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Building a Location Independent Business

Become a Digital Nomad in 6 months or less!

More and more people from around the world are learning how to break free from the enslavement of the corporate/state treadmill.  The term ‘Digital Nomad’ is becoming not only popular but also quite common as it’s obvious to see the benefits of owning your own time, being in control of your own destiny and being able to manage your own business from any gorgeous, intriguing or peaceful location in the world where you’d like to be, even if its in your own backyard! 

Let’s cut right to the chase.  So long as you are working for someone else and receiving a  paycheck you have several problems which start with…

– your paycheck is subject to reporting, distraint and outright theft.

– you don’t own your time, your boss does

– you are financially limited and highly unlikely to accomplish your dreams

– you make enough to get by and pay all your creditors (maybe) but not much else

– you are pinned down to your present location no matter what happens.

– you have a simple linear relationship to money.   You exchange 1 day’s work for 1 unit of pay, no more.  Done.  Good night.  Start over tomorrow.

– gaining ‘leverage’ and true wealth is impossible.

On top of the problems mentioned above, as an employee, your future stability relies entirely on;

– a stable market for your employer’s product or service

– government regulation not stifling your employer’s industry

– the financial, political and regulatory health of your employer

– trends in the digital age in which humans are being routinely replaced with machines and technology

– having no tornados, floods, earthquakes, riots, martial law or other ‘disruptions’ in your local area.

Do you see how vulnerable you are being pinned to one single location? 

A successful Digital Nomad is location independent and can move to more stable, peaceful and beautiful locations on a moment’s notice to avoid any ‘disruptions’.

A successful Digital Nomad has developed  a diversified basket of business activity which creates multiple streams of income so that if one is ever dried up, he continues without being seriously impacted.

A successful Digital Nomad owns his own time and typically spends much more time pursuing family activities or personal interests.

A successful Digital Nomad gets to keep the money he or she makes and put it to use for his or her own purposes.  (see the Lighthouse Law Club for that)

Enough said.  You get the point. 

So what does it take to become a successful Digital Nomad?  Honestly, it’s quite simple really.   We can break it down this way;

1… Make the personal commitment and create the mindset that this is what you want and nothing will stop you.  This is first.

2…Find the niche in the market you will serve.  Find a need and fill it!  What do you love doing?  What are you good at? What is that market?

3…Feel, smell, taste the results of what this lifestyle will do for you.  This must be internalized and used as a reminder to keep you moving in the right direction.

4…Start creating your internet properties and presence.  This is much easier than it might sound.

5…Start creating a list of followers.  These are people who sign up to follow you, learn more about what you have to offer, are interested in the genre of activity.

6… Start filling the needs that your market has.  This can take on any one or more of several business models; consulting, digital products like books & videos, affiliate marketing of someone else’s products and services, providing a particular service to help others be successful.

Naturally, this list is simplified but this is what it all boils down to.   If you are new to all this, or even if you’ve done some internet marketing before, there is a fair amount to learn when it gets down to all the ‘how to’s but none of it is difficult.  It’s just a matter of learning some basic concepts and how to use the tools that are available to implement those concepts to build your own ‘Location Independent Business’.  Anybody can do this, even if you have no clue about what business or service you’d like to offer.  Read on…

The good news is that we have created a course you can follow, which takes you step by step through the entire process of setting up your own business with multiple streams of cash flow.  We have the model.  We’re doing it already.  Just follow what we’re doing and you’ll be generating cash flow in very short order. 

Are you ready?  Could you handle the lifestyle of a Digital Nomad? 

If so, join our community.  Did I mention that the training course is absolutely FREE?  I almost forgot about that part.  You have everything to gain. 

Get started.  Freedom is waiting for you!   Click Here Now! 

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