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Lighthouse Law Club Origins
The spirit of The Lighthouse Law Club (LLC) originated with the pilgrims who emigrated on the Mayflower in 1620 to flee religious persecution.  They risked their lives to seek the freedom to live according to their beliefs.  Today, we find ourselves in much the same position as the pilgrims did when they fled the tyranny of King James who would have them arrested and thrown in jail for refusing to participate in ‘the sanctioned church’ rituals.  

The LLC stands as the beacon of freedom to guide modern-day pilgrims into safe harbor where they can get off the law of the sea (admiralty) and come upon the land of the several states and be under the protection of the law of the republic which is separate and apart from the corporate democracy of Washington D.C. (King James)  

The law club is a team effort by multiple contributors from across the nation and beyond. The intent is that the number of independent contributors continues to grow to a point of creating enough critical mass to effect change.

LLC is the brainchild of Mark-Emery:Boswell who is a controversial international entrepreneur, financier, speaker, author, radio talk show host, freedom activist, social worker and perpetual law student.  As a student of the law since the early 90’s he has studied and learned from some of the sharpest minds available in the field of ‘pro se’ litigation, individual rights, commercial law, common law and related subject matter.

He has directly taken on ‘The Beast’ on more than one occasion. He has fought the IRS and won. He has taken on the courts, state officials and has even been on the receiving end of a nasty predawn S.W.A.T. raid having upset the local power structure. He has generally been in the trenches going ‘mano a mano’ for several years. His long list of exploits cannot be detailed here but are found detailed in two books you can find on

He has been attacked, smeared, vilified, chased, arrested and imprisoned in some cases more than once. Various attempts have been made to discredit him and ruin his good name, but he doesn’t hide from those attacks, apologize or back down. Those who have the ‘eyes to see and the ears to hear’ will know ‘what’ or ‘who’ they are looking at. Others of shallow intellect will run at first blush. He is, after all, a convicted felon which, if you know his story, is his ‘badge of honor’. Rather than cast a negative pall over his name, it only adds to his credentials and experience.  You’ve heard that “It’s dangerous to be right when your government is wrong”  and when one stands up for truth in the face of tyranny ‘despite’ the potential consequences, and doesn’t back down, well, we need more Americans like that today.

Since the early 90’s he has studied intently under the tutelage of people such as: Phil and Marlene Marsh of the Pilot Connection, Howard Freeman, The Barristers Inn School of Common Law headed then by John Hallstrom and the late George Gordon. He has worked personally with the brilliant minds and accomplished researchers of Hartford Van Dyke, Dr. Eugene Schroder, and the late Dan Meador.

Mark has personally attended several extensive training sessions with the late Leroy Schweitzer, Dan Petersen, Russ Landers and the other ‘Montana Freemen’. He has spent countless hours for years doing research in the law library of the Supreme Court of The State of Colorado and the University of Denver.

And the result of all this is that he has applied what he has learned to live a life of freedom, peace and splendor in God’s beautiful creation! He is a walking example of the power of knowledge and living fearlessly with the strength of the Holy Spirit.

Having previously launched a successful local law club in Denver, Colorado in the 90’s, due to the perilous state that we find the republic in today, it is high time we bring the concept to the nation and the world.  the Lighthouse Law Club is now online in an effort to restore the republic and your future as an individual of a ‘freeman character’.


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