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Disclaimer:   THE LIGHTHOUSE LAW CLUB is a self study – self help program with the only intent and purpose being to help you expand your knowledge and education on a wide variety of topics.  We make no claims of performance or results of any kind and any information you may use from our libraries is entirely at your own risk and responsibility.  Nothing works for everyone all the time and in our world of corruption at every level, you must be prepared to stand on your own two feet to meet any challenges which come along.  This is where education is of vital importance. The more you know, the better your chances of fending off evil and corruption when it rears its ugly head. We do not take on cases and we offer no form of legal advice or legal services. 

The following is an abbreviated outline of the benefits of being a Full Member in the law club.


People Ask: ‘What’s Included?’
Here’s the answer…


The Full 'Lifetime' Membership Includes

1. The Full 'Lifetime' Membership Includes;


  • Subsection: Withholding
  • Subsection: Liens & Levies
  • Subsection: FATCA & SARS
  • Subsection: Decoding the IMF
  • Subsection: Current News
  • Subsection: Salvation in Section 83
  • Subsection: Dealing with Demands for Payment
  • Subsection: To File or not to File?
  • Subsection: Frivolous arguments lead to trouble
  • Subsection: Don’t Argue – Agree with a Conditional Offer

2. The Money Book

Turning the Tables On the Money Changers

Plus there's more with: Advanced Training Libraries

  •  Initial Contact
  • Winning in Court
  • Strategic Boot Camp
  • Uncovering Bribes
  • Travel by Right
  • The Art and Science of Financial Privacy
  • The Life and Lifestyle of the PT
  • The Insiders Rolodex

Base Camp

Part I: Getting started with fundamentals

  • Introduction Video
  • Quick References – 4 Articles on Fundamental Issues for clarity
  • The Vision of the Law Club – Video – Creating Synergy with like-minded members
  • Strategic Planning Video Workshop. Determining a personal strategy that works for you and then implementing a customized plan with your own priorities to focus on and
    avoid ‘information overload’.

Part II: Recon, Doing Legal Research References

  • Video The basics of doing legal research
  • The Erwin Rommel School of Common Law
  • George Gordon’s School of Common Law

Part III: Maps – Courtroom Procedure

  • Numerous ideas, references & resources

Part IV: Self Governance

  • 6 different subsections

Books, Charts, White-papers, and Research Documents to Download.

  • Asset Protection: 3 very rare and powerful finds you will cherish!
  • Business Banking & Finance: 7 different treasures
  • Common-Law: 5 historical treatises which you are unlikely to find anywhere else!
  • Contract & Commercial Law: 15 powerful revelations of historical importance and useful documents you can use today.
  • PT Lifestyle, Preparation & Escape: 3 Classic Writings to move you to the ‘next level’ in your strategy
  • Right to Travel: 3 critical writings on this important issue.
  • Self Defense & Survival: 13 different training sessions on practical ways to defend yourself in everyday life.
  • Uniform Commercial Code: 4 Quick Reference Charts to help you immediately understand the UCC.

NATF Members Forum

Private Consultations

Recommended Services

Theaters of Operation

Video Workshops

…and if that isn’t enough, we’re adding new information on a regular basis.

But Wait!  There’s more!!

Bonus #1:

Free access and invitations to the weekly, live, Fireside chats for ongoing support and live coaching.

A $500 retail value!  (Learn More)

Bonus #2:

Free access to the NATF Debt Elimination PMA with full library of resources to 'Beat the Bankers'.

A  $300 Retail Value  (Learn More)

We have to stop here or the next step would be that we’d be paying YOU to join!
Our accountant won’t let us do that!

Priced to help you begin your path to empowerment.

All this for only $1495 one time and $49 annually therafter.

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