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Protect Yourself from Health Care Providers

Protect Yourself from Healthcare Providers Doctors, hospitals and other health care providers are becoming increasingly aggressive when it comes to over-charging for their services and then collecting the debts.  And the bad news is compounded when insurance companies factor in the ridiculous fees being assessed against patients when calculating the insurance premiums which

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Modern Day Bank Robbery

Excerpt of Article by Jeff Thomas in The INTERNATIONAL MAN The Bank is Being Robbed! Send DataSend Data In 1903, the desperado in the image above appeared in an early film about a robbery. He was the classic guy in a black hat and, of course, he was eventually foiled by

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Using Legal and Financial Jiu Jitsu

We talk a lot about ‘Coming Out of Babylon’, changing your legal status and walking away from the corrupt systems of control.  Today we’re going to flip the script and discuss how people who are entrenched in the system can use legal and financial Jiu Jitsu to shepherd resources from within

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The MMG Gold Certificate Program

If you’re a ‘regular’ you’ve likely seen various articles and/or videos we’ve produced warning you about the dangers of keeping much money in the bank, in the stock market or in traditional investment vehicles.  You can read about the current and coming market correction to your heart’s delight elsewhere.  Since

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How a ‘Cutting Board’ can Help in Decision Making

We all have decisions to make every day as we prioritize tasks, responsibilities, people, and events in our lives.  It often comes down to a decision of weighing the long-term value versus the immediate sacrifice we must make in making those decisions.  This is especially true when it involves managing

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So When is a Good Time to Start Protecting Yourself?

So let’s say you’re thinking of installing a complete home security system.  When would be the best time to do that?  Should you wait for a ‘clear signal’ like AFTER a burglar enters your home, completely ransacks it, threatens the lives of your family and then takes everything of value? 

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The Gift of a Little Extra Time…

If you are fully aware of what’s going on in the world and well informed, then you understand well that President Trump’s election was nothing short of a miracle and clear evidence that the hand of God is working to move HIS plan forward.  You might dispute that because of your

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You’re a Slave – Here’s Proof!

It’s been said that the most productive slave is the one who doesn’t know that he’s in bondage!  This article is to point out that YOU are one of those! Like it or not. Here’s an excerpt from my new book coming out in early 2019 which will be titled

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The World Could Become Venezuela – Are you Ready?

Dear Readers, I have some good news for you, but first the bad news. It comes from various trusted sources. It’s from the NY Times… … And it’s from a man worth many billions…  … AND it’s from a global watchdog group monitoring the world situation.  So what are they all

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How Can Smart Business People be so Stupid?

This important article is a WARNING to Everyone!    Send DataSend Data Let me start by saying that I’ve done some stupid things in my life and have paid a heavy price for my stupidity.  This article is written to help you avoid having to pay that heavy price which others are

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Here’s why we Never recommend using an attorney

The worst thing you could ever do in a courtroom situation is to hire an attorney.  They will never do for you what you can do for yourself with a little training and practice.  I have my own personal experiences, watching attorneys in the courtroom, which are just absolutely amazing

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The Lighthouse Investment Club

Fighting White Collar Crime and Abuse of Power can be Very Profitable! Send DataSend Data As the Lighthouse Law Club is actively engaged in the arena fighting for truth and justice with the same verve as a gladiator would be, fighting for his life in the coliseum, not only have

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