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What's the value? 


In this article I want to provide a very clear and unequivocal reply to those people who, are rare but they do pop up consistently, and ask questions like; 


- If you are so successful in what you're doing, why do you charge? 

- Why would you charge me to help me obtain my freedom?  

- If you are so successful in changing your status, you should have a boatload of money, so why do you charge?  Show me proof of your success!  


So in view of the above, I offer the following list of responses from which you can choose and select one which is suitable for your tastes and purposes.  Mind you, I have not shared any of my raw thoughts in an effort to keep this article suitable for all ages!  cool


Response #1:  We are running a business, not a charity. 


Response #2:  People assign a value relative to what they paid for it.  If they paid -0-, that would be the relative value to many and they'd squander what they have as a result for lack of sacrifice or appreciation for what they have. 


Response #3:  If you were in the market for a high end Mercedes car, you'd pay full value and 'LOVE THE CAR' and be so thankful to have it.  Do you not LOVE your freedom and a life of peace and prosperity equally?   Why on earth would you expect not to pay for it? 


Response #4:   Get out your pen and pad and run some figures.  What's the cash value of a lifetime of sacrifice, education, money spent to gain the knowledge and experience to be in a position to offer what the Lighthouse offers?   What's the cash value of a year and a half spent in prison and gaining that experience and insights which that brings to the forefront?  What's the value of a complete education in business trusts which has sold on the open market for $10,000 or more per client?  What's the value of creating a virtual library of hundreds of pages after filtering, selecting and creating the material to begin with so that you can easily access it and save years of your life not having to learn it the hard way?  Let's just say that a well researched video edited with production value, graphics, music, finely edited script, video shots etc. takes 3 or 4 days to produce.  You have 50+ of those videos already available to you for free.  What the cash value of that?  What's the cash value of being in a position to never fear or be touched by the IRS again?  What's the cash value of having step by step private coaching teaching you to create multiple streams of cash flow so you're never dependent on a JOB again?


And I could go on for some time on this theme.  Now what figure did you come up with?  Add it up and write it down.  Compare that to what we ask for membership.  And you're complaining about the pittance we ask to help offset the costs for making all this work for you?  Seriously? 


Response #5:   OK I get it.  You want 'Free Stuff'!  Here's your FREE STUFF: 

a) The book I wrote, organized, edited, published and made available at my own expense for your download:  How I Beat Satan...And the IRS is free.

b) Many Months of  hard work and sacrifice in providing you with 50+ videos for your benefit, are free! 

c) Several newsletters I write are all FREE! 

d) Intensive and detailed training on how to build an internet business is FREE! 

e) A sophisticated and profitable Affiliate Program is FREE! 

f) The 'My Liberty' cell phone App I created and maintain at my expense, to keep you informed on the go, is FREE!

How is that?  Does that make you happy?  What more would you like 'for free'? 


Response #6:  So you want 'Proof' of this, that or the other.  OK.  

First of all, just because one person is able to accomplish something doesn't mean that you'll be able to do the same.  There are many reasons for this. Each person has his or her own case and has his or her own skills, talents, understanding and capabilities (or lack thereof).  As soon as we offered 'proof' of one thing or another, people would take that as a guarantee that they could achieve the same thing and they'd be pissed at us and use us as the scapegoat for their own personal shortcomings or mistakes.  NOT going to happen.  The law club is about education, gaining knowledge and networking with like minded people.  We don't need to 'Prove' that.  What you do with the resources here is entirely up to you! 


Response #7:  For some reason some people seem to think that we're sitting on top of a pile of cash, gold and signed blank checks.   Do you always operate on unfounded conclusions which are based on assumptions and presumptions like this?  What makes you think that?  We've never given any indication or inference of such a thing. 


Response #8:   We'd be more than happy to offer everything we do, at our expense and great sacrifice.  All we'd ask is that you provide the means to pay all our bills for servers, IT services, support, hosting, content creation, admin, banking, legal, corporate infrastructure pay the staff and everything else, plus provide a decent lifestyle as the reward for all the sacrifice.  We'll be looking for your proposal.  You have our email! 


Response #9:  If the membership is out of reach financially for you, that's why we created our Digital Nomad training program to teach you how to build an internet business with multiple streams of income. Again....FREE!  That will help your poor economic condition.


Response #10: In addition to the Digital Nomad FREE business training, I've also created a FREE Affiliate program to help you generate some quick cash to earn your membership with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET!    

Response #11: 
If you don't want to work a little to earn the membership, then we have a 'Payment Plan' for you.  Get the Pathfinder membership with a partial payment and you have six months to make up the balance!


Response #12:  What you have in the Lighthouse is more than knowledge gained from a lifetime of experience and sacrifice of the founder, but also from all of the other members.  So if you could learn in 1 or 2 years, what has taken many lifetimes of sacrifice to gain by others, if you could shorten that learning curve from many lifetimes, to 1 or 2 years for yourself, what is the value of that?


Have I made myself clear?  I've done everything possible to bring you more value than anyone could possibly expect (with a clean conscience!) and if you don't have the money now, you have the opportunity to generate it or pay it later.  


What else would you like us to do?   With what you have available here, there are no more excuses for you not to be a member or involved in one way or another and working in that direction. 


Yes, you have the Mercedes Benz luxury sedan of knowledge, education and guidance here.  And you're only paying 2%-3% of it's true value.   That's not a 'Bargain'.   It's a 'Steal'!!! 

If you can appreciate that, then you should join now and don't waste a minute. 


If you still want to complain and won't pay for it and won't even take advantage of our free tools and programs to work for it then I'll leave you with... 


...Response #12:   It's a free market.  We're not for you (and vice versa).  Please go get the help you need from your local welfare office and don't bother us.  We are productive, self reliant, independent minded problem solvers and, let's face it,  you quite honestly don't belong here.   But thanks for your interest anyway! 





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We're Trying to Help You Benefit from Membership! 


We're happy to announce our new 'Lay Away Plan' for the Constitutional Commando Membership!

It works like this:

You start at the Pathfinder membership level with a $500 deposit, or more. 

You have a full six months to make up the balance of $1000 for the Constitutional Commando 'Full' membership.

To help you with this, our new affiliate program offers you commissions of a full 30% which will be applied to your membership balance.  That could be $150, $450 or $1,185 on one referral, depending on the membership.  So if you work this properly, you won't have to come out of pocket with anything more than your initial deposit!   Sweet!

In the meantime, while you're taking care of business in getting your upgrade taken care of, while you're not a full member yet, you will immediately start receiving in depth and powerful information and training with one lesson per week delivered to you via email.  This will keep you plenty busy preparing yourself for real freedom.  Then once you upgrade to full member, you'll be able to log in to the members area and enjoy all the benefits and resources available as a Constitutional Commando.

To get started...follow these steps... 


1) . Fill out our questionnaire online.

2) . Make your deposit 

3) . Become an affiliate and be sure to sign up for the private coaching sessions & training! 

Take advantage of it now!  

* If you fail to complete the requested donations in full for any reason, it will be donated to a local charity serving the poor.  There will be no refunds. 





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Pop Quiz:



Which one is more suitable for framing?
The ugly one with poor resolution, bad background and white faced Nigel...with Mark in it
Or the sharp photo with golden background, tanned  (now semi-retired) Nigel and D.J. in it?  
(OK, don't answer that!)
When I saw this photo of Nigel with Trump I couldn't resist.
Surely you know who Nigel Farage is: Field General of the historic UK Brexit vote, later to become the inspiration for Trump's revolution.  I met with him at a conference a couple years ago in Chile of all places and we had a good chat.  Little did I know at the time how famous he would become.  But after hearing him speak about the tyranny of the EU and his ideas on liberty and self determination and then talking with him for awhile personally, I told him directly that I would have to ask my hero Ron Paul (whom I also met with at this same conference) to move the pedestal I put him up on, over, to make room for my newly appointed hero, Nigel!  
You should do a YouTube search on him and watch some of his speeches to the EU Parliament and its President Junker.   Nigel rips him a new 'one' time and time again and after years of being belittled and laughed at in the EU Parliament for being the lone wolf crybaby who wouldn't go along with the hegemony of the EU experiment in tyranny and global control, Nigel finally had his day.  After he won the Brexit vote in June last year, he literally told them, "...Well you're not laughing now are you?!"
His clips are worth watching if you want to see a modern day Paul Revere standing up all alone to the powers that be, and going toe to toe with the Goliath.  And of course in the end...he won a historic victory just as David did!  
Let that be a lesson for all of us.  To have no fear.  Stand up for what's right no matter how the odds might look. 
Look around the internet.  All you see are stories of how Trump is facing disaster, they'll crash the economy on him, Obama is setting up a shadow government of Soros funded chaos with Black Lives Matter types nationwide, and many even calling for outright assassination!  It's an outright civil war already in progress!  It just hasn't gotten bloody yet.
Trump too is standing up for what's right, against all odds, risking his very life in doing so.  But don't worry.  God has a plan for Trump and is using him. All the plans against Trump will fail. You'll see.  Trump will lead the nations of the world back to common sense and honor, against all odds,  for the glory of God.  Don't laugh.  Just wait and watch! 
If you're not already aware, do a search for 'Trump Prophesies' in YouTube.  That'll keep you busy for awhile. 
Let this be a lesson in encouragement and standing up for what's right against all the odds and letting FAITH get you over fear and through to victory! 
We're living in historic times.  The sheep are being separated from the goats.  Don't be in the wrong group! 
Have a great week! 
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Defending Freedom is a Personal Responsibility


As Benjamin Franklin was walking out of Independence Hall in Philadelphia after signing the new constitution for the united States of America he was asked, "What have you brought us?"  As you know, he replied, "A republic,  if you can keep it!"


Those words are so telling.  Folks, the world has just been pulled back from the brink of losing the last bastion of freedom, the last hope for the world as it has come within an inch of it's life in the recent election.  If it weren't for purely divine providence and protection to deliver president elect Trump from the onslaught of lies, deception, trickery, theft, fraud and other dastardly deeds, America right now would already be lost forever.  With it, would be the hope for freedom in the rest of the world.  Folks, we came within a breath of the death for freedom, and we're not out of the woods yet.  There is much work to be done.  The battle is only 'engaged'.   It is not by any means, over!


Trump is only one man.  He is emblematic of a global movement, as is Nigel Farage and others.  A general is nothing without an army to lead.  To win this war each of us needs to take on the mantle of 'truth warrior' and stand up and defend our inherent God given rights to life, liberty and prosperity.  There are still minions of evil in every corner in your local area.


This is where you come in.  We each must be engaged on the battlefield of ideas and help each other to strengthen our knowledge and intellectual capacity to be able to defend freedom and our futures, individually and collectively.

I can help you in that regard.  The Law Club has created an App which every freedom loving prosperity seeker must have on their phone.  Whenever you hear someone complain about; that traffic ticket they just got, those exorbitant taxes, being charged for victimless crimes, being unjustly accused, imprisoned, fleeced, fined or f*cked with...that's an open door to have them get this App and start learning how to deny the unjust enrichment of the corporate government at our expense and put a wrench in the gears of the grist mill which chews each of us up on a daily basis.


Want freedom?  Get this App!  Share it with everyone you know.   Give it your rating and write a review and lets get on that battlefield. 




Search for 'My Liberty' App. in the Apple iTunes App Store


For Android, Click Here   or search for it in Google Play Store





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What If I'm from the U.K., France, Germany, Australia or elsewhere? 


We get this question all the time which is wonderful because freedom is becoming increasingly important to more people worldwide!   The 'Brexit' is the perfect example!  Way to go Brits!  The globalists are out in the open and not even trying to hide their dastardly deeds anymore.  They are trying to manipulate and just outright 'force' the people and nations of the world into accepting total serfdom, poverty and tyranny without question.  This is a global movement and we need EVERYONE involved. 


To answer the question consider this: most every legislative code in the western world emanates originally from the Mosaic code (the bible).   From this, over time, certain maxims of law have been universally developed and recognized as unalterable truths.  These maxims of law, however they are represented in your own national legislative code, are fundamental to all people and nearly all legal systems worldwide.  The national codification and language used is different, but the maxims and 'substance' remain the same for all, generally speaking. 


Now, enter stage left, commercial law.  The 'Lex Mercantoria' or law merchant has evolved as the global 'common law'.  Since we all need to do business with one another, the law merchant, in admiralty under the law of the flag and the law of contracts has superimposed itself over everything we do and that includes how the local courts administer their business of fleecing the people. 


With this understanding, everything we do in the Lighthouse Law Club does, in fact, translate very well to what you are doing in the U.K, Germany, or wherever you are right now.   We currently have a small but active group of members from the U.K. working together to take some of our processes, and they research the U.K. equivalents in code and public administrative procedure so they can get expect to obtain the same or similar results.


So if you are from a country outside the USA, we encourage you to join, get some friends together and form a small group of friends or like minded freedom lovers, learn what we are doing and do a little research to apply it in a meaningful way for your country.   You have a chance to be trailblazers, pioneers and potentially heroes to your countrymen by leading the way to fight globalism, tyranny and the machinations of control of the masses!  

I hope that answers the common question we get all the time! b2ap3_thumbnail_flags.jpg 

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