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Alternative Financial Solutions in the Digital Age




Will you continue giving these guys power over you?  Or will you seek Private Asset Management and alternative financial providers?


If you who work hard, own anything, are an entrepreneur or business owner and are trying to build a future for your family,  you are currently at risk of being plundered and losing all or a great part of the fruits of your labor.  You’re in deep trouble whether you know it or not and had better pay close attention.


In the days; 


…when bankrupt governments are seizing the personal assets of it’s citizens at a frenzied pace, with no justifiable or legitimate cause other than those they can ‘invent’,


…when globalist policies want to take more of your money using poorly disguised excuses such as ‘carbon taxes’, ‘global U.N. taxes’ on your phone bill or other nefarious attempts at distraint,


…when fake liens and illegal garnishments and seizures routinely take place without due process,


…when the laws are being modified to make your bank deposits the private property of the banksters relegating you the depositor to the status of a mere ‘unsecured creditor’, and


…when bank executives place high risk bets with your money in the derivatives markets (which are poised to collapse) and overextend their reserves and liquidity ratios to dangerously precarious levels which threaten the very existence of the bank, and


…when it is widely known that some of the biggest banks are known money launderers for the drug cartels, and


…when it is also widely known that the FDIC could only handle a small fraction of a percent of accountholders in the event of crisis, and


…when the banks operate with reckless abandon knowing they are ‘too big to fail’ and any mistakes, losses and/or financial disasters which they cause will be paid for by the taxpayers anyway, and


…when lies, theft and criminal corruption become standard operating procedure because no bankers have ever been held accountable or gone to jail despite criminal convictions of fraud and abuse of their clients…then...


… you know you’re entire financial life, financial future and everything you’ve ever worked for is in ‘Deep Do-Do’! 


When it is common street knowledge that the biggest liars, thieves and crooks are the bankers and their government co-conspirators who back them up, you know it’s time to start dis-associating yourself from that mob and find ways to protect and preserve your financial arrangements and everything you’ve worked for. 




With that in mind…. let’s dream a little bit about what a perfect solution might look like. 


In our dream, we might envision….


….dealing in non-fiat currencies which are not debt instruments of depreciating value and instead deal only in assets which are appreciating or holding their value,


…such assets are not controlled or tracked by any central bankers or governments yet are still universally accepted and used for trade purposes globally.


…dealing in these currencies and assets which means they are typically not reportable nor subject to seizure or garnishment.


….managing our affairs through private international trusts which offer extraordinary privacy and asset protection.


…having a series of trusts established to completely avoid probate and create an inheritance for your family which lawyers cannot touch or rob in probate!


…using the same trusts for business succession planning so there would never be any transfers required in the event of your demise and thus, never any ‘taxable event’ would occur.


…having assets held what could be a multi-national portfolio of holdings of assets, out of reach of the robber barons in local jurisdictions.


…being able to manage various fiat cash accounts, crypto currencies, precious metals and private business funds all from a single online account management platform which is more robust and secure than many if not most common internet banking programs.


…having a transparent and effective system of accountability and a verified audit trail including several layers of checks and balances with legal recourse for maximum integrity and security.


…having a completely anonymous ‘numbered’ account with a VISA debit card to use as a pass through and access to cash and monthly bill paying.


…being able to order an armored car to pick up cash deposits in almost any amount almost anywhere in the civilized world and credited to your international numbered account.


…having the flexibility to avail yourself of a financial network of over 400 specialized financial entities around the world which are a part of a service network at your disposal.



That would be a good  ‘dream’ wouldn’t it?


Except that it’s real and it’s coming very soon.


It’s not available to the public but only to members of the Lighthouse Law Club.


Once you are a Constitutional Commando member full details will emerge upon request.  This is highly private business.









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1) . Fill out our questionnaire online.

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Government has declared war against the people



Property Taxes are Theft from God and man.


In our previous blog post ‘Governments are Not Sovereign’ we discussed how Naboth refused to sell his land to king Ahab because it would violate God’s law and would alienate the inheritance he needs to leave for his family.  Naboth has a duty to preserve his family’s inheritance which honors them and God and is part and parcel to being a good steward of God’s blessings.


Naboth understood that the land was not his to sell.  It belonged to God.  God said: “the land shall not be sold forever, for the land is mine; for ye are strangers and sojourners with me”  Leviticus 25:23.


One of the most egregious affronts to God’s sovereignty is the property tax.  Government completely encroaches upon God’s sovereignty and completely destroys individual property rights by interposing itself as ‘the sovereign’ in place of God and making unlawful demands upon man and his property rights.


There is only one creator and possessor of the earth and it’s not ‘government’.  When government taxes property, it is, in essence, claiming ownership.  So in order to tax property, government must usurp the power and position of God which is a huge error and willful transgression.


Scripture makes it clear that everything in the earth belongs to the Lord.  Psalm 24:1-2 declares;


“ The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof, the work, and they that dwell therein.  For he hath founded it upon the seas and established it upon the floods.”


Government is ‘the created’.  It is created by and for the people who are the owners and controllers of government.   Therefore, we have to ask, how does the ‘created’ usurp the power over its master, the ‘creator’ who are the people and dispossess them of their property rights?


God created the land and he created man.  Man serves God.  Man created government to serve him.  So government is intended to be the servant to both  man and God.  This is the hierarchy of order.


When government claims sovereignty and ownership of property it has usurped the authority of its creator, man and ultimately man’s creator God.


Property taxes destroy property rights by setting up the confiscation of property.  It is nothing short of wicked robbery.   Robbery comes in the form of collecting unGodly and unlawful ‘tribute’ in addition to seizing the land and the inheritance of the people.  


It’s quite clear that when property can be taxed and seized for failure to pay the tax, there is no such thing as private property rights.  This system is nothing more than a modern day fiefdom where tenants are paying fealty to the king for use of the king’s land.   Fail to pay rent to the king and your ‘property rights’ are terminated!   It’s very simple.  Thus, the entire concept of private property ownership under this system is a complete fraud.   You have ‘tenancy’ not ownership.


Since the system is set up to always ensure the same end result, the only reasonable or logical conclusion one can draw is that robbery and control of the people, government’s master and creator, is the ultimate purpose and motive.


When people are dispossessed of their land which is their family’s inheritance, they then become more dependent on government to support them and are not in a position to argue any policies the government may have.  They either play to the tune of their government master, or the benefits they count on to survive, get cut off.   See how that works?


This is nothing short of insurrection and war against the republic, the people, their property, peace, prosperity and progeny.


In the end, through the forceful imposition of property taxes, government steals from God and man, which is a very bad place to be. 


“But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace…For such as be blessed of him shall inherit the earth; and they that be cursed of him shall be cut off…Wait on the LOES, and keep his way, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land: when the wicked are cut off, thou shalt see it.  I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree.  Yet he passed away, and lo, he was not: yea, I sought him but he could not be found.  Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.  But the transgressors shall be destroyed together: the end of the wicked shall be cut off.  But the salvation of the righteous is of the LORD; he is their strength in the time of trouble.”  - Psalm 37:11, 22, 34-39


Note:  Law Club members are studying the legal issues and procedures for removing property from the tax roles legally AND lawfully!  This study originates from one who has already done it! 




Our Inheritances Have Been Stolen by UnGodly Governments

Most anytime you want to hold government minions accountable for damages which they incur, they hide behind the cloak of ‘Sovereign Immunity’.  In other words, ‘You can’t sue the government!’.

With that in mind, let me share with you an interesting treatment of that subject as offered by Pastor John Weaver in his book: THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD AND CIVIL GOVERNMENT   Try and find it.  It's powerful! 


From Kings 21:2  - And Ahab spake unto Naboth, saying, give me thy vineyard that I may have it for a garden of herbs, because it is near unto my house: and I will give thee for it a better vineyard than it; or, if it seem good to thee, I will give thee the worth of it in money”

There is no such thing as “the divine right of kings.”  Machiavelli’s theory that “might makes right” is totally unbiblical.  There is no human government that possesses all authority, power, or jurisdiction.  God alone is sovereign; therefore, he alone possesses all power and authority.  Since God ordained and instituted government, He is the one that proscribes its limits.

Ahab the kind desired Naboth’s vineyard.  Why?  Because it was close to the palace and he desired it for a garden of herbs.  He offered Naboth a good deal.  He presented an offer to Naboth that would seemingly be impossible to refuse.  Either he would give Naboth a better vineyard or the worth of his vineyard in money.  The convenience and closeness of Naboth’s vineyard made it extremely desirable to attractive to Ahab.

Naboth blatantly refused the king’s offer.  He did so on biblical grounds: “...The Lord forbid it me, that I should give the inheritance of my fathers unto thee” (1 Kings 21:3). Naboth was not trying to drive a hard bargain.  Neither was he endeavoring to hold out for more money.   He was simply stating a biblical principle.  He could not lawfully or biblically sell the vineyard to Ahab.  God had divided the land among the tribes and God forbade the selling of the land outside the extended family except in cases of emergency.  Even in times of emergency, the land must be redeemed and brought back into the family or returned to the family in the year of jubilee.  Naboth was simply obeying God by refusing the king’s offer.

“The land shall not be sold forever: for the land is mine; for ye are strangers and sojourners with me.  And in all the land of your possession ye shall grant a redemption for the land.  If they brother be waxen poor, and hath sold away some of his possession, and if any of his kin come to redeem it, then shall he redeem that which his brother sold.  And if the man have none to redeem it, and himself be able to redeem it; Then let him count the years of the sale thereof, and restore the overplus unto the man to who he sold it; that he may return unto his possession.  But if he is not able to restore it to him, then that which is sold shall remain in the hand of him that hath bought it until the year of jubilee: and in the jubilee it should go out, and he shall return unto his possession.”  - Leviticus 25:23-28

The inheritances of the families were not to be alienated to another family or tribe, nor even to be sold (leased) unless the family was in extreme poverty, and then it was to be redeemed or returned in the year of jubilee.  Therefore, both out of regard for God and His law, and the good of his family, Naboth would not part with the land at any price.

Ahab, as king did not have the “right of eminent domain.”  Eminent domain is often used by government to confiscate an individual’s property for what it deems “the public good.”

“The power to take private property for public use by the state, municipalities, and private persons or corporations authorized to exercise functions of public character...The right of eminent domain is the right of the state, through its regular organization, ro reassert, either temporarily or permanently, its dominion over any portion of the soil of the state on account of public exigency and for the public good.  Thus in time of war or insurrection, the proper authorities may possess and hold any part of the territory of the state for the common safety; and in time of peace the legislature may authorized the appropriation of the same to public purposes, such as the opening of roads, construction of defenses, or providing channels for trade or travel...”  - Black’s Law Dictionary

The Word of God forbade the king to exercise eminent domain.  In Ezekiel 46:16-18 God says:

“Thus saith the Lord God; if the prince give a gift unto any of his sons , the inheritance thereof shall be his sons; it shall be their possession by inheritance.  But if he give a gift or his inheritance to one of his servants, then in shall be his to the year of liberty; after it shall return to the prince: but his inheritance shall be his sons’ for them.  Moreover, the prince shall not take of the peoples’ inheritance by oppression, to throw them out of their possession; but he shall give his sons inheritance out of his own possession: that my people be not scattered every man from his possession.”

When Ahab made the offer to Naboth, he had gone as far as he could go legally and biblically.  He did not have authority to go any further.  He was limited by the law of God.  The same God that ordained civil government is the same God that placed restructions upon it.  Government is to be bound by the Word of God.

(editors note:  and when government is not bound by the Word of God, one must choose, do we serve God? Or do we serve man?)

There is tremendous difference between authority and power.  Authority is the right to do something or perform some act.  Power is the ‘might’ to do something.  A thief may not have the authority to take your money, but if he places a gun between your eyes, he has the power to take your money.  Likewise, there is a difference between governmental authority and governmental power.  Simply because a government has the power to make and enforce laws or regulations, doesn’t mean that it has the authority to do so.   Ahab may have had the power to take Naboth’s vineyard, but he did not have the authority to do so.



Let us learn well....


"And they watched him, and sent forth spies, which should feign themselves just men, that they might take hold of his words, that so they might deliver him unto the power and authority of the governor.  And they asked him, saying Master, we know that thou sayest and teaches rightly, neither acceptest thou the person of any, but teaches the way of God truly:  Is it lawful for us to give tribute to Caesar, or no?

But he perceived their craftiness, and said unto them, Why tempt ye me?  Show me a penny.  Whose image and superscription hath it?  They answered and said 'Caesars'.

And he said unto them, render therefore unto Caesar what is Caesars and unto God what is God's.  And they could not take hold of his words before the people, and they marvelled at his answer and held their peace."


     - Luke 20: 20-26


Draw your own conclusions. 


Have a great day!



It's time to end the fraud! 


American National Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium


Foreign bankruptcy trustees operating unlawfully on American soil have fronted false claims and have been generating invalid mortgages in this country since 1909.


As a result of this venerable, widespread and pernicious fraud found throughout the mortgage industry and throughout the administrative functions of the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, INC. seeking to mischaracterize millions of Americans as federal Territorial and/or federal Municipal citizens, we are calling for an American National Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium.


Out of thousands of mortgages we have examined we haven’t found a single enforceable security interest involved in any mortgage floated by any bank or savings and loan institution. All these claims lack any equitable consideration to back their claim of enforceable security interest.


This means that the Secretary of War /Secretary of Defense and the Generals responsible have failed in their duty under the Lieber Code since 1913 and that America and Americans have been plundered in violation of both national and international law under color of law ever since. 


This gigantic underlying fraud is sufficient cause to void all contracts, all obligations, all deeds, all mortgages, and all titles merely presumed to exist unless it is proven in open court that these same Americans have willingly, knowingly, and under conditions of full disclosure accepted actual and not merely voluntary or symbolic federal employment and have agreed to accept the burdens of federal Territorial and/or Municipal citizenship that result. 


We note that even if Americans have accepted actual federal employment and have accepted the burdens that entails, including citizenship in the foreign delegated jurisdiction of the United States, they are still owed equal civil rights. We will also note that upon retirement from any federal service presumptions of federal citizenship must cease. Finally, and importantly, all such federal citizens are still protected from foreclosure and sheriff sales at the state level under the provisions of TARP as of February 2009.


Thus, if you are an American state national or American State Citizen and have a mortgage, you are the victim of international crime and are owed both remedy and recompense from the perpetrators which includes the liquidation of any mortgage held against your NAME and the return of your assets free and clear and the return of the escrow plus interest denominated in lawful money.


Even if you are legitimately a Federal United States or Municipal United States citizen, you are owed equal civil rights and protection, and any property held in your NAME is protected from state level sheriff’s sale by TARP as of February, 2009.


For all these reasons and more it is time for a Foreclosure Moratorium to be imposed throughout the actual land jurisdiction United States as well as the Territorial and Municipal United States. The members of Congress and the Trump Administration must be made aware of these facts and held accountable.

We recommend that you print off and send a copy of this letter to every member of Congress and to President Trump and the members of his Administration, the federated State of __________Governors, the local Judges and District Attorneys, federated County Sheriffs and others who need to know.



A Strategic Offensive by 'The People'


With the release of our latest video presentation 'Run Bankers Run' (see below) we are announcing that it is time that the people draw a line in the sand and take up the legal and spiritual means to take on the Money Changers and their minions 'Head On'!  This includes of course the derelict politicians who do their bidding, The corrupt judges who choreograph the bloody battlefield and the attorneys who corral the victims and throw the lances.

Here's an overly abbreviated synopsis of how everyone in the Western world has been affected by a stolen inheritance and a dimmed future for your progeny.


'Money of account' (as opposed to 'lawful money) in our system is 'credit' or promises to pay which never get paid.  Since we no longer use lawful money, nothing ever gets 'paid'. We only have the franchise privilege to 'discharge' one obligation in exchange for another.   We the people are the creators, or issuers of the 'credit' (money) when we create promises i.e. mortgage notes, loan and credit card agreements etc.  This is how money is created as was explained by the Federal Reserve themselves in their now out of print publication 'Modern Money Mechanics'.    


Now, looking at a mortgage situation, say you take out a mortgage today for $100,000.  It wasn't too long ago (with higher interest rates) that the total payments owed on a 30 year mortgage would be around $300,000.  Well, you 'created' the $100,000 when you signed the note right?  Where does the other $200,000 come from?  We have a shortfall in money supply.  This shortfall 'requires', in a mathematical certainty that a large portion of the mortgages 'are designed to fail'!  Enter stage left, the foreclosure process.   And in this example we haven't given the complete story or even scratched the surface of what we'll be getting into to expose the fraud of the banking and finance system which has been forced upon us. 


'Run Bankers Run' is a coordinated effort to expose the ongoing, incessant and multiple methods of fraud which has been used by the bankers to steal the future from every living man and woman in the western world.  But that's not enough.  We'll be 'outing' the fraudsters and ganging up on them in the court of public record as well as the court of public opinion.


Here's the plan:

- We'll provide a series of educational videos to expose to the world the methods of fraud used by the bankers and their minions to steal from you and everyone else and how they have been doing it for generations.


- As a part of our Peoples' Army you will share these videos and discuss them in every discussion group, coffee clutch and social gathering place you can find.  


-   We'll start providing the remedies and going after the criminals for fraud and a whole list of crimes too long to print here.  Our peoples' army will be a phalanx of knowledgeable truth warriors armed with evidence, grit, law and the prosecutorial penetration we need to put the fear of God into these highway bandits and their protectors.  They will have no place to run.   If they barricade themselves in the courtroom and deny our lawful redresses, we'll nail them to the cross in the public square with a high profile and personal 'disclosure' program which will get more attention than any alien ever could!


That's the idea.  Stay tuned for more details coming up soon! 




Put on your sunglasses. 
The light will be going on! 


If you follow any news at all you know very well that the globalist elite leaders have been trying their best to destroy western civilization for the past 6 years or more with uncontrolled immigration.  Volumes have been written on that subject and that's not the point of this article.


Put aside the politics, the globalist agenda, the social ramifications, the economic arguments for cheap labor and all that rhetoric a moment.  You know all that already.  Books can be written on that and have been.


Now, shift your mindset to what we are learning and what we know (or should know) about how the Birth Certificate is the first of multitudes of documents created in YOUR NAME, with full faith and credit, which are converted into security instruments and each one is traded in the financial markets for millions of dollars apiece!


Now, look at all those nice people, coming in waves over the border with warm Homeland Security buses waiting to take them to their new homes in the breadbasket of the USA.  Welcome!  Come one!  Come all!


Aside from the social engineering benefits to destroy the western world, here's why....


If you were a globalist, you'd be thinking that each one of these nice people is going to have a;


- social security card - 'cha-ching!'

- green card - 'cha-ching!'

- drivers license - 'cha-ching!'

- EBT card - 'cha-ching!'

- perhaps a military ID  - 'cha-ching!'

- perhaps a passport eventually - 'Cha-ching!'

- voter ID - 'cha-ching!'

- and more!


And really, who cares if they are criminals and will terrorize, kill and maim others?  Our eugenics plan with vaccines, gmo's, chemtrails, big pharma and the AMA,  will get them sooner or later anyway, so that doesn't matter!  Think of the trillion$ we can make off of the millions of immigrants, legal or otherwise and all the securities they will generate for us!  Come!  We have Nice apartments with food, liquor, tattoos, and big screen TV's for you.   No problem! 


Get it?

Our members are learning how to tap into these 'stolen securities' which are worth millions and flip from being the 'debtor and surety' to answer to all 'charges' and instead become the 'creditor and beneficiary' and reclaim those accounts, so we can 'at least' live as well as the immigrants!  (if not a whole lot better!) 


Knowledge is Power.  Grab it while you can!   Join the law club!








by Lana




I have seen a very dark night of the soul that many prophets are facing right now. There has been an assault against the prophets in the last month or so that has been unlike anything I have ever seen before. 




The Lord spoke to me recently and said that the enemy is RAGING MAD. He is going after the prophets to silence them and to bring them to a standstill.




It has been an incredible onslaught for many, and there has been a spirit of witchcraft that is attempting to kill the prophets right now in many ways. The whole intention of this onslaught is to steal their voice, render them useless and cause them to run. What many of you are facing right now is the darkest night you have faced in a long time, but I want to encourage you “YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT! HERE COMES THE SUN!!!” 




There has been so much fear, terror, torment of the mind, pressure and fire coming against you lately, and it has catapulted many of you into what feels like a dark night of the soul. There is a spirit of thieving that is prowling around attempting to steal from the prophets, but you are going to not be stolen from as you continue to stand and fight with truth. Know that you are moving into a greater season of INCREASE.




I want to encourage you that in the midst of the darkness, in the midst of the enemy raging mad, the Lord is doing a deep work. In the midst of the enemy attempting to take you out, there is a great shaking, where all that is not found in Jesus is coming to the surface. God is doing a very deep work in your hearts and souls to bring healing, freedom and wholeness. The Lord is establishing a new foundation of TRUTH in the hearts and souls of the prophets. (John 17:17)




Keep PROPHESYING LIFE over your yourself! Keep declaring LIFE over your life!!!! 




The REVELATION of TRUTH is going to a whole new level for you in this season. The Lord is teaching you what it is to fight with His Word and the prophetic words that He has given you. I know many of you feel like you are dying like you are not going to make it, the torment and weariness has become unbearable for many of you, but I want to encourage you, now is the time to FIGHT with TRUTH like you never have before.




You are not going to die! The exact OPPOSITE is true! The Lord is breathing upon you, and you are being healed, delivered, set free, restored, healed and catapulted. You are moving into the promise of John 10:10 – that Jesus came to give life and life more abundantly. 




The Lord is birthing you right now as an OVERCOMER. You already are an OVERCOMER and VICTORIOUS in Christ, it is already yours, but the Lord is AWAKENING the REVELATION and MANIFESTATION in your life of your VICTORY!




The warrior in you is being brought to life in a whole new way. The warrior in you is being awakened with FIRE. 




There is a new ROAR that is about to come out of you. Where the enemy has attempted to silence you, you are going to DECREE and ROAR with more authority than you have ever experienced. 




Chains will suddenly break off God’s people as you speak. The enemy will shake and tremble as the ROAR of the Lord is released through your voice. 




The darkness may be dark and heavy right now, but the breakthrough is beginning. You are forerunning the VICTORY message of the Lord right now. 




You are birthing, and it is painful, but the LIFE that is going to come forth is going to be explosive. Resurrection life will flow INTO your life and THROUGH your life. The power of God will manifest IN your life and THROUGH your life like you have never seen before. 




The Lord is teaching you in greater ways how to fight right now. He is increasing your understanding. He is taking you higher, increasing your clarity, insight and revelation and awakening you to your authority and how to use it. 




Where you thought you were coming to a complete standstill, the opposite is true, you are about to move in the greatest acceleration and empowerment of His Spirit you have experienced, that will catapult you into a whole new land and level of VICTORY. There is an increase of anointing upon you right now! 








I have seen a spirit of fear attacking many of the prophets in regards to their dreams and what they are seeing as they sleep. I want to encourage you that the Lord is releasing STRATEGY in dreams to bring breakthrough and INCREASE. 




The Lord will show you your TRIUMPH and VICTORY that is upon you. He will show you the INCREASE that is upon you. He will show you your place of VICTORY! The Lord is uncovering the enemy’s strategy in the DREAMS of the prophets right now so they will be dismantled and overcome. 




I prophesy DESTINY DREAMS are upon you. The Lord is releasing greater INSIGHT of what is to come in the plans He has for your life. (Jeremiah 29:11) Don’t be afraid of them, because they are not only going to include what your heart is desiring and you have been dreaming about with Him, it will include what is to come, which will be the “CHERRY ON TOP INCREASE”.




I prophesy over you that you are going to begin to experience a deeper reality of Ephesians 3:17-20:




“Then, by constantly using your faith, the life of Christ will be released deep inside you, and the resting place of His love will become the very source and root of your life, providing you with a secure foundation that grows and grows. Then, as your spiritual strength increases, you will be empowered to discover what every holy one experiences – the great magnitude of the astonishing love of Christ in all its dimensions. How deeply intimate and far-reaching is His love! How enduring and inclusive it is! Endless love beyond measurement, beyond academic knowledge – this extravagant love pours in you until you are filled to overflowing with the fullness of God. Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for His miraculous power constantly energizes you.” (The Passion Translation)




These truths will not only burn in you with greater conviction, you will know what it is to walk in greater manifestation of these truths, and teach and prophesy the deep revelatory jewels contained within these passages. As you go deeper into the depths of His Spirit in these verses, you will teach them with fire flowing from your mouth. The Holy Spirit will set these words on fire as the revelation pours from within you breaking chains and setting captives free and igniting others with the impartation for greater prophetic dreams. 








There is a great revisitation upon you to some of the greatest encounters that you have had with Jesus in your life. The Holy Spirit will be taking you back to these encounters in the Spirit that changed your life. You will revisit them and the Lord will bring tremendous healing and deliverance to you in them and catapult you further out of this darkness. But also, in this revisitation you will see the WINDS OF THE SPIRIT RAGING!!! They are increasing in power and His WIND will pick you up and catapult you into a whole new season of visitation. 




The enemy has been screaming to many of the you ‘strategies’ that are false and not from the heart of God. These strategies can be recognised because they contain ‘no freedom’ and the lie that ‘the only way to get breakthrough is to move this way’ – but the way it is leading the prophets is bringing them much pain, heartache and terror. I decree over you that the STRATEGY of Jesus for your breakthrough right now will bring you PEACE, JOY and RELIEF… EVEN IN the darkness you are walking through and out of. 




As you step further IN, in these REVISITATIONS, deeper into the secret place, the Lord is going to release incredible clarity to you that will bring healing. Fear’s grip will break! Fear WILL flee! The cyclical things that have tormented you your whole life, the pain you have endured since being a child, the trauma, the terror, the shame, the generational, lifelong strongholds and land/s the enemy has occupied in your life is being LOST. YOU and JESUS are taking it back and you are moving into the greatest manifested victory of your life. You are moving into your inheritance and portion of healing, wholeness, breakthrough and freedom. 








EVERYTHING is going to change because of the FIRE OF HIS LOVE UPON YOU!!!! The fire of His love is going to SOOTHE and REVIVE your soul and you will be made WHOLE.








Where there has been so much darkness and so much trouble, the Lord is now decreeing VICTORY upon VICTORY over you! It will be a DOMINO EFFECT of VICTORY in your favour. Things will happen fast! 




Not only will you see a back to back victory and the SUN will BREAKTHROUGH again, you will be catapulted into a whole new level.




As you step further and further out of this darkness, you are stepping further and further into acceleration. Opportunities will abound and you will move forward with a boldness and fearlessness that you have not known. You will step forward into “opportunities of a lifetime” that the enemy has attempted to keep you away from “for a lifetime”. You are stepping into your Esther and Joseph moments of release into a new level of your destiny and as you continue to lean into Jesus, stepping further and further into the secret place, you will NOT be stopped. You will tread upon the head of the enemy as you walk down your “red carpet of victory”. The blood of Jesus has set you free, and before you is a land of favour and increased victory!




You are about to SEE why the enemy has been RAGING MAD and why this assault came against you. But I prophesy over you that you will come out of this assault, stronger than when you went in. It has been a dark night of the soul, and the Lord has used it to MAKE YOU WHOLE and add INCREASE to you. This intense moment of pruning was needed for your PROMOTION. The enemy has been shouting ‘demotion’, ‘step back’ but the truth is what the Lord is saying ‘promotion’, ‘increase’. 




I felt the Lord say “BOOKS WILL BE BIRTHED FROM THIS SEASON.” What you are learning and gleaning from Jesus in this dark night of the soul and incredible onslaught, many of you will birth BOOKS with strategy, teaching and revelation to release to the body of Christ to further equip them in fighting the good fight of faith. The CORE THEME of these books will be TRUTH and the POWER OF THE WORD OF GOD (Hebrews 4:12) and the POWER of using your prophetic words to WAGE WAR.








What you are walking through, isn’t just about you!!!!




There is a spiritual showdown happening over your life right now. Like Elijah on Mount Carmel with the prophets of Baal in (1 Kings 18) – those “prophets of baal” are raging mad, they are making a lot of noise, and where you have found your situation impossible, the darkness has become so dark, so heavy and there has been so many tears. Where it looks like you cannot even see your breakthrough or when and how God is going to show up, stand with Him, because He is parting the seas before you.




He is about to show up in POWER in your life to demonstrate His power, authority and victory to ignite you with fire, His fire that cannot be contained. The altar of your heart is going to BURN like never before with passion and love for Jesus. His fire will bring a great SEPARATION and CLARITY to the voices that you have been hearing. The enemy’s voice that has attempted to mask itself to sound like the Lord is being EXPOSED and your clarity and accuracy of hearing significantly INCREASED. 




You are forerunning right now. He is birthing you as an overcomer prophet that is about to arise in a whole new way. When you arise, the spirit of Elijah will be released through you, the fire of God into the body of Christ to ignite and herald a greater awakening of the overcoming spirit. It’s beginning now, but it’s about to increase dramatically. 




This is WHY the enemy has been trying to kill you and take you out, so you don’t overcome, birth and see that fire released through you to see the activation of the awakening of the fire of the overcomer in the Church. 



The Lord’s decree over you right now is “HERE COMES THE SUN!!! HERE COMES THE SON!!!!!” – You are coming out, you are going to make it!!! His Words through you will drip with anointing, increase and the breaker anointing and impartation of victory to see the Church AWAKENED WITH FIRE to the greater revelation of LIBERTY and VICTORY!!!!



The democrats have openly denied God! 


Tuesday night President Trump gave his first speech to a joint session of Congress which was seen and lauded by millions and millions around the world.  You've seen the reviews and commentary on it so I won't rehash the commentary other than to make note that, even his honest detractors had to admit that it was a spirit filled and unifying speech.  Pundits on both sides of the aisle made a special note that the most unforgettable moment in the history of presidential speeches was the nearly 2 minute, emotional, standing ovation giving honor to the sacrifice of a fallen Navy SEAL, while his surviving wife stood in the gallery with uncontrollable emotion and tears streaming down her face.  Even one of his most ardent 'Never Tump' adversaries, Obama minion of division and strife, Van Jones said, "This was the moment Donald Trump became president." 

Who could deny this moment of raw emotion, honor and sacrifice?  Who could resist paying homage to a family who has paid the ultimate price for their country?  The democrats, that's who!   
This shot below was taken during this memorable and historical moment and you can see them refusing to stand to give honor where honor is so clearly due! 



But that's not all.  Here's the kicker....


Trump:  "We are one people with one destiny.  We all bleed the same blood.  We all salute the same great American flag.  And we all are made by the same God!"

Roaring applause ensued from the Republican side of the chamber.  Again, democrats, sitting on their hands refusing to acknowledge the obvious. 

You likely are aware of the biblical scripture in which Jesus says, "Whosoever shall deny me, I shall also deny them before the Father."  

All I can say is... may they repent while they still can! 

Here are some other points and issues the democrats refused to acknowledge or applaud, for anyone who is keeping score (I was).... 

  • - open use of the term 'Radical Islamic Terrorism'
  • - the idea that it's reckless to allow immigrants in from countries known for terrorism, when proper vetting cannot be done.
  • - the idea of appointing a Supreme Court Justice who will defend the constitution
  • - the idea that we should work together to help immigrants who are already here
  • - a comprehensive plan to rebuild the nation's infrastructure and put people to work.
  • - repeal and replace Obamacare which is clearly destroying health care in America and impoverishing people and businesses.
  • - making health care more available, to more people, with more options and at lower cost
  • - the idea that Obamacare is simply unsustainable.  It is collapsing and there is no other choice but to admit the democratic disaster and do something about it.
  • - the idea of protecting all Americans
  • - provide a plan for Americans which they; want, can afford, can use, they can select and not have it forced on them by the government. 
  • - provide options for health care people can purchase across state lines so it's more affordable. The state exchanges are literally collapsing.
  • - put aside petty differences and bickering and come together to get the job done for the American people.  Dems don't want this. 
  • - work together for clean air, water, better infrastructure.  Nope. Not this either. 
  • - cut unnecessary FDA regulations and bureaucracy so that life saving and life altering medicines can get to the market quicker and help the people who need them!  Nope. 
  • - provide school choice for minorities.  They sat mute. 
  • - the idea that our president and the concept of an individual nation is the best vehicle to express the will of the people and that our president should represent the will of the people and not 'the world' or supranational organizations.  They didn't like that idea either. 


Folks, this is historic.  We are watching the democratic party alienate themselves from not only their constituents who have any active brain matter still functioning, but also from their own party and the people of the nation.  The democratic party is dissolving like an Alka Seltzer tablet in water, right before our very eyes!  They have lost over 1000 seats in state and national houses of government since 2009 and they just keep digging themselves deeper, and deeper and deeper with every lie they can come up with.

To oppose the concepts as outlined above is simply to oppose the idea of peace and prosperity for humanity.  There is no other way to look at it.

- Nancy Pelosi has remarked just recently that George Bush is still president and thinks we have to pass laws to find out what's in them. 

- Maxine Waters thinks Russia has attacked Korea!

- Chuck Schumer said this week that President Trump hasn't done anything so far to live up to his promises. 

- Another democrat in the House, whose name I can't recall, thinks that if an island gets too populated, it could capsize! It's on video and he was serious!

- All democrats think that if you are critical of them, 'You are a Russian agent'! 

All of this is comically ludicrous and one can only wonder...who could possibly support these people? 

But the fact that they have denied God in front of the world, is startling and horrifying.  There is only one entity who hates humanity so badly that he wants not only to destroy it but also to create as much pain and anguish to God's people as he can.  This is Satan himself. 

And we are staring at his coveted minions, face to face, in this photo above.   This is the face of evil incarnate.  If you are a supporter of these people, you seriously need to re-think your position and pray to God for forgiveness. 

Share this article.  Raise it up in discussion.  Let people know what is really happening here. 

We're not talking politics.  We're talking about your eternity! 

Let those who have eyes, see.  And let those who have ears hear.  There's not much you can do for the others.  






 Got a Court Date Coming Up?

If you want to win in court, the very first thing you must do is to 'Fire your Attorney'! 

Please understand that when you have an 'attorn'ey you are 'attorned' (look it up) and are deemed incompetent before the court.

You likely understand (or should) that the BAR association is an agency working directly for the 'Crown', a foreign power which has no interests in your rights, property or freedom. In fact they want the opposite.  They want to deny you of your rights, freedom and property.  It's just business!

I recently had someone come to me looking for help.  He was facing felony charges in federal court for not filing papers correctly.   I pointed him in the direction he needed to go and he agreed that this was the best solution.

However, feeling timid and overwhelmed about the whole thing, at the last minute he decided to keep his attorney to represent him. 

Here's what the attorney did to 'help' him: 


Failed to do any form of discovery before the trial

Failed to file any pre-trial motions

Even though the client requested it, he failed to meet to discuss and disclose what the defense strategy would be (i.e. none)

Failed to properly vet the jury

Failed to challenge anything from the prosecution

Failed to preserve the record for any errors in process which could be used on appeal 

Failed to object to anything the prosecution presented.

Failed to properly establish 'lack of intent' which would have won the case for the client. 


Here's what the attorney 'Did' Do: 

- Perform business as usual in dancing with the prosecutor for the big show. 

- Delivered his client up as a sacrificial lamb on the altar of none other than Satan himself. 

- Got paid 

- Got a notch in his belt to advance his career as a successful 'business agent' for the machine. 


I don't know about you, but that doesn't seem like a good value for my money.

The only way to have a chance in court is to do things yourself.  You can do things for yourself that NO attorney would ever do for you!   And the good news is, that it's not that difficult if you do a little study in advance.


Please understand that there is no evidence you cannot get in before trial.

  1. There are no witnesses you cannot question under oath before trial.
  2. There are no documents or things you cannot get in before trial.
  3. There are no legal arguments you cannot make before trial.
  4. There is nothing going to happen at trial that cannot be made to happen before trial.

The "trying" of your case with the first pleading and continues with discovery and motions before trial.

Common reasons cases go to trial are:

  1. Lazy lawyer who didn't do the pre-trial work he could have done.
  2. Stupid lawyer who didn't know how to do the pre-trial work he could have done.
  3. Greedy lawyer who didn't want to do the pre-trial work he could have done.
  4. No lawyer and no idea how to do the pre-trial work that could have been done.

Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-step


Don't wait for trial to win!

A few reasons why are:

  1. Trial is uncertain, especially with unpredictable juries and corrupt judges.
  2. Trial is "think on your feet" with opponent trying to throw you off with objections.
  3. Trial is a nasty battle against lawyers' willing to cheat if they can.
  4. Trial is a last bite at the apple, with no take backs and no retreats.


Win before trial!


Click Here to Learn More!











Pop Quiz:



Which one is more suitable for framing?
The ugly one with poor resolution, bad background and white faced Nigel...with Mark in it
Or the sharp photo with golden background, tanned  (now semi-retired) Nigel and D.J. in it?  
(OK, don't answer that!)
When I saw this photo of Nigel with Trump I couldn't resist.
Surely you know who Nigel Farage is: Field General of the historic UK Brexit vote, later to become the inspiration for Trump's revolution.  I met with him at a conference a couple years ago in Chile of all places and we had a good chat.  Little did I know at the time how famous he would become.  But after hearing him speak about the tyranny of the EU and his ideas on liberty and self determination and then talking with him for awhile personally, I told him directly that I would have to ask my hero Ron Paul (whom I also met with at this same conference) to move the pedestal I put him up on, over, to make room for my newly appointed hero, Nigel!  
You should do a YouTube search on him and watch some of his speeches to the EU Parliament and its President Junker.   Nigel rips him a new 'one' time and time again and after years of being belittled and laughed at in the EU Parliament for being the lone wolf crybaby who wouldn't go along with the hegemony of the EU experiment in tyranny and global control, Nigel finally had his day.  After he won the Brexit vote in June last year, he literally told them, "...Well you're not laughing now are you?!"
His clips are worth watching if you want to see a modern day Paul Revere standing up all alone to the powers that be, and going toe to toe with the Goliath.  And of course in the end...he won a historic victory just as David did!  
Let that be a lesson for all of us.  To have no fear.  Stand up for what's right no matter how the odds might look. 
Look around the internet.  All you see are stories of how Trump is facing disaster, they'll crash the economy on him, Obama is setting up a shadow government of Soros funded chaos with Black Lives Matter types nationwide, and many even calling for outright assassination!  It's an outright civil war already in progress!  It just hasn't gotten bloody yet.
Trump too is standing up for what's right, against all odds, risking his very life in doing so.  But don't worry.  God has a plan for Trump and is using him. All the plans against Trump will fail. You'll see.  Trump will lead the nations of the world back to common sense and honor, against all odds,  for the glory of God.  Don't laugh.  Just wait and watch! 
If you're not already aware, do a search for 'Trump Prophesies' in YouTube.  That'll keep you busy for awhile. 
Let this be a lesson in encouragement and standing up for what's right against all the odds and letting FAITH get you over fear and through to victory! 
We're living in historic times.  The sheep are being separated from the goats.  Don't be in the wrong group! 
Have a great week! 


Perhaps there are fewer 'Idiots' than we might hope for !? 


This came to me as a true story although I cannot confirm how true it is but did come from someone who gives reliable information. Here it is without any changes.
True story:
A man went to court. He told the judge he was an idiot and didn't understand their statutes. He asked, "Do you prosecute idiots in your court room?" "No," said the judge. "Get out of here." He left. The Judge then said, "If there are any other idiots in my courtroom, get out now." They all stayed, got prosecuted, and fined . . . except the idiot who left the courtroom.
"Idiot" is another word that has changed its meaning over the centuries, although not as dramatically as "nice" once it was imported into English.

The Greek "idiotes" meant simply "private individual" (from "idios," meaning "personal"), as opposed to a "public man," a politician (government agent mine) or other well-known individual. ("Idios" also gave us "idiom," one's own way of speaking, and "idiosyncrasy," one's personal quirks and habits.)
Have fun with this one.


Become a Digital Nomad in 6 months or less!




More and more people from around the world are learning how to break free from the enslavement of the corporate/state treadmill.  The term 'Digital Nomad' is becoming not only popular but also quite common as it's obvious to see the benefits of owning your own time, being in control of your own destiny and being able to manage your own business from any gorgeous, intriguing or peaceful location in the world where you'd like to be, even if its in your own backyard! 

Let's cut right to the chase.  So long as you are working for someone else and receiving a  paycheck you have several problems which start with...

- your paycheck is subject to reporting, distraint and outright theft.

- you don't own your time, your boss does

- you are financially limited and highly unlikely to accomplish your dreams

- you make enough to get by and pay all your creditors (maybe) but not much else

- you are pinned down to your present location no matter what happens.

- you have a simple linear relationship to money.   You exchange 1 day's work for 1 unit of pay, no more.  Done.  Good night.  Start over tomorrow.

- gaining 'leverage' and true wealth is impossible.


On top of the problems mentioned above, as an employee, your future stability relies entirely on;


- a stable market for your employer's product or service

- government regulation not stifling your employer's industry

- the financial, political and regulatory health of your employer

- trends in the digital age in which humans are being routinely replaced with machines and technology

- having no tornados, floods, earthquakes, riots, martial law or other 'disruptions' in your local area.


Do you see how vulnerable you are being pinned to one single location? 


A successful Digital Nomad is location independent and can move to more stable, peaceful and beautiful locations on a moment's notice to avoid any 'disruptions'.

A successful Digital Nomad has developed  a diversified basket of business activity which creates multiple streams of income so that if one is ever dried up, he continues without being seriously impacted.

A successful Digital Nomad owns his own time and typically spends much more time pursuing family activities or personal interests.


A successful Digital Nomad gets to keep the money he or she makes and put it to use for his or her own purposes.  (see the Lighthouse Law Club for that)


Enough said.  You get the point. 


So what does it take to become a successful Digital Nomad?  Honestly, it's quite simple really.   We can break it down this way;


1... Make the personal commitment and create the mindset that this is what you want and nothing will stop you.  This is first.

2...Find the niche in the market you will serve.  Find a need and fill it!  What do you love doing?  What are you good at? What is that market?

3...Feel, smell, taste the results of what this lifestyle will do for you.  This must be internalized and used as a reminder to keep you moving in the right direction.

4...Start creating your internet properties and presence.  This is much easier than it might sound.

5...Start creating a list of followers.  These are people who sign up to follow you, learn more about what you have to offer, are interested in the genre of activity.

6... Start filling the needs that your market has.  This can take on any one or more of several business models; consulting, digital products like books & videos, affiliate marketing of someone else's products and services, providing a particular service to help others be successful.


Naturally, this list is simplified but this is what it all boils down to.   If you are new to all this, or even if you've done some internet marketing before, there is a fair amount to learn when it gets down to all the 'how to's but none of it is difficult.  It's just a matter of learning some basic concepts and how to use the tools that are available to implement those concepts to build your own 'Location Independent Business'.  Anybody can do this, even if you have no clue about what business or service you'd like to offer.  Read on...


The good news is that we have created a course you can follow, which takes you step by step through the entire process of setting up your own business with multiple streams of cash flow.  We have the model.  We're doing it already.  Just follow what we're doing and you'll be generating cash flow in very short order. 


Are you ready?  Could you handle the lifestyle of a Digital Nomad? 

If so, join our community.  Did I mention that the training course is absolutely FREE?  I almost forgot about that part.  You have everything to gain. 


Get started.  Freedom is waiting for you!   Click Here Now! 







Defending Freedom is a Personal Responsibility


As Benjamin Franklin was walking out of Independence Hall in Philadelphia after signing the new constitution for the united States of America he was asked, "What have you brought us?"  As you know, he replied, "A republic,  if you can keep it!"


Those words are so telling.  Folks, the world has just been pulled back from the brink of losing the last bastion of freedom, the last hope for the world as it has come within an inch of it's life in the recent election.  If it weren't for purely divine providence and protection to deliver president elect Trump from the onslaught of lies, deception, trickery, theft, fraud and other dastardly deeds, America right now would already be lost forever.  With it, would be the hope for freedom in the rest of the world.  Folks, we came within a breath of the death for freedom, and we're not out of the woods yet.  There is much work to be done.  The battle is only 'engaged'.   It is not by any means, over!


Trump is only one man.  He is emblematic of a global movement, as is Nigel Farage and others.  A general is nothing without an army to lead.  To win this war each of us needs to take on the mantle of 'truth warrior' and stand up and defend our inherent God given rights to life, liberty and prosperity.  There are still minions of evil in every corner in your local area.


This is where you come in.  We each must be engaged on the battlefield of ideas and help each other to strengthen our knowledge and intellectual capacity to be able to defend freedom and our futures, individually and collectively.

I can help you in that regard.  The Law Club has created an App which every freedom loving prosperity seeker must have on their phone.  Whenever you hear someone complain about; that traffic ticket they just got, those exorbitant taxes, being charged for victimless crimes, being unjustly accused, imprisoned, fleeced, fined or f*cked with...that's an open door to have them get this App and start learning how to deny the unjust enrichment of the corporate government at our expense and put a wrench in the gears of the grist mill which chews each of us up on a daily basis.


Want freedom?  Get this App!  Share it with everyone you know.   Give it your rating and write a review and lets get on that battlefield. 




Search for 'My Liberty' App. in the Apple iTunes App Store


For Android, Click Here   or search for it in Google Play Store







The Digital Age is Changing Your Life.  Will it be for better or worse?


This video lays out in no uncertain terms how the digital age is changing our lives.  Hundreds of millions of jobs will be lost due to technology and robotics.   The landscape of the workplace is changing forever and those who are unprepared will be left behind as helpless victims of this huge paradigm shift in our society.  On the other hand, those who see it coming, make the necessary preparations and position themselves to stay ahead of the trend can profit very nicely.  These visionaries can turn their lives of struggle today, into HUGE prosperity in the days ahead.   The law club is very active in creating a portfolio of Digital Age opportunities and tools to help our members position themselves so they can dip their bucket into the river of cash flow that is already moving in the new tech markets. 


Whatever it is you do for a living, you need to see this video and know what's coming, what's already here and what you can do about it for your own benefit!




What If I'm from the U.K., France, Germany, Australia or elsewhere? 


We get this question all the time which is wonderful because freedom is becoming increasingly important to more people worldwide!   The 'Brexit' is the perfect example!  Way to go Brits!  The globalists are out in the open and not even trying to hide their dastardly deeds anymore.  They are trying to manipulate and just outright 'force' the people and nations of the world into accepting total serfdom, poverty and tyranny without question.  This is a global movement and we need EVERYONE involved. 


To answer the question consider this: most every legislative code in the western world emanates originally from the Mosaic code (the bible).   From this, over time, certain maxims of law have been universally developed and recognized as unalterable truths.  These maxims of law, however they are represented in your own national legislative code, are fundamental to all people and nearly all legal systems worldwide.  The national codification and language used is different, but the maxims and 'substance' remain the same for all, generally speaking. 


Now, enter stage left, commercial law.  The 'Lex Mercantoria' or law merchant has evolved as the global 'common law'.  Since we all need to do business with one another, the law merchant, in admiralty under the law of the flag and the law of contracts has superimposed itself over everything we do and that includes how the local courts administer their business of fleecing the people. 


With this understanding, everything we do in the Lighthouse Law Club does, in fact, translate very well to what you are doing in the U.K, Germany, or wherever you are right now.   We currently have a small but active group of members from the U.K. working together to take some of our processes, and they research the U.K. equivalents in code and public administrative procedure so they can get expect to obtain the same or similar results.


So if you are from a country outside the USA, we encourage you to join, get some friends together and form a small group of friends or like minded freedom lovers, learn what we are doing and do a little research to apply it in a meaningful way for your country.   You have a chance to be trailblazers, pioneers and potentially heroes to your countrymen by leading the way to fight globalism, tyranny and the machinations of control of the masses!  

I hope that answers the common question we get all the time! b2ap3_thumbnail_flags.jpg 



One of the first steps towards freedom, is saying 'Goodbye' to the IRS.


The path to freedom starts here with this new 4 minute video...




Rank of Colonel or Higher, Outranks the Judge!  


This is an URGENT BULLETIN being put out to all military vets, active or retired.  We know (or should know) that an evil globalist cabal has taken over the courts and government and our government no longer serves the people.  Without an honest court system to ensure the fair application of the law,  the only thing we have left is unchecked 'Tyranny' which is what we have today!


Anyone who has been in court for any reason can attest to that fact.


Substantial research is coming forward which is shedding light on the lawful authority of certain military officers to come into court to ensure that things proceed according to law.  As we watch judges and members of the foreign agents knows as members of the BAR (British Attorneys Registry) run roughshod over the people with impunity, without regard to the law or proper due process, we can easily see the need to check this blatant abuse of trust and authority.

There are currently groups of retired vets who, in concert with the Provost Marshall, have the lawful authority to hold the presiding judge accountable to his or her lawful obligations and are doing just that.  The military officer has the authority to have the judge arrested if necessary, right on the spot.

This video below goes into more detail and we encourage you to watch it and share it far and wide.


We are encouraging all vets and civilians to learn and share and join us in the law club to understand this issue so that we can 'take it to the street's and reclaim our country by reclaiming our courts! 


Watch the video, then JOIN US!  








Heed Our Call, or Forever Hold Your Peace!  


We continue to beat the drum that people need to start positioning their legal and financial assets OUT of the USA.   We don't have the time or the space to list all the reasons which you should already be well aware of. 


But on that theme, more and more Americans and Canadians every year look to establish at least a 'part time' presence in warmer climates where they can easily set up business and banking and are welcomed with open arms to do so!  There's nothing 'shady' about it!  We live in a globalized world.  People travel. Businesses are global.  Retirees expatriate to find friendlier places to live.  Entrepreneurs seek legitimate ways to protect their business assets and reduce costs (taxes included).  Freedom seekers don't like the trends they see at home and look for stable environments where they can live in freedom and peace without the threats they currently deal with on a daily basis. 


We found a short but interesting article on that very theme. Read More....