fell swoop 'at the proper time'.  You don't start the drama until 'the stage is set'.    Just because Judicial Watch doesn't have what they want from their court document requests and FOIA's, doesn't mean that the entire dossier isn't sitting on top of Trump's desk in the study of his residence in Mar Lago.


Everyone knows that the DOJ and FBI are full of deep state plants, spies and operatives.  Only an 'unqualified, mentally unstable' idiot would operate out in the open showing his hand to his admitted enemies.  But hey 'dim(dem)-wits!  History will show that Trump is the most intelligent and proAmerican president since George Washington!  Mark my words whether you want to admit it or not!  


Think about this... People were horrified when Sessions was beefing up 'asset forfeiture and seizure laws' last year.  Is it coincidence that Trump's executive order of a couple weeks ago, declaring national emergency with authority to seize all assets involved in corruption and human trafficking rests to a large degree on 'Asset seizure and forfeiture'?  Hmm.  Do you think there might be a link there?


Is it likely that one of Trump's first appointments in Jeff Sessions, would be so inept and even contrary to Trump's campaign promises which he vowed to honor for the American people and Trump just blissfully ignores the 'apparent' incompetence relating to a matter which is central to the survival of the country?   Is it even in the realm of logic, competence and coherence that Sessions is more pre-occupied with marijuana (as he appears)  than he is about the internal takeover of our country leading to it's permanent death if he fails?  It doesn't add up.  something else is going on.  I'm betting on the fact that we're going to see the biggest and most successful 'sting' operation in the history of the world. I'm getting my blanket and popcorn to get a good seat for the fireworks!

Sun Tzu is quoted in his famous 'Art of War':  "Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance"


And remember Teddy Roosevelt's famous quote... "In politics...there is always a reason for circumstances to exist!"  


Think about it.









Taxes on your Cryptocurrency Trades are Here!  


Sorry U.S. Citizens, thanks to the new tax bill signed into law just before Christmas you are now required to track every single cryptocurrency trade you make, calculate the profit and loss and keep a record of 'ALL' activity so that your uninvited partner, uncle Sam and his enforcer, the IRS (World Bank & IMF) can take their cut of your activity.   Between trade profits and value appreciation that could be quite significant.  If you are a frequent trader it's a book keeping nightmare.  

But you knew it was coming, right?  Previously such transactions were considered commodities and subject to the 1031 exchange exemption, whereby exchanges of like kind (property A for property B) were exempt from capital gains taxes.  Not any more.  

Here's one article
where you can read some details.  I don't need to rehash it all here.

My point is simple, cryptocurrencies are here to stay and being such, they are on the road to regulation and taxation.  Simple.  And with the explosive growth of this 'space' in the markets, do you think your uncle is going to let this opportunity for huge graft slip through his fingers without him getting his piece?  That chunk being paid to your uninvited partner could be quite substantial. 


Where will that money do more good?  With your 'uncle' Sam?  Or maybe with your family?  Uh huh!


There are solutions to this though where you can render the new law meaningless and have no fear of any negative repercussions.  (Of course there is or I wouldn't be bringing it up, right?) 


Solution #1: 


Learn to change your legal status and remove the IRS from your life entirely.  You can learn how to do this in the Lighthouse Law Club.  It's very simple.  It's not complicated and anyone can do it with no risk of any kind.  Join as a Constitutional Commando member. 


Solution #2: 


Learn to work with an international business trust.  The trust itself is 'foreign' to the U.S.  It trades in Euro as the base currency, not USD so there are no USD profits.  It is completely outside the jurisdiction of your uncle's 'enforcers' and they have no relationship, obligation to your uncle whatsoever.  Learn more about that here.


If neither of those options suit you, then, for your convenience, we've posted the new tax brackets here below.  You can evaluate what your bill might be and then you can think about how you're going to keep track of all your trades! 

Best Wishes for a profitable new year in any event!  






The Globalist Central Bankers Fear Freedom! 


Bitcoin continues to set almost daily price records. It closed yesterday at $6,953.58/BTC. Indeed, since the beginning of 2017, the price of bitcoin has more than quadrupled.

Your friendly Big Brother is watching this price momentum. And he’s aware that the long-term success of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin threatens the foundations of the nation-state.

Here in the “land of the free,” the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) declared in July that “initial coin offering” (ICO) investments are subject to securities regulations. (An ICO is an investment in an asset based on the “blockchain,” which is the mathematical underpinning of bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies.) The SEC has also filed fraud charges against a purported bitcoin trading platform, suspended trading in a publicly listed bitcoin firm, and rejected the first application for a bitcoin ETF.

The SEC isn’t the only federal agency attacking cryptocurrencies. At the end of 2016, the IRS issued a “John Doe summons” against Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US. In a John Doe summons, the IRS doesn’t know of any particular individual evading tax, so it demands to see everyone’s records. The IRS suspects that Coinbase users are evading tax with cryptocurrency transactions. The summons demanded that Coinbase provide complete transaction records for all users between 2013 and 2015.

But for sheer overkill, it’s hard to beat the proposed legislation introduced in the Senate to crack down on the international movement of cryptocurrencies. The legislation would expand the definition of “monetary instruments” that must be reported when crossing a US border to include any “prepaid access device.”

If this bill is enacted, you’ll need to add up the value of prepaid debit cards, gift cards, prepaid phones, and prepaid coupons before you cross a US border. Not to mention accounts in any cryptocurrency. If the aggregate value exceeds $10,000, you’ll need to report all your holdings to the Feds.

What’s more, if you’re arrested for failing to comply with the new rules, the proposal would allow the government to file a secret motion for a restraining order that would freeze any account you own. Not just cryptocurrency accounts – any financial account could be frozen. Even your safe deposit box could be cleaned out. The restraining order could be extended indefinitely.

Of course, the US isn’t acting alone. Numerous countries have banned bitcoin altogether, including Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, and Vietnam. Others, like Algeria, are considering a ban. South Korea has banned ICOs. And Russia’s central bank started blocking websites that sell bitcoin last month, after President Vladimir Putin said cryptocurrencies were risky and facilitated criminal activity.

China has been restricting bitcoin in stages. In 2013, it restricted banks from using bitcoin. They could no longer convert the national currency, the renminbi, to bitcoin, or vice-versa. Then two months ago, China banned ICOs. And just last week, China completed the process of shutting down all domestic cryptocurrency exchanges.

What has governments so upset about cryptocurrencies? Rather than try to answer this question myself, I’ll quote Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, a true heavyweight in the global banking establishment. In a recent speech, Lagarde speculates that blockchain technologies could replace national currencies and conventional financial intermediation. She said blockchain technology "puts a question mark on the fractional [reserve] banking model we know today."

It’s easy to understand why Lagarde feels this way. Unlike traditional currencies, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aren’t created out of thin air by a central bank engaged in “quantitative easing” or similar operations. Instead, they’re produced using computing power on distributed networks in a process called mining.

The rules that make bitcoin work (the protocol) limit the number of bitcoins that will ever be mined to 21 million. That means it’s impossible to debase or otherwise manipulate bitcoin value.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are also decentralized. No central bank or other authority oversees operations. That means no central authority can “bail-in” a cryptocurrency. For instance, it would be impossible to do with bitcoin what the European Central Bank did to bank deposits in Cyprus in 2013. The Cyprus bail-in cost depositors up to 100% of the value of their uninsured bank accounts.

What’s more, since transactions are peer-to-peer (between individual users – not through a central authority), they’re far more private than transactions made through a bank. The transactions are functionally anonymous. Because of the blockchain, the details are traceable, but the identities of the persons involved are not.

It’s no wonder governments fear the bitcoin phenomenon. They risk not only losing control of their fiat currencies, but also losing their ability to force contributions (i.e., taxes) from residents. And the pushback from the powers-that-be has only begun.

Banks will applaud the crackdown, because the peer-to-peer model of cryptocurrency eliminates the need for a middleman, which traditionally has been a bank.

While some countries have pursued an outright ban on cryptocurrencies, the blockchain model is so revolutionary that many governments will opt for a more nuanced approach. A largely overlooked announcement from Russian President Vladimir Putin may pave the way. Putin has proposed a government-run blockchain-based cryptocurrency dubbed the “CryptoRuble.” Regular rubles could be exchanged for CryptoRubles anytime, with a 13% tax imposed on buying or selling them.

In the US, an official from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has proposed an initiative called “Fedcoin.” It would be a peer-to-peer payment system where you can send US dollars to anyone else. But the Fed would oversee all transactions, just as it does now. And it would still be free to exercise measures of what the IMF calls “financial repression” such as negative interest rates.

However, government-controlled cryptocurrencies are a poor substitute for the real thing.. And without a global ban on cryptocurrency transactions, it’s hard to see how restrictions or outright bans will be enforced.

For instance, shortly after China banned mainland residents from using cryptocurrency exchanges, Chinese blockchain developers set up shop in other countries. And in Ecuador, where cryptocurrencies were banned in 2014, the prohibition only moved transactions to the black market. The bitcoin price in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is only about $200 above the market rate in countries where it’s legal.

In the meantime, the price of bitcoin keeps rising. If it’s a bubble, it’s certainly a long-lasting one. Only time will tell whether it’s sustainable – and how Big Brother will ultimately react to its success.

Mark Nestmann



Editor's Note: 

You can rest assured that any activity that appears to be 'Free' from control, supervision and distraint, will be looked at closely by your Big Brother.  This is why we're keeping one step ahead of the game by implementing our Private Asset Management system (PAMS).  Privacy never looked so good!  

See for yourself: 





What's the value? 


In this article I want to provide a very clear and unequivocal reply to those people who, are rare but they do pop up consistently, and ask questions like; 


- If you are so successful in what you're doing, why do you charge? 

- Why would you charge me to help me obtain my freedom?  

- If you are so successful in changing your status, you should have a boatload of money, so why do you charge?  Show me proof of your success!  


So in view of the above, I offer the following list of responses from which you can choose and select one which is suitable for your tastes and purposes.  Mind you, I have not shared any of my raw thoughts in an effort to keep this article suitable for all ages!  cool


Response #1:  We are running a business, not a charity. 


Response #2:  People assign a value relative to what they paid for it.  If they paid -0-, that would be the relative value to many and they'd squander what they have as a result for lack of sacrifice or appreciation for what they have. 


Response #3:  If you were in the market for a high end Mercedes car, you'd pay full value and 'LOVE THE CAR' and be so thankful to have it.  Do you not LOVE your freedom and a life of peace and prosperity equally?   Why on earth would you expect not to pay for it? 


Response #4:   Get out your pen and pad and run some figures.  What's the cash value of a lifetime of sacrifice, education, money spent to gain the knowledge and experience to be in a position to offer what the Lighthouse offers?   What's the cash value of a year and a half spent in prison and gaining that experience and insights which that brings to the forefront?  What's the value of a complete education in business trusts which has sold on the open market for $10,000 or more per client?  What's the value of creating a virtual library of hundreds of pages after filtering, selecting and creating the material to begin with so that you can easily access it and save years of your life not having to learn it the hard way?  Let's just say that a well researched video edited with production value, graphics, music, finely edited script, video shots etc. takes 3 or 4 days to produce.  You have 50+ of those videos already available to you for free.  What the cash value of that?  What's the cash value of being in a position to never fear or be touched by the IRS again?  What's the cash value of having step by step private coaching teaching you to create multiple streams of cash flow so you're never dependent on a JOB again?


And I could go on for some time on this theme.  Now what figure did you come up with?  Add it up and write it down.  Compare that to what we ask for membership.  And you're complaining about the pittance we ask to help offset the costs for making all this work for you?  Seriously? 


Response #5:   OK I get it.  You want 'Free Stuff'!  Here's your FREE STUFF: 

a) The book I wrote, organized, edited, published and made available at my own expense for your download:  How I Beat Satan...And the IRS is free.

b) Many Months of  hard work and sacrifice in providing you with 50+ videos for your benefit, are free! 

c) Several newsletters I write are all FREE! 

d) Intensive and detailed training on how to build an internet business is FREE! 

e) A sophisticated and profitable Affiliate Program is FREE! 

f) The 'My Liberty' cell phone App I created and maintain at my expense, to keep you informed on the go, is FREE!

How is that?  Does that make you happy?  What more would you like 'for free'? 


Response #6:  So you want 'Proof' of this, that or the other.  OK.  

First of all, just because one person is able to accomplish something doesn't mean that you'll be able to do the same.  There are many reasons for this. Each person has his or her own case and has his or her own skills, talents, understanding and capabilities (or lack thereof).  As soon as we offered 'proof' of one thing or another, people would take that as a guarantee that they could achieve the same thing and they'd be pissed at us and use us as the scapegoat for their own personal shortcomings or mistakes.  NOT going to happen.  The law club is about education, gaining knowledge and networking with like minded people.  We don't need to 'Prove' that.  What you do with the resources here is entirely up to you! 


Response #7:  For some reason some people seem to think that we're sitting on top of a pile of cash, gold and signed blank checks.   Do you always operate on unfounded conclusions which are based on assumptions and presumptions like this?  What makes you think that?  We've never given any indication or inference of such a thing. 


Response #8:   We'd be more than happy to offer everything we do, at our expense and great sacrifice.  All we'd ask is that you provide the means to pay all our bills for servers, IT services, support, hosting, content creation, admin, banking, legal, corporate infrastructure pay the staff and everything else, plus provide a decent lifestyle as the reward for all the sacrifice.  We'll be looking for your proposal.  You have our email! 


Response #9:  If the membership is out of reach financially for you, that's why we created our Digital Nomad training program to teach you how to build an internet business with multiple streams of income. Again....FREE!  That will help your poor economic condition.


Response #10: In addition to the Digital Nomad FREE business training, I've also created a FREE Affiliate program to help you generate some quick cash to earn your membership with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET!    

Response #11: 
If you don't want to work a little to earn the membership, then we have a 'Payment Plan' for you.  Get the Pathfinder membership with a partial payment and you have six months to make up the balance!


Response #12:  What you have in the Lighthouse is more than knowledge gained from a lifetime of experience and sacrifice of the founder, but also from all of the other members.  So if you could learn in 1 or 2 years, what has taken many lifetimes of sacrifice to gain by others, if you could shorten that learning curve from many lifetimes, to 1 or 2 years for yourself, what is the value of that?


Have I made myself clear?  I've done everything possible to bring you more value than anyone could possibly expect (with a clean conscience!) and if you don't have the money now, you have the opportunity to generate it or pay it later.  


What else would you like us to do?   With what you have available here, there are no more excuses for you not to be a member or involved in one way or another and working in that direction. 


Yes, you have the Mercedes Benz luxury sedan of knowledge, education and guidance here.  And you're only paying 2%-3% of it's true value.   That's not a 'Bargain'.   It's a 'Steal'!!! 

If you can appreciate that, then you should join now and don't waste a minute. 


If you still want to complain and won't pay for it and won't even take advantage of our free tools and programs to work for it then I'll leave you with... 


...Response #12:   It's a free market.  We're not for you (and vice versa).  Please go get the help you need from your local welfare office and don't bother us.  We are productive, self reliant, independent minded problem solvers and, let's face it,  you quite honestly don't belong here.   But thanks for your interest anyway! 







How to Survive the Days Ahead




The signs are all around us; chemtrails, newborns being required to get 26 vaccines, the rollout of the implantable chip, FEMA camps are now not only public knowledge but the core staffs are active and in place, weather modification and engineered disasters, poison in the food and water, political prisoners continue to be held despite ‘full acquittals’, the word ‘Jesus’ and ‘USA’ are now deemed ‘offensive’ and banned from public use, militarized police, SWAT teams over use conditioning us to accept this as something ‘normal’, ’Jade-Helm’ exercises going live and the list goes on, and on, and on.

Only an ignorant fool could be unaware of the signs of the times.

According to DHS documents, you are a ‘Domestic Terrorist’ if you fall into any of the following categories; 

  • - Ron Paul supporter
  • - Believe in the Second Amendment to the Constitution for the u.S. of A. 
  • - Support the Constitution for the u.S. of A. 
  • - Believe in and live according to the Bible

So if you land on a ‘target list’ then you can expect some of this: A Homeland Security office says it plans to review the privacy implications of using drones to monitor U.S. citizens.  That means law enforcement could monitor Americans in their backyards, cars, or at political gatherings in ways that would not have been possible before.  By the way, predator drones have facial recognition software, can be programmed to be fully autonomous, and can track your cell phone and intercept your emails. What will you fight back with if and when you are placed on the MIAC terrorist watch list and they come for you? 

Sorry, but your internet browsing history, attendance at church and Facebook have already implicated you.  You're on 'the' list! 

Surely you haven’t forgotten that the Obama administration purchased 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition along with 2700 armored personnel carriers, have you?   Normal citizens have  accidentally discovered uncountable hundreds of thousands, or more, multi-body coffins stacked high in various locations, all near FEMA camps.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that Program 1033 would resume providing ex-military equipment to police organizations, including university police departments.

“…Program 1033 has been running since the 1990s but was stopped two years ago by President Obama. Part of the program’s initial aim was for “use in drug enforcement by federal and state law enforcement.” As we well know, the “war on drugs” has been an abysmal failure.”

Two universities, Hinds Community College and University of Central Florida, in defiance of all that is sane and logical, obtained grenade launchers. A 2014 report states that 930 guns were provided in total to 87 different universities.


Let’s be clear.  A purge is coming and the goats will soon be separated from the sheep.

What can you do about it?

You can start living with these principles;

  1. - Be prepared to ditch your smart phone.  Get an old fashioned basic flip phone with a pre-paid SIM chip purchased by someone else to use when needed.  Keep the smart phone active and powered up with location services ‘on’ to use as a decoy when you bug out without it. 
  2. - Always keep location services to ‘off’ on computers or other devices you use. 
  3. - If you’re in a city:  GET THE HELL OUT!  Cities are easy to control with traffic choke points, control or disruptions of distribution channels can restrict your food, electric, medicine and other supplies.  Water can also be easily controlled. 
  4. - If you’re in the USA:  GET THE HELL OUT! Or at least be prepared to when the SHTF.   
  5. - No matter how hungry or thirsty you might be in an emergency, NEVER go to a FEMA ‘Relief Center’ aka ‘Death Camp’
  6. - Change your identity and identity documents. See Change your Legal Status - Practical Matters
  7. - Get off the databases and disappear in plain sight. See THE PRIVATE TRAVELLER video workshop.
  8. - Have at least a 60-90 day supply of food, water and medicine stored in a safe place you can get to quickly, or packed up ready to ‘bug out’
  9. - Have at least 60-90 days of living expenses stored in cash, silver or gold. 
  10. - Have an independent cash flow which is NOT location dependent. See our Digital Nomad free training program.
  11. - Create a landing pad in a safe haven which can be used for ‘leisure’ in good times, or ‘escape’ in hard times.
  12. - Have an alternative to the banking system.  Get out of traditional banking where you can be controlled, monitored and manipulated.

This is only a ‘starter list’ but all can be accomplished with your membership in the Lighthouse Law Club.

Your life could depend on it.  What’s that worth? 




Crunch Time is Now! 


I saw the writing on the wall in the late '90's and 'got the hell out'!  It's the best thing I've ever done.   Since that time I've been shouting from the rooftops that people need to cut free from the nose ring that keeps them on the corporate treadmill and learn to create independence if they have any hope of surviving our current reality.

Yet, all the while my shouting has largely fallen on deaf ears.  People are comfortable with the status quo.  'They're 'OK'.  They're 'paying the bills' and that's OK.  They're too busy to do anything more than what they're doing.  Their spouse doesn't want to rock the boat and is afraid so 'doing nothing' is the plan.  New things are 'too risky'.  They don't have the money and don't want to work any harder or do anything different, because 'things are O.K.' the way they are.  I remember giving My old football coach an excuse for why I missed a tackle.  His reply was:  'Emery - one excuse is as good as the next.  They're all the same.  They all are used to justify 'failure'!  Is that what you are?  A failure?" 

A 'PT' has the freedom to 'bug out' on a moments notice.  He's prepared a landing pad in a safer refuge if or when ever needed, or perhaps just a beautiful place to enjoy when he likes.  A 'PT' has multiple sources of independent income so that if one is ever interrupted, he's not dependent on it and the others compensate.   A 'PT' doesn't keep all his wealth in banks or financial companies 'in the system' so he's not dependent on the banks, brokers and financial 'buzzards'.   Listen to me talk on this subject with this video. 

Here's what  hundreds of thousands of people in Texas, and with Irma, soon millions on the East coast are facing because they didn't make plans to be a PT. 

- Their company has shut down.  No paycheck. 

- They lived paycheck to paycheck, the same as 78% of all workers, so no cash to do anything.

- No back up plan or place to go.  They're stuck with whatever they can get from 'Government who is coming (I assure you) 'to help you'!?

So, have a look at this message I got from one of our members just this week since Hurricane Harvey hit:


Mark I hope to talk to you today.  I’m pretty sure I have someone that wants to join.  I will talk to them tomorrow.

You know I’m in Texas right? With the ‘manmade’ hurricane Harvey’s planned devastation it’s allowed the UN to come in and clear the Texas Coast pretty far inland, displacing 480,000 people.  They have activated the FEMA camps and have declared marshal law.  I’m in the Dallas area and we are having gas shortages, fake gas shortages, I say that because we get little fuel from the Houston area. It’s only a short window of time before they will take over this state not letting anyone leave.  Remember Jade Helm??  Well they’ve gone live.  I am so scared and anxious right now I cannot sleep at all.  I am sorry but I have to ask you if you can help me get out of here.  You are the only one that can.  I don’t have anyone else. One of my goals was to move there and I have frantically been trying to generate enough money but I ran out of time.  All though I knew that September would be the month (remember 911).   I have almost depleted my cash flow but I have a car that would sell pretty quick.  I can get around 5000.00 for that and I have that investment in Karatbars VIP package which was 2000.00 I will give you.  Plus I can work from there promoting the Law Club.  I hope that the Lord empresses upon your heart to extend your hand to help me.  I’m afraid because I know there plans.  My family just doesn’t get it, they have never believed me. I’ve tried to warn everyone I know but no one wants to hear it.  I’ve been awake since 2008.  Please if you know anyone in Texas tell them to get out while they still can.

I know you're keeping up with "IRMA" this one is global and will destroy NY City, I predict that it's gonna hit on 911. They have perfected weather manipulation and what happened here in Texas was only practice for what they are doing now.  I pray to God our Father who is Self Existence and ALL KNOWING AND ALL POWERFUL that I'm wrong.  I just wish people would believe me.  I'm feeling like I have failed them because  I have no credibility.  I'm sorry!  Thanks for sending me this email.  I did pass it on to everyone I know. 

Talk to you soon,



So we should all be asking; 

-whats going on with all of these killer storms around the world (do some research) 

- whats going on with the fact that one third of the seas are dying (Pacific [Fukishima radiation], rivers turning blood red, entire populations of fish dying, birds falling out of the sky, wars and rumors of wars, threats of nuclear annihilation, chemtrails, vaccines causing countless deaths and irreparable damage, uncontrolled and growing obesity in America, uncontrolled and growing stupidity, the loss of family (God) values, social unrest and a moral free-for-all with no more social restraints?  What's up with the increased seismic activity and volcanos erupting?   I could go on, but you get the idea.

I'll tell you exactly what's going on:

- millions of God's precious  children are being brutally dismembered in the womb and many women celebrate this as a 'victory'.

- this death cult has turned into a business where baby parts can be sold for riches!

- homosexuality is promoted, celebrated and defended.

- children in kindergarten are being taught that boys can be girls and girls can be boys and that they should not use the words 'he' or 'she', or 'mom' and 'dad' because it might hurt someone in some way. 

- any male pervert in a dress can go into the restroom alone with your 8 year old daughter.

- kids are being implanted with the rfid chip in school so they can 'get lunch' easier! 

...and the list goes on.

To the point:  the USA is unequivocally in the process of receiving judgment from the hand of God.  A land which was so blessed, unlike any other in world history was God's special refuge for the world to come and prosper with freedom, family values and a Christian heritage.  Alexis de Toqueville, a visiting French jurist,  in his masterful work 'Democracy in America' is quoted in the late 1800's as saying: 'America is great, because the people of America are good'.

Those were the days, eh?

Fast forward to today and these are just a few of the signs that the times are a changing and if you're not set up as a PT now, you'll be wishing you were, very soon...

Get your money out of the banks!

Weather wars created as 'Jade Helm' goes live along with the FEMA camps. 

Genocide with weather weapons

You get the idea. 

Your own personal preparation means little to nothing if you don't get your spiritual life in order. 

This message is important...VERY IMPORTANT.
.. in that regard.  Take the time.   And here's a channel you need to subscribe to, to hear messages from Jesus with instruction on what to do in these perilous times.  

If you don't start walking the correct path, nothing you do will matter.  Hell awaits you, both here on earth and 'Below'! 


If you do, then perhaps you'll be guided to resources which can help you. 

If it fits, the Lighthouse Law Club has many of the practical, worldly resources which may help. 

As for being a PT, yes, the vials of God's judgment will be opened up and poured out on the entire world.   But if you had a choice to watch the bonfire, where would you prefer to watch it?   From the center inside the bonfire itself?  Or from the edges where it's hot but not burning you up?  

I urge all Americans to do as I did.... GET THE HELL OUT! 


In any event, Blessings to you and yours. 






Warning to USA Bitcoin Traders


IRS Cashes in on Bitcoin Boom
By - Simon Black

What happened: 

Have you made money on Bitcoin? Did you give the IRS their cut? 

Here is another reason to hold Bitcoin long term, instead of treating it as a speculation. If you sold your Bitcoin high, and made some cash, the IRS considers that capital gains. 

And they most likely know who you are. 

The IRS is now actively seeking those who made money on Bitcoin and did not report the gains to the IRS. 

They used a “John Doe summons”  to collect all records from the Bitcoin trading website Coinbase. 

In the past, the IRS used the same methods to bully Swiss banks into revealing American account holders. 

What this means: 

How is this type of summons legal? Isn’t the government supposed to abide by the Fourth Amendment, and describe particular things to be searched and seized? This is broad dragnet investigation into personal documents or “papers.” 

Since the 16th amendment created the income tax, Americans have put up with yearly investigations into their finances that completely trample the Fourth Amendment. 

Just because the government says it is legal to tax income, suddenly the right to be secure in your person, houses, papers, and effects goes out the window.
Editor's Note:  As we begin to see crypto currencies trash the USD we'll also be seeing more frenetic attempts to disrupt this trend by the central bankers and their minions in government.  Taxation, attempted regulation, distraint, attempted market disruptions, hack attacks and the like are all in the bag of tricks for the central bankers who are losing control and are desperate.  

For this reason, among others, we have our own private banking solutions to protect you from a majority of these tyrannical outbursts and attacks.  For more on that, Click Here  to get more on our Private Asset Management System (PAMS)