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Contractual Business Organization

This CBO  is a unique and extremely powerful animal whose privacy, tax exemption and unassailability is protected by law like an endangered species. 

We have a letter from the IRS responding to a request on how to file for a CBO and the IRS letter said to paraphrase: ‘There is no filing requirement…’.

As one of many possible illustrations on this point we present you with Pennsylvania state law on taxation in the images below.

If that’s hard to read,

(b) Exclusions: the following entities are not taxpayers for the purposes of this article…

(1) Massachusetts Trust or business trusts or common law trusts …which are not organized or created under statutory laws of this state.

What more do you need?

This video below will thoroughly explain the legal underpinnings, the construction, the players and roles and more.  Present this to your attorney if he needs some education on the subject.

Warning!  Attorneys and the institutionalized world will try to warn you away from using these claiming that they are ‘scams’ or worse!  Of course you know why.  If you used these, you wouldn’t need them!  Enough said.

Our resource library on this is in dropbox and you can find it here.

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