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Foreclosure & Mortgages

First, You need to understand The Keys to Mortgage Fraud. We have a document by that name which you can get here.

There are generally 3 ways to attack a foreclosure:

  1. Challenge the fact that the plaintiff does not hold the note.  If they cannot produce the note, or if they bought it and cannot show evidence of the purchase with proof of payment then they are not a ‘holder in due course’ and thus have no legal right to demand anything and the foreclosure process is unlawful and should be dismissed.
  2. Defects in the process.  There are a number of ways that documents are fraudulently created or processed.  Understand what these tricks are and learn to recognize them.  We can show you this in our research material.
  3. Challenge the alleged debt/mortgage from its beginning.  We now know that insider banking accounting tricks get you to pay for the mortgage several times over and it’s paid for initially when you deliver the signed note.  It is an outright deceptive criminal racket.

You’ll find folders full of research with sample documents on these topics in our DropBox here.

First you need to understand how mortgages work.  This video below is probably the most downloaded and re-posted videos on YouTube because of it’s insightful admissions by a banker on the witness stand in court.  Listen and take notes. per mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

One quick way to stop a foreclosure in its tracks is to file for bankruptcy in Federal Court. 

You are also encouraged to explore the Business, Banking and Finance page to learn various ways to legally settle the debt with private credit.

These Topics are also covered at length in various posts on the Fireside Chats Patreon page where you can get live support.  You’ll find it at:

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