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Things aren't adding up if you ask me...




I'm going to go on record with what I've been saying for a long time.  People all over are calling for Jeff Sessions to resign.  He's not done anything to drain the swamp, etc. etc. 


Could it be, just on a wishful hunch (or perhaps more) that they (Trump, Sessions & DOJ) are giving the appearance of 'foot dragging' or even 'protecting' as  'sleight of hand' in order to buy time, when in the course of the master plan it would be ill advised to release too much too soon and they already have all they need (ropes included) to nail these demons in one fell swoop 'at the proper time'.  You don't start the drama until 'the stage is set'.    Just because Judicial Watch doesn't have what they want from their court document requests and FOIA's, doesn't mean that the entire dossier isn't sitting on top of Trump's desk in the study of his residence in Mar Lago.


Everyone knows that the DOJ and FBI are full of deep state plants, spies and operatives.  Only an 'unqualified, mentally unstable' idiot would operate out in the open showing his hand to his admitted enemies.  But hey 'dim(dem)-wits!  History will show that Trump is the most intelligent and proAmerican president since George Washington!  Mark my words whether you want to admit it or not!  


Think about this... People were horrified when Sessions was beefing up 'asset forfeiture and seizure laws' last year.  Is it coincidence that Trump's executive order of a couple weeks ago, declaring national emergency with authority to seize all assets involved in corruption and human trafficking rests to a large degree on 'Asset seizure and forfeiture'?  Hmm.  Do you think there might be a link there?


Is it likely that one of Trump's first appointments in Jeff Sessions, would be so inept and even contrary to Trump's campaign promises which he vowed to honor for the American people and Trump just blissfully ignores the 'apparent' incompetence relating to a matter which is central to the survival of the country?   Is it even in the realm of logic, competence and coherence that Sessions is more pre-occupied with marijuana (as he appears)  than he is about the internal takeover of our country leading to it's permanent death if he fails?  It doesn't add up.  something else is going on.  I'm betting on the fact that we're going to see the biggest and most successful 'sting' operation in the history of the world. I'm getting my blanket and popcorn to get a good seat for the fireworks!

Sun Tzu is quoted in his famous 'Art of War':  "Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance"


And remember Teddy Roosevelt's famous quote... "In politics...there is always a reason for circumstances to exist!"  


Think about it.









How to Survive the Days Ahead




The signs are all around us; chemtrails, newborns being required to get 26 vaccines, the rollout of the implantable chip, FEMA camps are now not only public knowledge but the core staffs are active and in place, weather modification and engineered disasters, poison in the food and water, political prisoners continue to be held despite ‘full acquittals’, the word ‘Jesus’ and ‘USA’ are now deemed ‘offensive’ and banned from public use, militarized police, SWAT teams over use conditioning us to accept this as something ‘normal’, ’Jade-Helm’ exercises going live and the list goes on, and on, and on.

Only an ignorant fool could be unaware of the signs of the times.

According to DHS documents, you are a ‘Domestic Terrorist’ if you fall into any of the following categories; 

  • - Ron Paul supporter
  • - Believe in the Second Amendment to the Constitution for the u.S. of A. 
  • - Support the Constitution for the u.S. of A. 
  • - Believe in and live according to the Bible

So if you land on a ‘target list’ then you can expect some of this: A Homeland Security office says it plans to review the privacy implications of using drones to monitor U.S. citizens.  That means law enforcement could monitor Americans in their backyards, cars, or at political gatherings in ways that would not have been possible before.  By the way, predator drones have facial recognition software, can be programmed to be fully autonomous, and can track your cell phone and intercept your emails. What will you fight back with if and when you are placed on the MIAC terrorist watch list and they come for you? 

Sorry, but your internet browsing history, attendance at church and Facebook have already implicated you.  You're on 'the' list! 

Surely you haven’t forgotten that the Obama administration purchased 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition along with 2700 armored personnel carriers, have you?   Normal citizens have  accidentally discovered uncountable hundreds of thousands, or more, multi-body coffins stacked high in various locations, all near FEMA camps.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that Program 1033 would resume providing ex-military equipment to police organizations, including university police departments.

“…Program 1033 has been running since the 1990s but was stopped two years ago by President Obama. Part of the program’s initial aim was for “use in drug enforcement by federal and state law enforcement.” As we well know, the “war on drugs” has been an abysmal failure.”

Two universities, Hinds Community College and University of Central Florida, in defiance of all that is sane and logical, obtained grenade launchers. A 2014 report states that 930 guns were provided in total to 87 different universities.


Let’s be clear.  A purge is coming and the goats will soon be separated from the sheep.

What can you do about it?

You can start living with these principles;

  1. - Be prepared to ditch your smart phone.  Get an old fashioned basic flip phone with a pre-paid SIM chip purchased by someone else to use when needed.  Keep the smart phone active and powered up with location services ‘on’ to use as a decoy when you bug out without it. 
  2. - Always keep location services to ‘off’ on computers or other devices you use. 
  3. - If you’re in a city:  GET THE HELL OUT!  Cities are easy to control with traffic choke points, control or disruptions of distribution channels can restrict your food, electric, medicine and other supplies.  Water can also be easily controlled. 
  4. - If you’re in the USA:  GET THE HELL OUT! Or at least be prepared to when the SHTF.   
  5. - No matter how hungry or thirsty you might be in an emergency, NEVER go to a FEMA ‘Relief Center’ aka ‘Death Camp’
  6. - Change your identity and identity documents. See Change your Legal Status - Practical Matters
  7. - Get off the databases and disappear in plain sight. See THE PRIVATE TRAVELLER video workshop.
  8. - Have at least a 60-90 day supply of food, water and medicine stored in a safe place you can get to quickly, or packed up ready to ‘bug out’
  9. - Have at least 60-90 days of living expenses stored in cash, silver or gold. 
  10. - Have an independent cash flow which is NOT location dependent. See our Digital Nomad free training program.
  11. - Create a landing pad in a safe haven which can be used for ‘leisure’ in good times, or ‘escape’ in hard times.
  12. - Have an alternative to the banking system.  Get out of traditional banking where you can be controlled, monitored and manipulated.

This is only a ‘starter list’ but all can be accomplished with your membership in the Lighthouse Law Club.

Your life could depend on it.  What’s that worth? 




Put on your sunglasses. 
The light will be going on! 


If you follow any news at all you know very well that the globalist elite leaders have been trying their best to destroy western civilization for the past 6 years or more with uncontrolled immigration.  Volumes have been written on that subject and that's not the point of this article.


Put aside the politics, the globalist agenda, the social ramifications, the economic arguments for cheap labor and all that rhetoric a moment.  You know all that already.  Books can be written on that and have been.


Now, shift your mindset to what we are learning and what we know (or should know) about how the Birth Certificate is the first of multitudes of documents created in YOUR NAME, with full faith and credit, which are converted into security instruments and each one is traded in the financial markets for millions of dollars apiece!


Now, look at all those nice people, coming in waves over the border with warm Homeland Security buses waiting to take them to their new homes in the breadbasket of the USA.  Welcome!  Come one!  Come all!


Aside from the social engineering benefits to destroy the western world, here's why....


If you were a globalist, you'd be thinking that each one of these nice people is going to have a;


- social security card - 'cha-ching!'

- green card - 'cha-ching!'

- drivers license - 'cha-ching!'

- EBT card - 'cha-ching!'

- perhaps a military ID  - 'cha-ching!'

- perhaps a passport eventually - 'Cha-ching!'

- voter ID - 'cha-ching!'

- and more!


And really, who cares if they are criminals and will terrorize, kill and maim others?  Our eugenics plan with vaccines, gmo's, chemtrails, big pharma and the AMA,  will get them sooner or later anyway, so that doesn't matter!  Think of the trillion$ we can make off of the millions of immigrants, legal or otherwise and all the securities they will generate for us!  Come!  We have Nice apartments with food, liquor, tattoos, and big screen TV's for you.   No problem! 


Get it?

Our members are learning how to tap into these 'stolen securities' which are worth millions and flip from being the 'debtor and surety' to answer to all 'charges' and instead become the 'creditor and beneficiary' and reclaim those accounts, so we can 'at least' live as well as the immigrants!  (if not a whole lot better!) 


Knowledge is Power.  Grab it while you can!   Join the law club!







The Future is Not at all Rosy. You Need a Plan! 


It doesn't take but one visit to Facebook or YouTube to be inundated with actual news which shows us (the world and the USA especially) with an increasing likelihood of having some very serious cataclysms in the days ahead.  We are already seeing the sparks ignite.  Whether we are talking the collapse of the dollar, being replaced as the world reserve currency, which is already happening, or if we're talking economic collapse and depression, or if we're talking domestic terrorism from ISIS infiltrators, or if we're talking false flag attacks being used in the Black Lives Matter artificial race war, or if we're talking false flag attacks being used to blame Christian patriots to start a civil war against the militia, or if we're talking open rebellion against the 26 mandatory vaccines babies are required to have, or so many other things we could list here, 'Something' is going to light the powder keg and it looks like it'll be sooner rather than later. 

In the bigger picture, the cabal is working overtime trying to start a world war.  We have the conflict over the 'new' Chinese islands in the south Paciific.  We have Russia threatening North Korea.  NATO and the CIA are stirring things up in Ukraine, the Mid-East and Syria is a powder keg ready to explode with tactical nukes ready in standby for the  orders.  Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey the USA and others are all involved.

When the keg gets lit, what will you do?  You could very easily be in the middle of the fire.   Even if you're not, how will the fire disrupt the transportation, fuel and supply lines that you depend on?

Here is one particular article, out of hundreds we could choose from, which seems to have very real possibilities.  If the cabal doesn't assassinate Donald Trump, which would be too obvious, they could take care of him in a more subtle way.  That would be to wait until he is president, which looks likely, and then have all of their terrorist assets inside the USA start unleashing their terror in the USA and cause mass hysteria to leave him no other option that to declare martial law himself to try to save the country!   Read a full article on this here. 

The point is this:  If you live in the states, you need to get out while you still can.  No more beating around the bush.  YOU NEED TO GET OUT!

Join the Law Club to learn the ins and outs of setting up an escape route.   The time is NOW! 

Have a look at the MEMBERSHIP page and start your planning! 









Why Panama might be considered as a strong 'Bug Out' option!


Since the turn of the century Panama has significantly outpaced its latin American neighbors in economic growth and has become a veritable international center for business, finance, tourism and expat relocation.  The natural beauty and bio-diversity of the beaches, islands, mountains and 'the interior' are complemented by one of the most modern and beautiful progressive cities in the world.  

The warm tropical climate and year around growing season means there are always local fruits and vegetables 'in season'.  The proximity to two oceans make seafood plentiful.  And the popularity with northerners and Europeans means that there is almost somebody nearby who 'speaks your language'!   The national language is Spanish of course  but English is quickly becoming the second language in the business community and among educated Panamanians.

There is a culture shock for newcomers and the level of service and general attitude of the 'locals' leaves plenty to be desired. It will test your ability to control your blood pressure.  For this reason Panama may not be a permanent solution for relocation.   However, the way things are going in the world, it's only a 3.5 hour flight from Houston, Atlanta or Miami and is easy to get to.  It currently uses the US dollar so there are no currency exchange considerations at the moment for Americans.

I would recommend Panama as a quick, temporary 'Bug-Out' landing pad for a year or two.  From here you have a launching pad and have direct flights to Europe and South America where you can explore other opportunities for an expat life in the long term, or merely a quick bug-out option, should you desire and the need ever arise. 

Here is an excerpt from an article discussing how Panama is growing stronger economically in the midst of global economic chaos. 

"The slump in raw materials prices that has hurt Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia is leaving Central America unscathed.

The region (Central America) is bucking a trend of sluggish growth in the rest of Latin America as cheaper crude prices cut its fuel bills and faster growth
in the U.S. boosts remittances and tourist spending. The region will grow by 4.2 percent this year, led by Panama’s 6.3 percent expansion,
according to forecasts from the International Monetary Fund. That compares to an 0.8 percent growth forecast for Latin America as a whole."