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Commercial Liens

A commercial lien is based on a statement of claim for damages incurred as a result of egregious behavior of the accused which was unlawful, a violation of rights or unauthorized harmful behavior by a public official. 

It is an ‘extra-judicial process’ meaning it is an administrative process done privately in commerce without the need for a government funded hall of horrors (court).  The process is usually able to get the consent of the accused through tacit agreement.

One of the most spectacular displays of success using this process was how Leroy Schweitzer and the ‘so-called’ Montana Freemen used these liens which were, in essence, securities.  They deposited these securities in Bank One and used them as a deposit to open a checking account. It’s a long story which I’ll link to below, but they were routinely successful in helping people around the country pay off mortgages, credit cards, tax bills and more without question or delay. 

Our library of resources on this comes from Hartford Van Dyke.  Included in the library are sample documents, a list of Federal laws which could be used to determine liability, a system for tracking multiple damages from multiple parties in a single or series of events. And there’s much more for you to explore.

You should know a little about Hartford.  His uncle was in Navy Signal Intelligence in the 40’s.  He intercepted and decoded Japanese messages which gave him notice in advance of the Pearl Harbor attack.  This information was scuttled and suppressed and the attack was allowed to happen with all the ships kept in harbor.  The US was looking for a reason to go to war and this was just what was needed to get the public behind the effort.  Reminiscent of 9/11 and the subsequent Patriot Act and war on terror?

Ever since then Hartford, his father and uncle had been researching ways to hold government scum accountable and the result was this non-judicial, administrative process known as ‘Commercial Liens’.

A word of caution:  Since the days of the Montana Freemen public officials were terrified that this process would become well known.  Many state legislatures have passed laws making it illegal to file liens without a court judgement in support.

No worries.  Water always finds its own level!  If it can’t go one way it’ll find another route!  Some training on this will be required but this is a serious weapon which can be used to settle accounts with wrongdoers.

Check out our Resource Library on Harford’s Material then watch the videos below.

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