IMPORTANT NOTICE:   This is the log-in page to be used ONLY for pre-approved, pre-paid members of the CONSTITUTIONAL COMMANDOS MASTERMIND GROUP.


If you have any questions about that, see the Membership page (MASTERMIND GROUP).


Sadly, due to repeated abuse we have experienced in this regard we have to draw a very hard line on this.  IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED THOSE STEPS for membership, then go back and review before proceding.

If you proceed without authorization we construe it to be in complete disregard to our policies which is a willfull act of BAD FAITH and you will be blacklisted and permanently barred from membership in the future with forfeiture of any donations made previously.


We are involved in some very serious business and we have strict protocols which we hope you can appreciate.  We're only interested in members who act in good faith, can read and follow instructions with respect to policies which are implemented for the benefit all members in good standing.

Caveat Actor!


Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.