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Dear Readers,


I have some good news for you, but first the bad news.


It comes from various trusted sources.


It’s from the NY Times...


... And it’s from a man worth many billions...


... AND it’s from a global watchdog group monitoring the world situation.


So what are they all saying?


First, a bit about Turkey and the crash of the lira...


Market Update

Turkey Currency Crisis Causes Asia Market Slide

Turkey's deepening currency crisis is putting pressure on emerging markets,
with Asian stock markets falling on Monday”


Hmm... that doesn’t sound so great. 


But I’ve promised good news, too, so what about a word from the editorial board of the NY Times:


... the market appears to be more overvalued now than it was before the crisis [2008 recession]
according to Robert Shiller, the Yale economist who won a Nobel Prize for his work on bubbles
in the stock and real estate markets.”


Ooops, no optimism from that, either.


Well then, how about an individual investor who is worth billions?


In a speech earlier this year, George Soros said that...


... Rising anti-European Union sentiment, the disruption to the Iran deal, a soaring dollar
and investors taking money out of emerging markets are adding up to bad news for the
global economy. We may be heading for another major financial crisis.”


Ummm... how much is the global economy going to affect me?  My job?  My employer?  My industry?  My region? My currency? Let me think about that.


But what about the good news I mentioned?


Let’s think about it for a minute.


As individuals or small businesses, we’re more nimble, more responsive and creative and can adapt faster than big corporations, agencies, or organizations that need input and approvals, studies and analysis from a dozen sources before they can make the slightest move.


In a way, the effects of the global economy are much like the British army was in the American revolutionary war when they’d advance in columns and in formation to the beat of the drums making themselves easy targets for the patriots who were scurrying about behind the rocks and trees picking off the British soldiers one at a time. 


The British thought they were following the ‘rules of engagement’.  The Colonists said, ‘To hell with that!  We’re coming up with our own rules of engagement!’ 


The Patriots were nimble, flexible and could react on-the-fly.  They could see the British coming and position themselves so they weren’t easy targets and had good cover to survive the advance and counterpunch.


And that’s exactly what survivors of the coming economic storms will be doing, thinking out of the box and coming up with their own ‘Rules of Engagement’


So if all hell breaks loose on the world's stage, YOU can still be sitting pretty.


There are ALWAYS people who make a killing in the worst economic situations.


I’m not talking about taking advantage of people who are in trouble.


No, I mean being properly positioned so that they are largely unaffected by the winds of ill economic tides and with a little bit of foresight, can be in a position to profit nicely.


That’s why I created the Global Entrepreneur membership in the Lighthouse Law Club which adheres to the following principles;


  • You can’t lose what you don’t own
  • Learn to live like a king while being a pauper on paper
  • Minimize your exposure to banks and traditional financial institutions and their investment instruments
  • Minimize your holdings in fiat currency and shift holdings to ‘appreciable assets’ so when fiat drops to the sewer those assets rise through the roof.



No matter what’s going on in the world, YOU control your own destiny and can never be stripped of your family’s inheritance by the ‘wanna-be’ controllers of this world.


As a smart, in-tune individual or small business, you’re NOT at the mercy of forces that devour ordinary people… and even ordinary entrepreneurs.


The signs, the signals, the bells, the whistles are going off everywhere…GET OUT OF FIAT CURRENCIES!


Whatever you do or don’t do, be sure to watch this video interview by  Greg Hunter entitled THE WORLD IS VENEZUELA!


This will give you pause to consider what I’m saying.


Then take a hard look at what’s available to you in the Global Entrepreneur business package which should be looked at as a lifeboat to carry you through the coming storm.


Peace and blessings to you and yours!




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This important article is a WARNING to Everyone!   




Let me start by saying that I've done some stupid things in my life and have paid a heavy price for my stupidity.  This article is written to help you avoid having to pay that heavy price which others are paying every day for not being aware of what you are about to read and know.  So In order to establish a base of understanding, let's start this article with some facts which should be 'given' and are pretty much accepted as universal common knowledge, shall we?  Surely I'm going to offend some people but that's fine.  Perhaps it needs to happen. 


1.  Government is NOT here to help you

2.  Governments are bankrupt and seeking funds from wherever they can find them 

3.  The IRS, Inland Revenue, HMRC or your local Tax Office do not follow the law 

4.  Banks do NOT demand due process or proper paperwork before giving foreign agents full access to your bank accounts on a whim.  They roll over like puppies looking for a belly rub from their master.

5.  Attorneys work for the Crown not you! (BAR = British Accredited Registry) 

6.  The Crown's right-hand consists of the bankers like hungry dogs on a leash chomping at the bit to be let loose. 

7.  The courts provide the playing field (slaughterhouse) and collection agency for the BAR, the Crown and the bankers.

...and this is where massive ignorance and stupidity come into play....

8... And despite this common knowledge, People still think that their money is 'safe in the bank'!  




Nearly the entire free world which has the opportunity to participate in 'Free Enterprise' is chasing the Holy Grail of success and financial security.  The free world offers numerous stellar examples of rags to riches stories.  These stories almost never happen without an intense commitment of blood, sweat and tears along with directed and focused energy in building these empires.  The cost in time and energy are almost immeasurable when you look at the years of sacrifice that go into such successes.   These are truly inspirational stories of accomplishment. 

And even in your hometown, you know stories of the local kid who 'done good' to one degree or another!   Perhaps you are one of those examples.  If so, this article is intended for you more than anyone.  

So then why is it that we so often hear of someone's rise to the pinnacle of success, only to hear that after years of making the climb, they somehow get crossways with some government agency and lose it all?   Everything!  They go from multi-millionaire to almost 'refugee' status

In view of the above, let's look at some absolutely brilliantly successful business people who had the world at their feet after building an empire, only to lose it all due to frightening ignorance if not downright stupidity! 


Case in Point:  Matt Lloyd - MOBE

Matt had built a fantastic business empire selling business training online in his business known as 'MOBE' (My Own Business Education).  He has created numerous other millionaires who were consultants in his program.  These were people, many of whom started with little to nothing, who followed his program and with hard work, learned how to manage an internet business and became very successful in their own right.  MOBE had paid out more than $100 million in commissions to its consultants and just this year Matt bought his own private island in the south pacific to develop a global training center and resort.

Matt surely knew or should have known, about the given factors 1-7 above.  Fast forward to June of this year and we see that the FTC came in without warning, without due process, without any Notice & Grace to correct anything, and just flat out shut them down putting thousands of successful people out of business.   

MOBE was a profitable livelihood for thousands of people who will all suffer.  The fact that they were shut down is bad enough, but to the point of this article, messages have been distributed through various MOBE networks that Matt was 'accepting donations' for legal expenses.  What does that tell you?  All of his accounts were seized.   When he went to bed the night before he was a multi-millionaire.  When he woke up the next day, he was virtually penniless.  Just like that!  This multi millionaire with his own private island all of a sudden had no money left to pay his own legal team to fight back. 


That's what they do.  When they see you as a 'ripe target' with something to steal, they strip you bare financially to 'get the goods' and then you have nothing to fight back with no matter how egregiously criminal the process was.  Let that be a word to the wise.  This is standard operating procedure.  And a key point for you to understand is, that you don't have to do anything wrong!  Governments are hungry for cash and they're going after it wherever they can find it.  This is no small point.  The courts have become nothing but organized racketeering enterprises.

People who refuse to recognize this are the willing victims.  This is the price of ignorance. 

I have personal friends who have been in the truth and freedom movement since the 90's.  They have seen first hand how corrupt and underhanded government agents can be when they're trying to score career points by being a good collector in gathering spoils for the Queen.   

One such friend of mine had been very successful in accumulating millions in assets when he got legally attacked for purely political and financial reasons.  When discussing the matter of asset protection vis-a-vis his legal case which was already in process, his attorneys advised him:  "Nothing to worry about.  They'd never do that!"   

For some strange reason, my friend had a serious case of brain flatulence that day and he accepted what the attorneys told him.  Shortly thereafter,  large sums in his accounts and his other assets were seized leaving nothing but a crooked public defender who was in on the game, to defend him against bogus charges which could have resulted in a virtual life sentence had he gone down on a case which was completely fabricated.  The issue is still not resolved and he's currently living month to month with the help of some friends.  Meanwhile, his multi-million dollar business is destroyed and he's virtually penniless.  So much for listening to attorneys! 

So, just in case you are naive, or shall I say, 'misinformed' and thinking that these are just isolated cases and these guys probably deserved what they got, perhaps you should see what's going on in the rest of the world.  Click Here for an endless list of examples of just what I'm talking about.  Before you do that though, I recommend going to get your valium. 


So then, now that you've been properly informed on what's going on in this world, you can no longer claim 'Ignorance'... "Well I didn't know...!"  From this point forward, should this ever happen to you, it would be based on nothing short of willful stupidity.  Sorry, but those are just the facts, maam!  That would be your choice. 

Prudence and intelligence would dictate that once someone is aware of a substantial risk, that they take pro-active measures to control or mitigate that risk. 

It is for these people who have the awareness and vision to steer clear of the potential danger that we have created our 'Alternative to Traditional Banking.

The primary purpose of our GLOBAL ENTREPRENEUR membership level is to provide you with a safe and very private haven and toolkit to use in keeping your business and finances free and safe from the CROWN, the BAR, and their endless teams of collectors and enforcers. 

For a full training and due diligence on these issues, I can highly recommend this series of training videos:

Do your research, make your plan and put it into play. 


It's not so easy to make money and build an empire. 
But it's extremely easy to lose it!  




Get Started with Your Global Entrepreneur Membership Today!

Protect Your Future Now.  Click Here 


Get Your Free Report - Click the image below 





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The Globalist Central Bankers Fear Freedom! 


Bitcoin continues to set almost daily price records. It closed yesterday at $6,953.58/BTC. Indeed, since the beginning of 2017, the price of bitcoin has more than quadrupled.

Your friendly Big Brother is watching this price momentum. And he’s aware that the long-term success of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin threatens the foundations of the nation-state.

Here in the “land of the free,” the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) declared in July that “initial coin offering” (ICO) investments are subject to securities regulations. (An ICO is an investment in an asset based on the “blockchain,” which is the mathematical underpinning of bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies.) The SEC has also filed fraud charges against a purported bitcoin trading platform, suspended trading in a publicly listed bitcoin firm, and rejected the first application for a bitcoin ETF.

The SEC isn’t the only federal agency attacking cryptocurrencies. At the end of 2016, the IRS issued a “John Doe summons” against Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US. In a John Doe summons, the IRS doesn’t know of any particular individual evading tax, so it demands to see everyone’s records. The IRS suspects that Coinbase users are evading tax with cryptocurrency transactions. The summons demanded that Coinbase provide complete transaction records for all users between 2013 and 2015.

But for sheer overkill, it’s hard to beat the proposed legislation introduced in the Senate to crack down on the international movement of cryptocurrencies. The legislation would expand the definition of “monetary instruments” that must be reported when crossing a US border to include any “prepaid access device.”

If this bill is enacted, you’ll need to add up the value of prepaid debit cards, gift cards, prepaid phones, and prepaid coupons before you cross a US border. Not to mention accounts in any cryptocurrency. If the aggregate value exceeds $10,000, you’ll need to report all your holdings to the Feds.

What’s more, if you’re arrested for failing to comply with the new rules, the proposal would allow the government to file a secret motion for a restraining order that would freeze any account you own. Not just cryptocurrency accounts – any financial account could be frozen. Even your safe deposit box could be cleaned out. The restraining order could be extended indefinitely.

Of course, the US isn’t acting alone. Numerous countries have banned bitcoin altogether, including Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, and Vietnam. Others, like Algeria, are considering a ban. South Korea has banned ICOs. And Russia’s central bank started blocking websites that sell bitcoin last month, after President Vladimir Putin said cryptocurrencies were risky and facilitated criminal activity.

China has been restricting bitcoin in stages. In 2013, it restricted banks from using bitcoin. They could no longer convert the national currency, the renminbi, to bitcoin, or vice-versa. Then two months ago, China banned ICOs. And just last week, China completed the process of shutting down all domestic cryptocurrency exchanges.

What has governments so upset about cryptocurrencies? Rather than try to answer this question myself, I’ll quote Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, a true heavyweight in the global banking establishment. In a recent speech, Lagarde speculates that blockchain technologies could replace national currencies and conventional financial intermediation. She said blockchain technology "puts a question mark on the fractional [reserve] banking model we know today."

It’s easy to understand why Lagarde feels this way. Unlike traditional currencies, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aren’t created out of thin air by a central bank engaged in “quantitative easing” or similar operations. Instead, they’re produced using computing power on distributed networks in a process called mining.

The rules that make bitcoin work (the protocol) limit the number of bitcoins that will ever be mined to 21 million. That means it’s impossible to debase or otherwise manipulate bitcoin value.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are also decentralized. No central bank or other authority oversees operations. That means no central authority can “bail-in” a cryptocurrency. For instance, it would be impossible to do with bitcoin what the European Central Bank did to bank deposits in Cyprus in 2013. The Cyprus bail-in cost depositors up to 100% of the value of their uninsured bank accounts.

What’s more, since transactions are peer-to-peer (between individual users – not through a central authority), they’re far more private than transactions made through a bank. The transactions are functionally anonymous. Because of the blockchain, the details are traceable, but the identities of the persons involved are not.

It’s no wonder governments fear the bitcoin phenomenon. They risk not only losing control of their fiat currencies, but also losing their ability to force contributions (i.e., taxes) from residents. And the pushback from the powers-that-be has only begun.

Banks will applaud the crackdown, because the peer-to-peer model of cryptocurrency eliminates the need for a middleman, which traditionally has been a bank.

While some countries have pursued an outright ban on cryptocurrencies, the blockchain model is so revolutionary that many governments will opt for a more nuanced approach. A largely overlooked announcement from Russian President Vladimir Putin may pave the way. Putin has proposed a government-run blockchain-based cryptocurrency dubbed the “CryptoRuble.” Regular rubles could be exchanged for CryptoRubles anytime, with a 13% tax imposed on buying or selling them.

In the US, an official from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has proposed an initiative called “Fedcoin.” It would be a peer-to-peer payment system where you can send US dollars to anyone else. But the Fed would oversee all transactions, just as it does now. And it would still be free to exercise measures of what the IMF calls “financial repression” such as negative interest rates.

However, government-controlled cryptocurrencies are a poor substitute for the real thing.. And without a global ban on cryptocurrency transactions, it’s hard to see how restrictions or outright bans will be enforced.

For instance, shortly after China banned mainland residents from using cryptocurrency exchanges, Chinese blockchain developers set up shop in other countries. And in Ecuador, where cryptocurrencies were banned in 2014, the prohibition only moved transactions to the black market. The bitcoin price in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is only about $200 above the market rate in countries where it’s legal.

In the meantime, the price of bitcoin keeps rising. If it’s a bubble, it’s certainly a long-lasting one. Only time will tell whether it’s sustainable – and how Big Brother will ultimately react to its success.

Mark Nestmann



Editor's Note: 

You can rest assured that any activity that appears to be 'Free' from control, supervision and distraint, will be looked at closely by your Big Brother.  This is why we're keeping one step ahead of the game by implementing our Private Asset Management system (PAMS).  Privacy never looked so good!  

See for yourself: 



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Warning to USA Bitcoin Traders


IRS Cashes in on Bitcoin Boom
By - Simon Black

What happened: 

Have you made money on Bitcoin? Did you give the IRS their cut? 

Here is another reason to hold Bitcoin long term, instead of treating it as a speculation. If you sold your Bitcoin high, and made some cash, the IRS considers that capital gains. 

And they most likely know who you are. 

The IRS is now actively seeking those who made money on Bitcoin and did not report the gains to the IRS. 

They used a “John Doe summons”  to collect all records from the Bitcoin trading website Coinbase. 

In the past, the IRS used the same methods to bully Swiss banks into revealing American account holders. 

What this means: 

How is this type of summons legal? Isn’t the government supposed to abide by the Fourth Amendment, and describe particular things to be searched and seized? This is broad dragnet investigation into personal documents or “papers.” 

Since the 16th amendment created the income tax, Americans have put up with yearly investigations into their finances that completely trample the Fourth Amendment. 

Just because the government says it is legal to tax income, suddenly the right to be secure in your person, houses, papers, and effects goes out the window.
Editor's Note:  As we begin to see crypto currencies trash the USD we'll also be seeing more frenetic attempts to disrupt this trend by the central bankers and their minions in government.  Taxation, attempted regulation, distraint, attempted market disruptions, hack attacks and the like are all in the bag of tricks for the central bankers who are losing control and are desperate.  

For this reason, among others, we have our own private banking solutions to protect you from a majority of these tyrannical outbursts and attacks.  For more on that, Click Here  to get more on our Private Asset Management System (PAMS)
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Alternative Financial Solutions in the Digital Age




Will you continue giving these guys power over you?  Or will you seek Private Asset Management and alternative financial providers?


If you who work hard, own anything, are an entrepreneur or business owner and are trying to build a future for your family,  you are currently at risk of being plundered and losing all or a great part of the fruits of your labor.  You’re in deep trouble whether you know it or not and had better pay close attention.


In the days; 


…when bankrupt governments are seizing the personal assets of it’s citizens at a frenzied pace, with no justifiable or legitimate cause other than those they can ‘invent’,


…when globalist policies want to take more of your money using poorly disguised excuses such as ‘carbon taxes’, ‘global U.N. taxes’ on your phone bill or other nefarious attempts at distraint,


…when fake liens and illegal garnishments and seizures routinely take place without due process,


…when the laws are being modified to make your bank deposits the private property of the banksters relegating you the depositor to the status of a mere ‘unsecured creditor’, and


…when bank executives place high risk bets with your money in the derivatives markets (which are poised to collapse) and overextend their reserves and liquidity ratios to dangerously precarious levels which threaten the very existence of the bank, and


…when it is widely known that some of the biggest banks are known money launderers for the drug cartels, and


…when it is also widely known that the FDIC could only handle a small fraction of a percent of accountholders in the event of crisis, and


…when the banks operate with reckless abandon knowing they are ‘too big to fail’ and any mistakes, losses and/or financial disasters which they cause will be paid for by the taxpayers anyway, and


…when lies, theft and criminal corruption become standard operating procedure because no bankers have ever been held accountable or gone to jail despite criminal convictions of fraud and abuse of their clients…then...


… you know you’re entire financial life, financial future and everything you’ve ever worked for is in ‘Deep Do-Do’! 


When it is common street knowledge that the biggest liars, thieves and crooks are the bankers and their government co-conspirators who back them up, you know it’s time to start dis-associating yourself from that mob and find ways to protect and preserve your financial arrangements and everything you’ve worked for. 




With that in mind…. let’s dream a little bit about what a perfect solution might look like. 


In our dream, we might envision….


….dealing in non-fiat currencies which are not debt instruments of depreciating value and instead deal only in assets which are appreciating or holding their value,


…such assets are not controlled or tracked by any central bankers or governments yet are still universally accepted and used for trade purposes globally.


…dealing in these currencies and assets which means they are typically not reportable nor subject to seizure or garnishment.


….managing our affairs through private international trusts which offer extraordinary privacy and asset protection.


…having a series of trusts established to completely avoid probate and create an inheritance for your family which lawyers cannot touch or rob in probate!


…using the same trusts for business succession planning so there would never be any transfers required in the event of your demise and thus, never any ‘taxable event’ would occur.


…having assets held what could be a multi-national portfolio of holdings of assets, out of reach of the robber barons in local jurisdictions.


…being able to manage various fiat cash accounts, crypto currencies, precious metals and private business funds all from a single online account management platform which is more robust and secure than many if not most common internet banking programs.


…having a transparent and effective system of accountability and a verified audit trail including several layers of checks and balances with legal recourse for maximum integrity and security.


…having a completely anonymous ‘numbered’ account with a VISA debit card to use as a pass through and access to cash and monthly bill paying.


…being able to order an armored car to pick up cash deposits in almost any amount almost anywhere in the civilized world and credited to your international numbered account.


…having the flexibility to avail yourself of a financial network of over 400 specialized financial entities around the world which are a part of a service network at your disposal.



That would be a good  ‘dream’ wouldn’t it?


Except that it’s real and it’s coming very soon.


It’s not available to the public but only to members of the Lighthouse Law Club.


Once you are a Constitutional Commando member full details will emerge upon request.  This is highly private business.







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