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Protect Yourself from Healthcare Providers


Doctors, hospitals and other health care providers are becoming increasingly aggressive when it comes to over-charging for their services and then collecting the debts.  And the bad news is compounded when insurance companies factor in the ridiculous fees being assessed against patients when calculating the insurance premiums which then also become over-inflated.

In the old days, the worst-case scenario would mean that people unable to pay would file for a medical bankruptcy and leave it at that.  Today, hospitals are getting one step ahead of the game and filing suit in court and placing liens on property.   The debt and lawsuit for exorbitant medical costs  (which far surpass logic and reason) could cause you to lose your home and make you destitute.

And even ‘with’ insurance, people are going broke paying BIG MONEY to the insurance companies who want too much money for the premiums upfront and then do everything they can to avoid paying claims anyway.   I have a friend in the insurance industry and he admits that the Motto for the insurance industry claims process is... get this....:  DISPUTE, DELAY, DENY!  That's their mindset.  And you are paying 'how much' to these guys? 

Prudent consumers will recognize this predicament and take some ‘preventative medicine’ so they never find themselves under the gun with such lunacy and extortion.

The Lighthouse Law club offers several solutions to such prudent consumers:

  • Re: Hospital Bills: Understand that any ‘Bill’ is a presentment.  It’s an ‘offer’.  It can be refused and negotiated.  Most people don’t understand this and they accept whatever they are presented with.  Training on this simple concept is important to have just for general purposes, not just medical.
  • Re. Bill Collectors:  The law provides some very specific protections for people dealing with debt collectors and the debt collectors also have some very specific restrictions.  Most people don’t know about this and let the debt collectors run roughshod over them.  The Lighthouse has some wonderful research on this topic which allows someone to put the debt collectors into ‘silence’ mode.  They usually break the law in their aggressive attempts to collect and when they do, YOU could collect from the collectors some very nice damages awards for violations of the law which they rarely if ever get challenged on. 
  • Re. Liens and Lawsuits:   Liens and lawsuits are almost meaningless when your assets are properly protected.  Understanding how to properly use trusts for property management, business structuring and employer relationships is essential to long term financial solvency.  This is an area of strength for Lighthouse Law Club Members.
  • Re. Insurance:  This is a racket which is good for only one party…the insurance company.  Think about how much you pay in premiums every year.  Then think about the deductibles and co-pays that apply to any bill which you are required to pay even with insurance coverage.  Then think about what a typical hospital procedure might cost for something that could come up within your family.  Then think about being able to negotiate it down to what that bill ‘should be’ which is about 30% to 40% of what is actually charged (or less).  Now compare that figure to your annual premiums that you pay.  And if you require 1 procedure every 5 years of premiums paid (which is high for most people), maybe you should think about self-insurance.


Self Insurance:  This author has been fortunate to have never spent a night in the hospital.  I was looking at the money going out the window every month in medical insurance premiums for my catastrophic insurance with a $10,000 deductible which wouldn’t pay for 99.5% of anything I would ever need anyway and I said, “This is ridiculous!”

Here’s what I do and you might consider it yourself if it fits.

I self insure.  Rather than dumping money out the window for the benefit of the insurance companies, which I will never get back, I choose to take that premium money and buy gold instead.  I don’t keep the cash saved in a bank account because it’s too tempting to spend it.  I’ve tried that before and it doesn’t work.  I buy gold and put the gold in a drawer. It’s not so easy to spend that way and over time I look for that gold to appreciate significantly in value as I hold it.  If an emergency ever arises, I have something to fall back on to cover the bills after I negotiate them down to a reasonable figure.  This way my 'self-insurance' can pay 100% of the bill not just 15% after deductibles and co-pays!.  I highly recommend Karatbars as one good source to by gold online in increments as small as a gram.  I also earn free gold here as I make referrals to common sense and logic for the betterment of others and to hell with the racketeers of the controlled and weaponized health care system. 

If I never need them for medical expenses, I’ve accumulated a nice little nest egg I can leave to my heirs and at least somebody can benefit other than the insurance companies.

I don’t own anything in my name so lawsuits are not a threat.  My income is independent so that is not at risk either.  So I’ve basically immunized myself from these predatory practices of the medical, collections and legal industries.

Plus, if I do need non-emergency medical care I know I can get better care with advanced procedures outside the USA.  'Medical vacations' are gaining in popularity where people visit exotic locations where they can get advanced treatments which are not even available in the AMA and FDA controlled medical systems of the USA.    Other countries aren’t burdened with the predatory legal and medical control systems which the USA has and which keeps prices so high for fear of liability.  What would a 7 day stay in the hospital after emergency surgery for kidney removal cost in your hospital?  Any guesses?  A friend of mine went through that in Panama at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Total bill:  $4,000.  It was paid out of pocket and done!  

This is just one more reason to be a member of the Lighthouse Law Club.  We expect that your membership will help make life go a little easier!


Many Blessings, 










Excerpt of Article by Jeff Thomas in The INTERNATIONAL MAN

The Bank is Being Robbed!

















In 1903, the desperado in the image above appeared in an early film about a robbery. He was the classic guy in a black hat and, of course, he was eventually foiled by the guys in the white hats.

That was a simpler time.

Today, law enforcement is assisted so much by modern technology that the guys in the black hats rarely try to rob a bank, as they’ll almost surely be caught.

So, does that mean the end of bank robberies? Well, unfortunately, no. In the future, we’re likely to witness bank robberies on a scale such as we’ve never before witnessed.

The difference is that they’ll be robbed by the guys in the white hats. And, the kicker is that the laws of the land will be entirely in their favour. It will be legalized robbery.

In 2013, the world saw its first “bail-in,” in which the banks of Cyprus confiscated the deposits of many of their clients. There was no warning and there was little in the way of explanation, except to say that it was “necessary.” What that really meant was that the banks had been mismanaged to the point that, unless the deposits were confiscated, they would fail.

Under the guise of “assuring the security of the institution of banking,” the banks were robbed by the bankers themselves.

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We talk a lot about ‘Coming Out of Babylon’, changing your legal status and walking away from the corrupt systems of control.  Today we’re going to flip the script and discuss how people who are entrenched in the system can use legal and financial Jiu Jitsu to shepherd resources from within the financial and legal infrastructure to enhance their own financial and personal independence.

Most of us understand very well how the banks use debt as a weapon to control and subjugate the majority of the population and entire nations for that matter.

Similarly, the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission which regulates securities, investments, the financial markets, hedge funds, etc. has such an entangled  web of regulations that only the rich who can afford stables of attorneys can successfully navigate them to get richer.  The little people without large legal teams typically get caught in the web and the regs are used to put them in prison for daring to be successful.

It’s easy to understand what then presidential candidate Donald Trump meant when in one of the televised debates he pronounced what many of us already knew when he said that, ’the system is rigged’.

At this point it might be appropriate to remind ourselves of Einstein’s famous equation of: E = MC squared.   For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So now let’s explore the ‘reaction’ to the rigged system and how that might work for you or someone you know.

In the never ending quest for truth and practical solutions for escaping the chains that bind us, the Lighthouse Law Club has now established a relationship with a financial consultant who can help our members do some amazing things.

Have you ever heard of a ‘non-recourse loan’?  ‘Non-recourse’ meaning that if you take out the loan, there is no recourse against you to pay it back.    Don’t worry, yes, the loan does get paid back, but the repayment doesn’t come from you!

The concept is simple:  A majority of the loan proceeds go into an investment which generates enough of a gain to pay back the loan, leaving you with the surplus without any obligation

The elements to this system include the following;


The Credit System: 

One could easily argue that the system of credit scores used in a false monetary system is useful for keeping people down and out as much as it is to reward those who have good behavior with the bankers.  We will use it in our favor.


The Banking System:

With debt being used as the modern day weapon of choice to conquer entire nations, the banking system will be used for our purposes to advance our cause.


The Financial Regulatory System:

While the morass of regulations is used to keep most players ‘out’ of the system, our consultant has successfully navigated this swamp and has properly established his own private hedge fund to serve our objectives.

The formula is simple.  Let’s use a generic example of an actual recent case for illustration purposes.

A successful professional with a good credit score of 800+ and a good provable income works through our consultant to obtain bank loans of $660,000.  By agreement with the consultant, the loan proceeds are invested into the registered private hedge fund which has a long and successful track record of earning substantial profits.

The consultant agrees to pay the client 1% of the total loan proceeds each and every month for a period of time.  In this case that was $6,600 USD extra monthly income for the client which he used to pay his childrens’ college education, and more.

The hedge fund earns enough in profits to pay off the bank loan(s) and there is no recourse to the client.

The same can be done with companies which have good credit and cash flow to qualify for the loans.

The amount of the loans obtained is entirely dependent on the credit and cash flow of the client as a matter of ‘qualification’.

The consultant can work with clients to improve their credit score and thus qualify for higher loan amounts but that takes some time.

Surely you can start to imagine the possibilities.

So what we’ve done here is use the very same system which oppresses so many people and we've used its own energy and impetus to turn the tables and be a portal to a higher level of independence which is directly opposed to the creators of the system.

Think of the causes and projects which could be funded using this strategy.

I should also mention that our consultant doesn’t charge any fees up front.  Zip.  Nada.  His benefit comes on the back end from what the hedge fund can do which should lend itself to a vote of confidence in the system.

If you don’t see yourself being in this position to qualify, perhaps you know someone who would qualify and you could negotiate a ‘win-win’ situation for yourself.  As a law club affiliate, you’d make nearly $500 just on the membership referral alone.

Qualified members of the Lighthouse Law Club are entitled to a free introduction. 

Think of the possibilities. 

I trust you will benefit in one way or another.
















If you're a 'regular' you've likely seen various articles and/or videos we've produced warning you about the dangers of keeping much money in the bank, in the stock market or in traditional investment vehicles.  You can read about the current and coming market correction to your heart's delight elsewhere.  Since you're already here, we presume you're already informed and well aware of the risks and paradigm shifts going on in the markets. Since we're all about solutions, let's get to it. 

The advantages at a glance:

  • - Storage of gold, silver, platinum and palladium
  • - Direct property of the deposited good
  • - Possibility of retrieval of the lot size mentioned at all times
  • - Segregated storage also possible
  • - Storage outside of the banking system
  • - Guaranteed authenticity of all deposited precious metals
  • - Fungibility and liquidity of the precious metals
  • - Acceptability of the warehouse receipts as collateral
  • - Easy transferability through simple endorsement
  • - Maximum discretion with regard to the client's data
  • - Free-of-VAT endorsement of silver in the bonded warehouse

How does it work?

MMG offers its trust clients the opportunity to have trust corpus safely stored as precious metals in Switzerland. As evidence of ownership we receive a negotiable warehouse receipt guaranteeing the retrieval of the precious metals at all times…

The precious metals are stored in high-security vaults in Switzerland, entirely independent of the banking system. The internal controlling system (ICS) is certified according to the international standard ISAE 3402.

The negotiable warehouse receipt

The Swiss cantons of Uri and Zurich officially authorized our partner to issue documents of title according to the Swiss Code of Obligations. These documents of title are issued as negotiable warehouse receipts. They are freely transferable by simple endorsement. They are traded like commodities and are not regarded as marketable securities.  Thus, they can be transported across borders and not reported because they have no face monetary value.  Only a weight value of the commodity is represented on the certificate. 

The renowned audit firm BDO AG audits the accordance of the issued warehouse receipts with the goods in stock twice a year. 


We can retrieve the metal at any time or we can also sell the warehouse receipt directly to the authorized dealers at current market prices for liquidity.

Thus we gain maximum fungibility and liquidity of the precious metals and keep the unrestricted security of property of the physical metal.


Absolute Privacy

As a client of MMG Trust Services or as a Global Entrepreneur member of the Lighthouse, arrangements can be made by the trustee to have the certificate issued in the name of the trustee from the account of the trustee.  The certificate can then be assigned and endorsed to be used for the intended purposes of the trust client.  The endorsed certificate is 100% negotiable and fungible at all times.  It can be used as collateral for a loan.


With this kind of privacy, protection and security, why would you have your nest egg anywhere else?  


Become a Global Entrepreneur member now and get smart about your future!

The Monaco Mangement Group (MMG.World)





We all have decisions to make every day as we prioritize tasks, responsibilities, people, and events in our lives.  It often comes down to a decision of weighing the long-term value versus the immediate sacrifice we must make in making those decisions. 


This is especially true when it involves managing a limited budget and balancing both personal and business needs. 


We often tend to put off making the more important (larger expenditure) decisions thinking that somehow things will change soon making the decision easier, less risky or less of a sacrifice. 


Let me share with you how I use a 'cutting board' to help me with such decisions.  I've found that this method helps me to make the right decisions most all of the time. 


So one day I was in the kitchen section of a department store looking to buy a cutting board for my new home.  I quickly found the cutting boards and there was quite an assortment to choose from.  When I first arrived at the store, in my mind this was a no-brainer, just a simple thing.   I expected to find what I wanted quickly and spend about $10, get in and get out, like I always do. 


Upon reviewing the assortment in front of me to choose from, all of a sudden it wasn't such a simple thing anymore.   There was plastic, laminated bamboo, teak, small, medium, large, different designs and of course different prices.    Hmmm.  


I found the one I had envisioned in my mind when I first came looking.  It was smallish, simple and cost $10.  Just what I thought I was looking for.  But this other one which I really liked was quite a bit larger, was flat on one side and had a groove around it to catch meat juices on the other side and cost $40 which was not what I  originally wanted to spend for such a simple thing. 


I began thinking about how I would use it and what practical value each one really had.  I'd look at one, and then the other.  I'd think about the price and then I'd think about the long-term benefits and my original thinking was really being challenged by this new option I was looking at. 


I thought to myself, 'I'm thinking about the price today because I didn't intend on spending $40 when I came in.   But this bigger one is very nice and I'd surely be getting much more value out of it each and every day that I used it, possibly for the rest of my life.   In the future, when I'm enjoying using it, I won't be thinking about the price, only how I enjoy using it.  The price consideration is only something I'll be dealing with for today.  


So I bought the $40 cutting board.  I enjoy using it almost every day and I've never thought about the price again after that first consideration.  That has left my mind.  All that remains for me to deal with now is the 'value' I continue to receive. 


We can use this example when making other purchase decisions.  For example, the Full Membership and the Global Entrepreneur Membership to the Lighthouse Law Club are quite a bit more costly than an ice cream cone but the ice cream cone will be gone in 5 minutes and offer no more value despite the easy price.   Choosing one Lighthouse membership or the other is a commitment.  But when put into the context of the long-term impact that either one of these will have on the results you achieve for the rest of your life, the cost is a bargain in view of the long-term value one can receive, just like the 'Cutting Board'. 


I hope that helps!