The direction of the Law Club is simple:
1. Empower People
2. Reduce government meddling in our lives
3. Restore the Republic (Self governance with Freedom and Prosperity)

1. 3 important areas relating to empowerment include: knowledge, personal finances and spiritual strength. Bolster these 3 areas and you will be
a force to contend with! We’ll show you how.
2. With new found understanding of the law, in many cases you can simply tell government busybodies to just take a hike! We’ll show you how!
3. In order for America to survive as we know it, we’ll have to ‘Restore the Republic’. There is no alternative. The path is clear and we have a plan!

Our plan is summarized in a pdf document you can download right here. Please read it and if you agree to its underlying principles, please share
it with everyone you know!   To download ‘The Plan’   Click Here

Collectively, it is imperative that concerned citizens get pro-active now in a variety of areas if we are going to save the republic. We are sliding down
a slippery slope and are already half way down the hill, headed for the abyss.

If we do go over the edge, and we’re close, we’ll never return to the America we grew up in.  We need to start taking drastic action NOW!

It all starts with education, communication and coordination. The Lighthouse Law Club is intended to be a central tool contributing to that effort.

We hope that you use it wisely and often!