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Become the Secured Creditor

This concept involves understanding how one or more bonds have been created using your birth certificate as the underlying instrument.  The future value of all of the taxes and fees you are expected to pay in your lifetime, including the value of  your labor and all of the leveraging and hypothecation involved using fractional reserve banking all go into the creation of a huge value which is created as the face value of that bond.  

Being that this is commerce, and all we do in the corporate fiction world is commerce, BECOMING THE SECURED CREDITOR is a commercial process whereby you change your legal posture ‘from’ being the guarantor/debtor of this bond (promise to pay) to being properly established in law as the ‘trustee’ or owner of the bond.  ‘You’ are the original and everything else is a ‘derivative’ from you.  Being that huge amounts of money have been created by virtue of this process in bonding your BC, you are the ‘creator’ of this credit and as such, you shoud then be properly situated as the ‘creditor’ and not the ‘debtor’.  

As creditor, you are in charge of those funds represented by the bond and you can direct how those funds are used, i.e. 

  • pay bills
  • pay credit cards
  • pay off mortgages
  • pay college tuitions
  • pay the IRS

…or use the credit to discharge the alleged debts of anyone who might be trying to make a claim against you. 

Look for more information on this in the Member Forum and the new VIP Advanced Training Libraries.  We currently offer ‘The Non-UCC Settle all Claims’ materials as taught by Patrick Devine and are developing different approaches using other successful methods and approaches which we are aware of, as well.

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