Things are not always what they seem. To expand our awareness and power, we need to be prepared to ‘think out of the box’. 
A truly intelligent person understands that he knows almost nothing! The ‘universe of knowledge’, just as our ‘knowledge of the universe’ that we have access to is only but a grain of sand on the beach. Therefore, to gain true understanding, we have to be prepared to change the paradigms of our belief systems and thought structures. Much of what we have been taught to believe is a fallacy, a fraud or at best, incomplete. Once we get past the limitations of our own beliefs, only then can we expand our knowledge and awareness. The Club will lead you to ‘revelations’ of expanded awareness as it relates to your: ‘status’ as a ‘person’, your relation to the law, the government as it would like to present itself (vesus reality), the common law and much more.