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This country has a lot of problems, serious ones! If we don’t get on the ball and do something quick, a Free America will be nothing but a quaint memory quickly to be written out of the history books, if things keep on the current trend.

But there is good news! The American Revolution against Britain was won with little over 1% of the population ‘actively engaged’! We can do this! You may have your own personal problems as well. Peace and security starts at home! But if you had to bet on which home it would be, the one whose owner works all day and drinks and watches TV all night? Or the one who exercises his brain and adds to his knowledge base several times a week? Who is most likely to advance in the world? We all know folks in each category!

Consider the Lighthouse Law Club, your mental ‘gym’ and you need the workout at least several times a week to get into shape! Your family and your country are depending on you!

True Americans need to get off the couch, turn off the T.V., hit the books and hit the streets, sharing the good news and the solutions we have to get the mother ship back on course!

The Lighthouse Law Club exists for only one purpose… to uncover those solutions so you, your family and your community can live lives of peace and prosperity with liberty for all. We are also looking for the solutions and ideas you can bring from your experience.

This is the value of a ‘Club’, it works off of the ‘synergy’ of its members!