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Commercial Law

People often go into court wanting to stand on their rights and they wonder how and why the judge refuses to respect or protect their ‘rights’. The answer is simple. Because in that court, you have no ‘rights’, the constitution does not apply and you don’t understand the nature of the court or the jurisdiction it is operating under.
Going into court demanding your rights of any kind is not only a losing argument every time, but it is also embarrassing that one with such good intentions is simply not properly informed.

Since the 1600’s when the crown recognized a rising sense of independence among the colonies, they were looking for ways to rein that spirit in and maintain control. Historical records show that the way they did it was to find ways to engage the colonies in ‘lex mercantoria’ or ‘The Law Merchant’. They made everyone a ‘merchant’ and thus regardless of whatever ‘Proclamations’, ‘Declarations’ or ‘Constitutions’ that were drawn up, it really didn’t matter. By controlling the courts, eventually, with the International Bar Association (London) which is a privileged class in the legal world, they silently imposing ‘Admiralty’ jurisdiction in all the courts and everyone who enters those courts is silently governed by the Lex Mercantoria.

It was a sneaky, devious, corrupt move for sure, but all is not lost. By understanding The Law Merchant and the U.C.C. you can win! And you can win big! You just have to know the rules of the game!

Bottom line, Commercial Law governs nearly everything and before you start ‘Code Pleading’ you had better study this material first.
Here in the Lighthouse Law Club we will present you with a variety of materials including extensive background and history which is important to understand. We recommend that in the case of these pdf documents, that you invest in the paper and ink to print them out, get a coffee and get comfortable in your sofa or patio and give yourself the chance to study and fully absorb the material in a quiet comfortable environment.

Once you get a grasp of what’s going on here, you will be empowered with an entirely new perspective on how things work in this world. This information is ‘fundamental’

Let’s start with this: 
Howard Freeman – The U.C.C. Connection 
The story is told in practical terms based on his own personal experience. 
A ‘Must Read’ for all Americans! 
Click here for pdf document 

William Avery – The Dispatch of Merchants 
Once you’ve digested The U.C.C. Connection which is an easy read, 
this research is a wonderfully comprehensive analysis of 
The Law Merchant, it’s history, how it came into play and how we have 
all been subjected to it. This is a 78 page book which provides an analysis 
we haven’t ever seen anywhere else. It’s a real gem! 
Click here for full pdf document 

Hartford Van Dyke – Holding Public Officials Accountable
Hartford is ‘the’ pre-eminent scholar on the use of commercial law.
He has quite a history and anytime he has anything to say,
it’s worth listening to closely!
This is an audio presentation of 1.5 hours. 

Mary Elizabeth Croft Interview
Part 1 of 11 Author of: “HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY
Download the book here

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