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Immigration - What they're NOT telling you.


Put on your sunglasses. 
The light will be going on! 


If you follow any news at all you know very well that the globalist elite leaders have been trying their best to destroy western civilization for the past 6 years or more with uncontrolled immigration.  Volumes have been written on that subject and that's not the point of this article.


Put aside the politics, the globalist agenda, the social ramifications, the economic arguments for cheap labor and all that rhetoric a moment.  You know all that already.  Books can be written on that and have been.


Now, shift your mindset to what we are learning and what we know (or should know) about how the Birth Certificate is the first of multitudes of documents created in YOUR NAME, with full faith and credit, which are converted into security instruments and each one is traded in the financial markets for millions of dollars apiece!


Now, look at all those nice people, coming in waves over the border with warm Homeland Security buses waiting to take them to their new homes in the breadbasket of the USA.  Welcome!  Come one!  Come all!


Aside from the social engineering benefits to destroy the western world, here's why....


If you were a globalist, you'd be thinking that each one of these nice people is going to have a;


- social security card - 'cha-ching!'

- green card - 'cha-ching!'

- drivers license - 'cha-ching!'

- EBT card - 'cha-ching!'

- perhaps a military ID  - 'cha-ching!'

- perhaps a passport eventually - 'Cha-ching!'

- voter ID - 'cha-ching!'

- and more!


And really, who cares if they are criminals and will terrorize, kill and maim others?  Our eugenics plan with vaccines, gmo's, chemtrails, big pharma and the AMA,  will get them sooner or later anyway, so that doesn't matter!  Think of the trillion$ we can make off of the millions of immigrants, legal or otherwise and all the securities they will generate for us!  Come!  We have Nice apartments with food, liquor, tattoos, and big screen TV's for you.   No problem! 


Get it?

Our members are learning how to tap into these 'stolen securities' which are worth millions and flip from being the 'debtor and surety' to answer to all 'charges' and instead become the 'creditor and beneficiary' and reclaim those accounts, so we can 'at least' live as well as the immigrants!  (if not a whole lot better!) 


Knowledge is Power.  Grab it while you can!   Join the law club!







    osiris053 Saturday, 11 March 2017

    Thank you for voicing this truth. Further, since reading the material available on this site, I have realized that our paper dollars are not backed by nothing. Just paper dollars printed out of thin air. They do have backing, just not gold or silver. They are backed by us, starting with the birth certificate, then countless other documents that we are "required to have". The National debt is a farce. The National debt is offset by our credit. Slave paper money. What an amazing system. so many people out of work, or struggling to make ends meet, when in reality, they have an untapped wealth that is almost limitless. If Americans realized this in mass and took back their identity, we would end the dominance of a few frightened parasites, called globalists, elites, Illuminati, Popes, monarch's, or whatever name you want.


COM_EASYBLOG_GUEST Saturday, 23 September 2023