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Appearances are one thing. 

But the rubber meets the road with first-hand experience.

What people who know us have to say...

"FYI, You're a Hero Man! All the knowledge that you have and share is Amazing! I hope you feel proud because you should!"
James M.
"I just want to say how thankful I am to you (both - Mark and Tam) for the support you have provided thus far. I look forward to completing certain action steps and then ascending into needing assistance in asset protection and investing."
Mark M
"Thanks to this channel ... I won a court case and was offered a job as an attorney by the judge who took my case. He said I did better than most attorneys in his division. The best thing about it was that I was the defendant and still won in one day. Thank you Lighthouse law club for the strengthening of the average people. (and that was in reference to the free videos on our YouTube channel, not even referring to membership! - Wow!)
Leonardo T.
"Great stuff thank you, Mark. Lighthouse Law Club was instrumental in getting several traffic cases with substantial potential fines, loss of time, jail and to get all to evaporate. I did the work and execution. Mark with his research, critical thinking, a library of knowledge along study material resources and support of Lighthouse Law Club were a huge part. Excellent clear and it works- if you are willing to increase your Capacity and take it to them. It is crystal clear. Now they will be getting “charges” from me!!! Thank you, Mark and Lighthouse Law"
John B.
"I have studied and practiced this information you shared and the state attorney and judge dismissed 2 felony charges. Only 2% in South Dakota wins a felony case and I did not have an attorney, I actually fired the court-appointed lawyer. I am grateful for this knowledge and I will continue to stand my ground and hopefully, others will learn who they are first because that is everyone's base and core. If you don't know your rights, you have no rights. Period!."
Jenalyn C.
Wash. state
"This training gave me the confidence to go fight and win a suspended driving license case today and it rare that I leave comments sooo happy right now. After watching the judge lop off head after head before my case was called."
Allday L.
"Thank You for everything you have done! It looks like they stopped the garnishment. I will continue to promote and grow myself and my team."
“I have to say this is the first time in my life I see truth, trust, and integrity coming together to help all.”
Justin K.
" I bought your Win in Court material and wrote my first complaint and claim. Thank you. Tomorrow I have my first motions hearing. It is complicated. I don't know what's going to happen. The defense wants to dismiss and I am moving for a directed verdict in a negligence claim. Just wanted to let you know I could not have gotten this far without you."
"Got it! This is an extremely well thought out, well put together document."
Jason P.
Washington state
"Today I saw on Credit Karma that all my debts were canceled. So now I know that the Letters from your package brought my battle with three credit card companies to a happy conclusion. Now I have to repair my credit and all is done on that. I need to tweak my IRS remaining docs and send them out. After that, I will be focused on status change and winning in court and finally will be getting a decent passport. I appreciate you!"
Xavier L.
"I was pulled over about a month ago and didn’t show the CHP officer my drivers license, have no plates on my car, and I ended up handing him my passport card and I was free to go! I studied Mark’s initial contact audio lesson and memorized the process for the most part. I shook the officer up pretty good and he was stumbling over his words and didn’t know how to respond to some of my questions. He pulled me over for 85 in a 55."
Joey N.
"I have listened to everything at least three times and printed everything out. I just need to read the tax crimes handbook. Wow! What an education! Fortunately, my search for the truth has lead me to you. It also lead me back to the Bible as it speaks the truth also. It's amazing and also very sad how brainwashed most people are. I want to continue with this and I am interested in the advanced classes or tutorials I believe you offer. I've been studying my butt off for the first time in my entire life! Have a great day!"
Richard E.
"I am pleased thus far with all that I have learned and have a much better understanding of the extent of the fraud taking place just by doing the research that this document requires when reading through it in order to fully grasp the content. The … Package is an investment well made! I am looking forward to sending out my … Statement this week and by doing so giving notice to the crooks that I am done being bamboozled.
Roger F.
"I have used both documents for the state and the IRS. I have to tell you it is one impressive package. The document I have used the most is the Notice of Offer of Performance. Your research nailed the final nail in their collective war coffin. There is no way on earth they can respond to it under their law so they will always "default". I have placed both the IRS and the state in default using both docs. The state has defaulted 3x going on the 4th try and the IRS is at an odds. they cannot get around the filing statement affidavit. they have defaulted as well. But they will not go down without a fight. I have received numerous letters threatening collection and my personal favorite from the IRS "if you don't file the way we want, we will prosecute you". this is all a smoke screen using fear and intimidation tactics. they should have thought twice before taking me on. I have stood up to their terrorist tactics and they have been quiet for now."
Ben R.
Decatur, Illinois
"So I'm dealing with a court case tomorrow after the last couple days after over a month of studies I have been listening to your status and standing video probably close to 15 or 16 times and it is a beautiful piece of work! Thank you a million times!!"
"I paid for the win in court course and I just wanted to say that what I learned about objections and creating an appeal was worth much more than the $ 250! It was money very well spent in my opinion. Thank you."
Steve L.
South Carolina
"Honestly Mark, you are the most helpful person in the entire world right now. That might even be an understatement!" Thank you from Australia!
Penny II
"I think what you are doing is awesome, and very special. Keep up the great work!"
Sean F.
Dunedin Florida
"Mark, I’ve known you for many years and always found you to be a man of honor. Working with your Club has given me hope amidst the ugliness in the world at large. Your commitment allowed me to pick my bones up off the street, literally, and redefine my self-respect. You saturated the Lighthouse Law Club with powerful knowledge and freedom tools; educational materials, manuals and procedural documents. That is your commitment to everyone with eyes to see. It is for me a safe haven, a refuge and a shelter from the threatening storms. When people come into the Club they often ask me what I have gotten out of being a member. I ask them in turn how many people they know in their lives with whom they can have a meaningful discussion on points of freedom and truth. Very few have even one. I have a family of likeminded members to engage and now help them on their road to freedom. And that is not just my benefit. We each gain this as a benefit of the Club. For me, the Club is a conversation for positive transformation in a world gone mad. Like so many, I have taken advantage to educate myself upon the innumerable books, manuals, and videos to rethink who I am and take action to get free. Members tell me of their gratitude for what the Club gives them, most of whom will never put their feelings into words or write you a ‘thankyou.’ So I will write for them. This is reality TV where ‘FAKE’ meets Mr. Real. The evil is tangible and our solutions are powerful. And it is more than that. It is spiritual. The internet tethers us together where we help each other rethink possibility for how to act in the world and stand up as lighthouses of truth. We are a fortress of Light. Thanks Mark.
Tam H.
"What I like most is the wide range of topics and the peoples' input"
Wayne A.
Laveen Arizona
"...After five months of hell with these guys, I sent an Affidavit of Truth to the victim that had just too much for them to deal with Beyond A Reasonable Doubt. On the trial setting date, my case was dismissed because of that. To make a long story short had I known what I know now I would have never gotten a public defender and I would have known exactly what to say to have ended it from the beginning. ...This information is very powerful when you use it correctly. I walk to a different tune now. Most people will struggle to get help in this area because there are liabilities they are afraid of. However, if you do the homework and take action you will be surprised at how much you can accomplish. Keep up the good work.
Anil P.
"...there is no other website like this. I think the weekly calls are important and because of your strong leadership abilities, you are able to present new information so we can hear you explain it before it is posted on the website for us to use to the best of our advantage."
Diane G.
Anadarko, Oklahoma
"I like how you offer many different remedies, i.e. citizenship, legal matters, and financial independence. I also like how there are a wide range of member and knowledge. I enjoy seeing the conversations in the Skype logs."
Mike U.
Nashville Tennessee
"What I like most is the load of information. The step by step video instruction (how to win in court). The archive of conference calls."
Chris O.
Moline, Illinois
"The feature I use the most is the 'Books to Download' page -- as I can suck down all the info and save it later for reading. I've done this with the other educational packages as well."
M. Bledsoe
Kearns, Utah
"The 3 things I like most about LLC: 1. The mission and intention for the LLC and it's members. 2. Members with multiple levels of experience, sharing valuable information and assist other members when available. 3. Your commitment (Mark) to putting time and energy into being the center stone for the club!"
Corey S.
Wilmington, North Carolina
"Bottom line: great-great job with developing this club as it is an incredible resource and achievement!"
John M
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
"I like that there are web conferences each week. Good info. I can't be on the conferences but I listen (to the recordings) when I can later each week."
Rich C., Columbia Falls
"What I like most is level-headed approach to 'patriot' and 'freedom' information. even-handed broker of info. especially like that you are engaging members to provide "comparative" information on different guru's approaches."
Glen C.
Plano, Texas
"...A tremendous value which exceeds my expectations."
Bill G.
Millford, New Hampshire
"Very Good - Highly Valuable."
Butch W.
Memphis Tennessee
"The 3 things I like the most: 1. Truth 2. Resources to find answers to my challenges. 3. I feel a bond of likeness, brotherhood if you will that I have not felt in other groups I have been in."
Dwight C.
Bremerton, Washington
"For me, this info is a blessing from God. I pray you continue to find the strength to lead this community and keep us armoured with the knowledge to protect ourselves."
Ian D.
Winooski, Vermont
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