By your acceptance of membership, you accept and agree to honor the following terms and conditions; 

Disputes:  All members agree to treat each other with honor and respect at all times. The underlying common thread expected from all members is to always act in ‘good faith’. Where disagreements occur, settle the issue between yourselves first. It that is not possible, only then bring it to the attention of the club admin whereupon two or more arbiters will be appointed from among the membership and their decision will be final.

Termination:  ‘The Club’ admin reserves the right to expel any member and cancel the membership solely at the discretion of the club, for cause, or any reason which could bring disrepute, damage or disharmony to the club, its members or its proper functioning.  In the event of expulsion, all membership fees paid shall be deemed offered and accepted for services rendered and no refund shall be contemplated for the quid pro quo exchange up until the point of expulsion. 

Personal Responsibility:  Each member retains sole and exclusive responsibility for any information used or derived from what is available from The Club and shall hold harmless any other party involved, whomsoever it shall be.  Member, understands that any and all information offered by the club or its members whould be automatically considered 'incomplete' and it is incumbent upon the member to do his or her own research, with the proper professional guidance, before implementing any particular process. 

Privacy:  All 'Member materials & Links' such as 'registration', 'private listed videos', specialized training programs and advanced training modules, private member communications, web conferences, discussions in the Members Forum and other 'Members Only' communication is deemed 'Private & Confidential' in nature and shall not be disclosed to anyone who is not a member in good standing. Further, no member shall disclose personal details of any other member to any third party, either within, or without the club, without that members express permission.   All member data used by Admin is used exclusively for the purposes of the club and no other.  No information is ever knowingly and willfully shared, sold or exposed to any third parties without the expressed permission of the affected member.  This may relate to dealing with third party service providers wherein the member has requested a direct introduction.

It is the purpose of The Club to advance each members individual knowledge and personal capacity to effect powerful results in their lives.  We do this in Good Faith, with Clean Hands and Full Disclosure.  Anything to the contrary is notwithstanding.