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Global Entrepreneurs

This is our elite level membership geared entirely to move business-minded members into advanced financial strategies in the international marketplace.  This  1.5 minute ‘Welcome’ video sets the stage.

The focus is on; asset protection, privacy, business security, wealth management and tax free growth for effective long-term financial planning.   The net result is an expansion of business and financial capabilities, spreading risk through diversification, living the ‘PT’ lifestyle, and ultimately gaining more freedom and prosperity.

As a means of introduction, watch this 17 minute video.

To understand a little more about our set-up you’ll want to see our presentation on CAPITAL REPOSITIONING FOR TAX FREE GROWTH. 
If this idea appeals to you and you want to dig into more detailed information and drill down, we have a complete video series designed to educate, inform and help you to do your due diligence.  To access that video series, Click Here
This membership level is intended for those who are concerned about securing successful wealth management in the event that they’ve already achieved it, or are serious about creating it.

The Basic Global Entrepreneur member benefits package includes:

All the benefits of the FULL MEMBERSHIP with its treasure trove of endless resources


Benefits for the Global Entrepreneur include, but are not limited to multi-media training, tools, templates, contacts and discussion on:

The training and support members receive is NOT the traditional ‘in the box’ type of thinking which is offered by ‘credentialled’ professionals who are usually mere extensions of the ‘status quo’ powers that be. That type of guidance is easy to find, is very expen$ive and is as commonplace and boring as it is ineffective in accomplishing any ‘real results’.  In addition to private consultations along the way you’ll have access to a 375 research document we call our Operations Manual.  It’s easy to read with illustrations and case histories and it’s footnoted to the hilt to satisfy any ‘legal beagle’. 
Rather, ‘Global Entrepreneurs’ will learn special insights from long-time practitioners who have learned and created proprietary methods which in most cases are completely ‘out of the box’ and way beyond the ‘status quo’.  But don’t worry, they are entirely safe, secure and unviolable being based on universal maxims of law, contract, and commerce which are respected everywhere.  
You should not become a ‘Global Entrepreneur’ unless or until you are prepared to break the barriers that have held you back and move to a new level of higher ground from which to direct and build your personal empire!  This membership is for serious, business-minded and forward-thinking individuals who are making plans for the future and understand the risks associated with doing ‘business as usual’ and are ready to ‘move on’ to a higher level of understanding and accomplishment. 
This is a consulting package that is custom-tailored to meet your needs. We will conduct a couple of strategy sessions to present you with a customized proposal based on what you show us are your needs and objectives.  

For a Trust 'Corpus' (Asset Base) of $250,000 or more

For a Trust Corpus of less than $250,000

We highly recommend that you take the time to review the VIMEO video series of 8 due diligence and training videos to properly set your frame of mind.  
Once you do that, fill out the questionnaire below and you’ll be contacted with further information. 

There are no secrets to success.  
It is the result of preparation, hard work
and learning from failure.  
– Colin Powell

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