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Important Notice

Important Notice
As a ‘Law Club’, the members and administrators come together to share information or experiences they have or have found, with other members. The members research that information, discuss it, evaluate it, perhaps use it in various ways, perhaps not.

The ‘Club’ is an unincorporated free association of natural individuals operating without borders, without a domicile and without the ‘U.S.’. It does not have any characteristics related to corporations, trusts, or partnerships and is not engaged in commerce.

The Club is not in the business of providing legal advice, counsel or direction. Members share research, experiences & ideas which may be good, bad or indifferent. We can share what has or may have worked in the past to achieve certain objectives. But surely we do not offer any promises or guarantees of results of any kind to anyone for any information or processes found within our member resources.  Our primary activity is engaging in or God-given rights to associate and free speech!

The political and legal landscape is constantly changing. For that reason, each and every member is solely responsible to verify and ensure the accuracy of anything found or shared herein. 

The essence of freedom is self-governance and that starts with personal responsibility which we encourage here at the Lighthouse Law Club.

Privacy Policy:

The information in your member profile is used for internal purposes only and will not be shared with anyone, period.  Provided that you have registered as an individual with your correct name, spelled correctly (in upper and lower case) there is no appellate court which has jurisdiction with or without whatever paperwork they want to produce and any attempts to draw an individual into appellate jurisdiction from The Club’s perspective, will be lawfully rebuked absent a bona fide contract under which club admin might be bound.

Member Terms and Conditions:

All members agree to treat each other with honor and respect at all times. The underlying common thread expected from all members is to always act in ‘good faith’ with ‘clean hands’ and ‘full disclosure’.

Membership is personal and for personal use only.  Credentials are not to be shared with anyone other than a spouse and/or other direct family members living in the same household.

Where disagreements occur between members, settle the issue between yourselves first. It that is not possible, only then bring it to the attention of the club admin whereupon three arbiters will be appointed from among the membership and their decision will be final.   If you have a disagreement with Club Admin which cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, 3 members in good standing will arbitrate the matter and their decision will be final.

‘The Club’ reserves the right to expel any member solely at the discretion of the club admin, for cause, or any reason which could bring disharmony, disrepute or damage to the club, its members or its proper functioning. 

Once a member has logged in to the member website, he is deemed to have full access to all resources which is the quid pro quo having received the full benefit of his/her membership.   Thereafter, any or all donations made to PCF are non-refundable and irreversible. 

Each member retains sole and exclusive responsibility for any information used or derived from what is available from The Lighthouse Law Club and shall hold harmless any other party involved, whoever it shall be.

The above applies to grandfathered Constitutional Commando members (membership no longer available) and Global Entrepreneur members, past present and future.

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