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Recent blog posts

It's Time to Divest 'Out' of the U.S.A. and become an International 'PT'


"After the massive bailouts required to save the system following the crash of 2008 banks and regulators worked together to ensure that all deposit accounts in the United States are no longer the property of depositors, but rather, the banks themselves.  All customer funds in the United States are now the legal property of JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BNYM, or whichever megabank is the counterparty on the loans the FCM or depository institution takes out in order to fund its mega-levered proprietary in-house trading desks."   Read More


I've been urging people for some time now, to divest out of the USA and diversify risk by establishing a presence in the international arena.  Things are getting dicey and all the writing is on the wall.  There is a window of opportunity now and it is closing rapidly.  Start making plans to be an 'International PT'!  Anyone can do it regardless of net worth. 


Join the Lighthouse Law Club for experienced guidance and business savvy to guide your way. 




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Posted by on in Legal Status

Tired of Getting Beat Up By the System?  There are things you can do. 


This is the first portion of a Members Only web conference training session on the practical measures involved in making sure you are never mistaken for a 'Resident doing business in the STATE OF___'.   The second part of the web conference is where we got down to the nitty gritty details, tips and strategies which is only available to members.  Both Parts are found on the link below...


See the video page Click Here! 


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1 Hour Web Conference - Replay 


The vision of the Lighthouse Law Club is unlike anything else in existence today.  It is extremely powerful, energetic, dynamic and member driven.  If you seek; freedom, personal liberty, privacy, security and/or prosperity, don't let this opportunity pass you up.   This webinar will outline how the Law Club may change your life and why you need to join.  


Turn off the T.V. and give it your full attention when you have the time. 


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The Foreclosure Industry is Rife with Fraud. Don't be a Victim! 


Law Club members are fortunate to have access to some powerful resources in fighting fraudulent bank loans, debt and especially foreclosure proceedings.  We start with a list of '65 Points of Fraud' to look for in their documents.  We can then offer a free expert analysis and evaluation with recommendations on remedy if fraud is found, and it is quite common!    Don't be a victim!  Join the Lighthouse Law Club and learn how to defend yourself, your rights and your property! 


Below is a short conversation on the matter with a couple of the specialists who work with us.



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Millions are in Financial Trouble - We Can Help! 


The Mortgage Bankers Association says:  

  • 100,000 homes are foreclosed on per month that's one out of every 200 homes. 
  • 1 child in every class is losing their home

True unemployment figures, according to John Williams 'Shadowstats' is closer to 23% which represents in the vicinity of 90 million people. 

Official Consumer Inflation figures tell us that it is less than 2%.  True inflation according to Shadowstats, is closer to 10% without accounting tricks the government uses to keep them lower.  This means that, without a raise next year, your grocery cart will hold 10% less while you spend the same amount of dollars. 

Bankruptcies have been steadily increasing since 1980 to high of 2 million in 2005 and around 1.8 million last year.

The economy is in dire straits as corporate chains close hundreds of stores nationwide.  The Baltic Dry Index is at an all time low which indicates that the movement of goods in the world is at a near standstill globally.   Stock markets are collapsing.  Debt and derivative markets, not to mention the bond market, are imploding.  

Where does this put you?  Maybe you have a 'JOB'.  But for how long?

Let's get right to the point on what you can do about it. 


#1... Get out of debt!  The Lighthouse Law Club has amazing advanced processes and tools to, at a minimum, restructure that debt in a way which will help you, or in the best case scenario, flat out eliminate that debt entirely and leave you with a zero balance!  

How?  That's a long story, but in a nutshell, most mortgage companies, debt collectors, banks and credit card companies do NOT operate or treat their customers in a legal manner.  Much, if not most of the debt was created illegally in the first place!  What do you think happens when fraud exists, and through a 'Forensic Audit' we can prove it and threaten to expose the whole issue in a court of public record?   Poof!  The alleged 'creditor' says, 'You know, that really won't be necessary.  We'll just zero out your balance if you agree just to be quiet and go away.  

And there are other methods, such as becoming a 'Secured Creditor' in relation to the secret bond which was created against your birth certificate and using that 'credit' to pay off all your debts.  This is a process of completing paperwork and filing documents and can be done entirely without going to court. 

#2... Become financially independent.
 I'm not talking about becoming filthy rich with a big come on (at least not right away).  I'm talking about being practical and being able to pay your bills and finance your life plan without the need for a J.O.B.!  You can't count on your job being there for you the way things are going.  You cannot be 'Dependent'!  You must be 'Independent'!  You need to have a 'Portable Trade or Occupation' which allows you to make money from any hammock in the world, which has a Wi-Fi connection.

#3... Create a Bug-Out Plan!
  It is increasingly likely that things could get very ugly in your area.  Wouldn't you have some peace of mind if you had an escape route that led you to a place in a tropical paradise where fruit and vegetables were abundant all around you, seafood was fresh and abundant at the fish market on the beach where the fishermen came in every day with their catch and you could live in your shorts and a t-shirt, even when you were 'working'?  No crowds, no mobs, no militarized police or U.N. Troops!  

The Law Club is the only place in the world which brings all of this information and opportunity into one venue!  

Join Now! 




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The Future is Not at all Rosy. You Need a Plan! 


It doesn't take but one visit to Facebook or YouTube to be inundated with actual news which shows us (the world and the USA especially) with an increasing likelihood of having some very serious cataclysms in the days ahead.  We are already seeing the sparks ignite.  Whether we are talking the collapse of the dollar, being replaced as the world reserve currency, which is already happening, or if we're talking economic collapse and depression, or if we're talking domestic terrorism from ISIS infiltrators, or if we're talking false flag attacks being used in the Black Lives Matter artificial race war, or if we're talking false flag attacks being used to blame Christian patriots to start a civil war against the militia, or if we're talking open rebellion against the 26 mandatory vaccines babies are required to have, or so many other things we could list here, 'Something' is going to light the powder keg and it looks like it'll be sooner rather than later. 

In the bigger picture, the cabal is working overtime trying to start a world war.  We have the conflict over the 'new' Chinese islands in the south Paciific.  We have Russia threatening North Korea.  NATO and the CIA are stirring things up in Ukraine, the Mid-East and Syria is a powder keg ready to explode with tactical nukes ready in standby for the  orders.  Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey the USA and others are all involved.

When the keg gets lit, what will you do?  You could very easily be in the middle of the fire.   Even if you're not, how will the fire disrupt the transportation, fuel and supply lines that you depend on?

Here is one particular article, out of hundreds we could choose from, which seems to have very real possibilities.  If the cabal doesn't assassinate Donald Trump, which would be too obvious, they could take care of him in a more subtle way.  That would be to wait until he is president, which looks likely, and then have all of their terrorist assets inside the USA start unleashing their terror in the USA and cause mass hysteria to leave him no other option that to declare martial law himself to try to save the country!   Read a full article on this here. 

The point is this:  If you live in the states, you need to get out while you still can.  No more beating around the bush.  YOU NEED TO GET OUT!

Join the Law Club to learn the ins and outs of setting up an escape route.   The time is NOW! 

Have a look at the MEMBERSHIP page and start your planning! 







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Why Panama might be considered as a strong 'Bug Out' option!


Since the turn of the century Panama has significantly outpaced its latin American neighbors in economic growth and has become a veritable international center for business, finance, tourism and expat relocation.  The natural beauty and bio-diversity of the beaches, islands, mountains and 'the interior' are complemented by one of the most modern and beautiful progressive cities in the world.  

The warm tropical climate and year around growing season means there are always local fruits and vegetables 'in season'.  The proximity to two oceans make seafood plentiful.  And the popularity with northerners and Europeans means that there is almost somebody nearby who 'speaks your language'!   The national language is Spanish of course  but English is quickly becoming the second language in the business community and among educated Panamanians.

There is a culture shock for newcomers and the level of service and general attitude of the 'locals' leaves plenty to be desired. It will test your ability to control your blood pressure.  For this reason Panama may not be a permanent solution for relocation.   However, the way things are going in the world, it's only a 3.5 hour flight from Houston, Atlanta or Miami and is easy to get to.  It currently uses the US dollar so there are no currency exchange considerations at the moment for Americans.

I would recommend Panama as a quick, temporary 'Bug-Out' landing pad for a year or two.  From here you have a launching pad and have direct flights to Europe and South America where you can explore other opportunities for an expat life in the long term, or merely a quick bug-out option, should you desire and the need ever arise. 

Here is an excerpt from an article discussing how Panama is growing stronger economically in the midst of global economic chaos. 

"The slump in raw materials prices that has hurt Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia is leaving Central America unscathed.

The region (Central America) is bucking a trend of sluggish growth in the rest of Latin America as cheaper crude prices cut its fuel bills and faster growth
in the U.S. boosts remittances and tourist spending. The region will grow by 4.2 percent this year, led by Panama’s 6.3 percent expansion,
according to forecasts from the International Monetary Fund. That compares to an 0.8 percent growth forecast for Latin America as a whole."


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Banks & Government Fuse into a single entity with 'C.R.S.'


It's starting to look like a prudent financial manager should consider holding at least a portion of his assets//liquidity outside of the banking system.   

OECD Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information - Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is a regime developed by the almighty supranational OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) to provide for information exchanges among government about your financial information.  CRS is akin to a global version of FATCA and will require institutions in participating countries to identify the tax residency of their customers and offer up details of specified personal and financial information to the appropriate global tax authorities.  In other words, banks will have to pass on information to their governments, who will subsequently exchange information with each other. 


Read More 

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Obamanomics is working! 


I don't need to tell you how successful Obama has been in creating massive economic decline which meets the social agenda's objective, which is:  TO MAKE THE POPULATION COMPLETELY DEPENDENT ON THE CONTROLLERS! 

I frequently talk in my workshops about the need to be independent and mobile as it relates to your cash flow.  If you haven't seen my short video message on called PORTABLE TRADES AND OCCUPATIONS, please review it to establish the basis of understanding for the need for an independent source of cash flow. 

Enough of that.  You have dreams bigger than your budget.  If you have a job, you do not have freedom of your time and your life, and that needs to change. 

Or let's just say you are one of hundreds of millions of people on this planet who do NOT have sufficient funds to retire or even meet current NEEDS AND DESIRES! 


Check out this video introduction on the iCharity Club.  It's only 10 minutes and will change your life, if you let it. 

After you see the video, you can REGISTER HERE and start changing things for the better. 



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One of my favorite places...


I've travelled a good part of the world and extensively in Latin America.  Medellin is a gorgeous, well organized and safe city.  On top of that, the US Dollar has gained substantially in the last couple of years against the local Peso which means prices are cheaper than ever and a high standard of living is within reach of just about anybody. 


Have a look at the video to get a glimpse and start thinking about what it would be like to live in the 'Land of Eternal Spring' where tropical fruits and vegetables are always abundant and nearby with a year round growing season. 


My preferred way of living is to have a 'finca' (country home/small farm) within an hour of the city so you can enjoy the glory of a natural tropical paradise, have some gardens and small animals and a place to get away to enjoy your privacy.  Then, to complement that, also keep a small apartment in the city when business or social activities require.  This gives you the best of both worlds.  And you don't need the money to invest in a place right away.   Plenty of options exist for rentals.  

If you don't already have the financial means, we need to work on that and we can help.  Just ask.


Start dreaming.  Then...start living the dream!




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You Need to Have a Plan - Now! 


The young man in this video does an excellent job explaining the current state of global finance and banking.  You need to understand this!  It affects you! 
Once you do, nearly every waking moment should be devoted to having a plan.  

The LLC is intent on working closely with its members to develop a sustainable plan to weather the coming storms.  This would include liquidation and/or protection of assets, possible relocation, creating a 'landing pad' for your 'Bug Out' plan, re-positioning of business, assets and income and more.  

Many folks just simply need more cash flow and more diversified sources of cash flow for sustainability in an economic crisis. 

Be sure to watch the video below.  It contains critical information that few if any, are talking about.  To stay one step ahead of the mob and the trends, you need to be properly informed and supported with 'options'.  That's our mission here at the LLC: providing our members with 'options'.  



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It's an Illusion - a lecture in law by John Harris in the U.K. 


This is a lecture by John Harris about common law, Statutory Law, Admiralty law. Basically the Law Society uses a language against you without you knowing the definitions to and therefor trick you into consenting to contract with them. All conversations are contracts, you have to be carefull what you say when talking to someone in a position of authority as they use a language called legalese. The tricky bastards use the same words as are found in English language, but in their stupid f**king heads decided to give these words different definitions in thier language called legalese. These words only have power over you if you do not know there meaning so i suggest you start to learn their satanic language(Legalese). The language of the law society. 


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Understand the 'Law of the Land' and the 'Law of the Sea'

Everything is done in commerce.  In commerce there is only contract.  The 'Law of the Sea' is imposed upon you even though you are upon the land.  This is why the judge can issue summary judgement regardless of the law or the facts and do what he wants.  This is why you have no rights.  All  you have are the privileges you've been granted according to the contract you entered into voluntarily (through fraud, duress and lack of informed consent). 

Until you comprehend this, you can scream and complain all you like about the 'unjust' legal system.  But the fact is, your failure to comprehend the rules of the game is willful ignorance and you will continue to suffer the consequences unless you learn to play the game correctly. 

This is what the LLC can help you with.  Your freedom, your future depends on it.  Are  you ready?

Watch this video below as a short introduction.  It's powerful and will blow your mind if this is  your first exposure to the concepts involved. 


Be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter.  It'll come from our founder: Mark Emery.  When you subscribe, you'll get a free copy of his book:

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Why Become an International 'PT'? 


With the risks of 'being stuck' in one place increasing every day, you can't afford NOT to start positioning yourself as an 'International PT'.  The way the world is going, you need to be able to be 'nimble' on your feet as well as in your business, your finances and your lifestyle.  Don't get caught being stuck if things get ugly in your 'domain'.  You need to have options.  This short presentation outlines it for you. 


Be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter.  It'll come from our founder: Mark Emery.  When you subscribe, you'll get a free copy of his book:

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Posted by on in World Affairs

If you wait much longer, it may very well be too late!

The LLC (Lighthouse Law Club) is focusing more of it's resources now to help people 'Bug Out' of the USA, Europe and similar areas which are threatened by the global cabal.  If you're not clear on why, or the timing, be sure to watch the video below.  The signs are everywhere and current news headlines are lining up in perfect synchronicity with ancient biblical prophecy as you will see from this video.  We are urgently warning people to re-position their assets, lives, businesses and way of thinking to incorporate a bug out plan and to 'globalize' their lives so they have an 'escape route' and 'landing pad' when things get ugly.  The day is coming.  Don't fool yourself! 

Be sure to read this page and watch the video that is embedded in it! 

Yes, this is a huge benefit and highly appropriate, if not absolutely imperative for people with money and assets, business etc.  But it is equally important for people of modest means and you don't need big money to create a landing pad in a peaceful country which has a year around growing season, plentiful water and a large part of the population still living largely off the land.  And if you feel like you need more cash than you have, we have ways to help you with that.  There is no excuse!  Watch the video below. Start making a plan.  And consider joining LLC to assist you in the process. 



Be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter.  It'll come from our founder: Mark Emery.  When you subscribe, you'll get a free copy of his book:

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Why Levoy Finicum was murdered.


Levoy Finicum was murdered because of his refusal to bow down to federal tyranny.  He was becoming an icon for freedom.  You've heard bits and pieces of his story.  Watch this compilation of many videos done by Levoy.  It's long but you can watch one or two clips at a time to fully understand his story, what he stood for and why this is so important. 

The Lighthouse Law Club was formed to help protect and preserve those freedoms that Levoy died for.  And he was prepared to die for them.  That was his commitment to freedom.   The Law Club is here to help people understand how to protect themselves from these attacks on our freedoms.  

Take the time to watch this video and let's all learn from Levoy.  May God bless all Americans who will stand with Levoy Finicum. 





Be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter.  It'll come from our founder: Mark Emery.  When you subscribe, you'll get a free copy of his book:

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Warm Greetings!  

We'll be posting important news and updates on our activities, knowledge base and analysis of what's going on in the world with an eye toward how we might consider reacting to these things and protecting ourselves from any negative effects.   You'll want to check back often for tips on how to get ahead in this treacherous world and even consider joining us in the 'MasterMind Group' membership !  

I hope to see you frequently!

Mark -

LLC founder

Be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter.  It'll come from our founder: Mark Emery.  When you subscribe, you'll get a free copy of his book:



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