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I think that it's very important to occasionally detach from the cyber world and go meet real people and develop those relationships. Especially if they are in your community. Nothing can replace that. I would suggest that you start your 'local chapter' of the LLC with a few like minded friends. If you can't count anyone as 'one of those' don't feel bad. You're not alone! Put an ad in the paper and go find some. You'll be amazed at the incredibly interesting responses and people you'll find from that. Once you have a core group, meet regularly, discuss what you are learning, bring reports from your studies and share experiences. As you become empowered, people will see that and want to be a part. Your club will grow and this is what we need. We need leaders! If you've never 'felt' like a leader before, maybe now is the time. Your local chapter of the law club will be the seed which re-starts the republic!
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How local would you suggest we start? City group?County group? I was thinking County might be a good place to start especially if you could get the sheriff involved...
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I would consider doing one in your local area. Depending on the size of the city, it might be a section of a larger city, or citywide if a smaller town. It will likely grow once people start hearing that you are discussing strategies to protect your rights and freedoms and have some solutions for remedy against abuse. You'd be amazed how many people have been abused by the system and feel alone with nowhere to go! Once your group starts getting some steam, then would be a good time to branch out, reach out to other groups to collaborate on project of mutual interest. With this momentum, you could then contact your local sheriff and perhaps invite him to speak to your group on a particular topic of interest. You might coordinate with the local and state coordinators of who are very active already working with most sheriffs in every county. Those people are also politically active and working to establish the peoples' common law grand jury in each county. You will most certainly also find other groups with similar interests so learn to research and network and you'll likely find some interesting results.

But to answer your question: How to start? I might consider a small ad in a local paper that goes something like this: "Been abused by the system? Citizens' action committee forming now. Call xxx-xxxx

You might also make up some small business cards with the same text and just hang out around the courthouse handing them out, or handing them out in the mall or anywhere. You'll be surprised how many people respond!
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