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We discuss in several places the importance of building your local chapter of the Law Club. Once you have a core group, the idea is to network and get to know other civic groups who are active doing their own 'thing' whatever that might be. The problem we have, even in the freedom movement is that there are so many 'focus groups' doing their own thing, efforts and energy are splintered and ultimately, there is never enough critical mass to accomplish much of anything.

To solve that we all need to come together. Each group can maintain their own identity and focus without compromise, but if we don't come together to reclaim the republic and our freedom, there will be NO Group left with any hope of accomplishing anything!

We all have a common interest to create the environment necessary so that we all can prosper and pursue our goals and ambitions. We need to focus on this theme and build coalitions with other organizations to come together and work together. Once we can establish our common interests with the leadership of another group, it is only logical that we work together in one way or another and their membership or followers will become obvious candidates to work with us as we build momentum. This requires some leadership and volunteerism on the part of your local chapter, which ultimately means YOU! It must be done. Let's discuss this further here....
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