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The Law Merchant ‘Lex Mercantoria’ is the key legal ‘operational software’ which is being used today against you, your business, your finance, your church, your travel, banking, home repairs, real estate, investments, everything!  It is like fly paper. Once you touch it, you can’t get rid of it very easily. We flies get ‘lured’ onto the paper and we unknowingly become ‘merchants’ in whose world everything is regulated according to contract (written or ‘presumed’).  Such regulations have no allowance for individual rights or the constitution, other than what the contract, or the Law Merchant provides for.  This is why it ‘seems’ like you don’t have any rights anymore.  It’s because you don’t!  You are living in the regulated ‘merchant’ world (sounds like a Disney movie).

People (the entire country) are completely missing this essential element.  All, I repeat, ‘ALL’  efforts on national and statewide elections are a complete waste of time and money.  It doesn’t matter who ‘the warden’ is!   You are still a prisoner and you don’t understand ‘the rules’!  Maybe with hard work and a lot of fundraising you can elect a ‘nice’ warden who is sympathetic to your need for an extra 30 minutes free time in the courtyard, BUT YOU ARE STILL A PRISONER  of the law merchant and you have no rights under the ‘system’ of law merchant, so quit demanding them!  

Quit expecting the elected and unelected trustees of the corporate democracy in Washington, D.C. to follow the constitution for the united States of America!  They are not involved in that organization!  They work for the UNITED STATES.  If you don’t know the difference, you have some studying to do!  

This is critical to your fundamental understanding and will be critical to creating solutions in your life. But don’t worry, there are remedies!  Once you understand the rules, you can use them in your favor in ways you ‘Never’ imagined.  Get ready for a fun ride! 

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