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Changing Your Legal Status

Update 2017:   Watch for announcements coming up on new energy coming into this arena.

Most of us are aware that being a ‘federal citizen’ is NOT the place to be if you value your freedom and independence. 

There is a lot of information available on this subject and some of it gets quite esoteric. 

Let’s keep things on a practical level. 

This is a video presentation on just this subject and is a more elaborate ‘Members Only’ version as opposed to the ‘abbreviated’ version found on our public YouTube Channel. 

Whatever ‘papers’ you have or seek are meaningless if you continue to live and act as a ‘federal citizen’.  This shows up in your habits and ways of doing things and the first time you’re hauled into court for failing to support the public debt in any way, the judge takes silent judicial notice and you’re hooked! 

If you are seeking, or have already achieved a change in legal status, you must walk the talk and learn to live and behave accordingly. 

This video addresses those practical matters. 

To watch it, Click Here. 

Watch for more info on this subject in the members forum.

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