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Businesses and business activity are the number 1 target of bankrupt governmental entities, deep pocket hunters (Attorneys) and socialist freeloaders.  For this reason business owners need to take extra care and precaution to defend themselves from the sharks swimming all around them. 

You’ve heard the term ‘disappearing in plain sight’.  This might be one attractive and attainable objective for the modern day businessperson.  

No matter what, a proper business structure is essential for good management, maximum profits and security of assets and income.   Most people simply set up the corp, llc or other entity, set up the bank account and call it ‘done’!  This is exactly how you can lose everything, including your personal assets along with the business if you’re not careful. 

And today, more and more business owners are realizing that the economic and political risk of keeping everything in the ‘homeland’ is not the prudent thing to do.   We are now well behind the trend in globalizing business activity, assets, and finances, but never before has this been more important.  

Globalizing a business is not just for the mega transnational corporations.  Small business, self-employed and family operations are now seeing the value of ‘positioning’ their activity and assets with a proper business structure either domestically or in the global arena to maximize protection and efficiency.   The beauty of this is that you can do this and not have to ‘Go’ anywhere!  You can manage your far-flung enterprises from your current location and enjoy the best of both worlds if that’s your inclination. 

And if you’re not already in the mode to ‘bug out’ right this moment you certainly should be making preparations to be mobile, financially agile, and operate with increased capacity because of your ‘enhanced options’ with a well-structured business.  Enhanced protection, efficiency, and capability give you more than enough reasons to do this! 

Membership will bring you these options. 

Give it some thought. 

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