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Hopefully by now you've already taken the time to view the video on the Power of the Grand Jury, found in the LOCAL SELF GOVERNANCE > THE PEOPLES GRAND JURY page in the members section. This is critical.

As a follow up to that, here is a message from the leader of that group (National Liberty Alliance) which gives you a good idea of the effect they are already having. We need to get on board with this effort and give all the support we can. If you can join NLA and support with as little as $5 a month and get involved in your local community, there will be some powerful networking guaranteed and hopefully a 're-capture' of the local political structure in your area.

Here is John's message for this 4th of July weekend; Please read this e-mail, Liberty depends upon it.

Recently we collected and spent $16,000 to fax seven mandamuses [over one million pages] to “ALL” US Supreme Court Justices, Federal Judges, State Judges, Sheriffs, US Marshals, FBI Special Agents, Joint Chief of Staff, US Congress, US Senate, 50 State Senates, 50 State Assemblies and 50 Governors.

You can download pdf copies at We also filed embossed sealed copies via U.S. Mail in all 94 Federal District Courts with powerful results. We have filed two Writ Habeas Corpuses that successfully released two People from jail.

Presently we are in the process of filing over 100 Writ Habeas Corpuses; Presentments a/k/a indictments against four federal judges, two US Attorneys, one FBI Agent and one clerk; re-filing Presentments against 8 top New York judges.

We are also planning to file numerous other court documents that we cannot talk about at this time. In order to file these papers we also need to fax all these papers to all of the aforementioned servants. This obviously will cost more money.

Since we started faxing we have been searching for a more affordable plan for faxing. Recently we found a company selling mass faxing software with 16 phone-line ports @ $440.00; 16 port (modems) hardware @ $2400.00 and 16 phone lines @ about $30/month each x 3 month; totaling $4280.00 plus approx. $800 for envelopes, paper, toner and stamps to file each document in all 94 district courts for a total cost of about $5000.00. This plan will allow us to send unlimited faxes for three months; and “ONLY” $480, for unlimited faxing, for each additional month after the next three months.

We must finish what we started; we cannot letup on the pressure we are building in the federal courts. Therefore we need $5000 ASAP to continue with our mission to save our Republic. Please donate over this Independence Day weekend. To donate by, credit card, check or money orders go to >

John Darash
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