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The more we learn about how all mortgages are created using pure fraud, it then follows by way of the ‘fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine’ that all foreclosures are little more than outright fraud and theft. 

Not only are there effective ways to stop all foreclosures, but there are ways to eliminate all mortgages! 

There are many people fighting this fraud all across the country.  The law is clear and is on our side.  There are a variety of ways to attack and potentially prevail on an attempted foreclosure.

The problem we face is that the courts largely do NOT honor the law.  They are acting in concert with the bankers mafia and have set up this machine to steal peoples’ property.   It’s the old saying, once again, “It’s dangerous to be right when your government is wrong!”

So, to our dear members who are facing foreclosure, please understand that there is no magic bullet or silver cross to guarantee that the cockroaches will scatter.  Every situation is different,  Every person is different in their knowledge and their ability to expose and prosecute the fraud in the courtroom.  Every case has it’s own actors and those actors each have their own personalities and pre-dispositions for or against ‘truth and law’ as the case may  be.

The first thing you need do is to learn how the courtroom operates so if you are hauled in, you know how to hold them accountable to their own rules and may benefit accordingly.  Here is an excellent online course you can cram in a couple days if necessary HOW TO WIN IN COURT WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY    These are basics everyone should have.

Obviously, everyone is better off if you can avoid going to court and can solve the matter prior to that.


The following listed benefits are provided by a third party specialist and the membership to that program is included upon request with membership for new members as of January 2017.  Contact us for details in either case.

Stop My Foreclosure


If you would like to stop your foreclosure or stop an eviction after a foreclosure sale take immediate action and register for a FREE Mortgage Fraud Analysis and Bloomberg Securitization Search because you may have legal standing to sue your lender or current loan servicer for mortgage and foreclosure fraud seeking financial compensation, clear and free title to your property (quiet title), or both!


The best way to stop a foreclosure sale is to counter-strike by filing a mortgage fraud lawsuit. Overturn the tables on your mortgage lender or current loan servicer with a turnkey lawsuit package that can give you the upper-hand in negotiating a settlement that you can live with.



According to a government audit 83% of the mortgages contain legal violations. Legal errors, contract breaches, appraisal fraud, mortgage fraud, broken chain of titles, and other issues have caused the majority of mortgage transactions to be legally problematic for Banks attempting to foreclose. FRAUD STOPPERS Private Members Association (PMA) can help you save time and money, and increase your odds of success, getting the legal remedy that the law entitles you to, and that you deserve, with these products and services:


•    Stop Foreclosure Sale Methods

•    Stop Eviction Methods

•    Reverse Foreclosure Sale

•    Breach of Contract Lawsuits

•    Quiet Title / Slander of Title Lawsuits

•    Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuits

•    Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) Lawsuits

•    Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Audits & Lawsuits

•    Federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA) Rescission Lawsuits

•    Bloomberg Securitization Audits

•    Mortgage Fraud Audits

•    Robo Signing Audits

•    Chain of Title Investigations

•    Trial Ready Evidence Packages

•    Expert Witness Affidavits & Testimony

•    Pro Se Products & Services

•    Pro Se Education & Training Material

•    FREE Pro Se Administrative Remedy Documents

•    Nationwide Foreclosure Defense Attorney Network

•    Attorney Education Curriculum

•    Attorney Loan Modifications

•    Pro Se Loan Modifications

•    Attorney Bankruptcy Services

•    Pro Se Bankruptcy Services & Support

•    Investor Short Sale / Buyback Transactions

•    Investor Joint Venture Transactions

•    Private Equity Refinance Transactions

•    Creative Real Estate Solutions

•    Deed in Lieu Transactions

•    Credit Repair Programs

•    Easy, Non-Credit Based, Financing Options Available


If you would like learn How to Cancel Secured and Unsecured Debt Obligations through Strategic Litigation register for a FREE Mortgage Fraud Analysis and Potential Cause of Action Consultation, right now. We will conduct a FREE Bloomberg securitization search and analyze your mortgage loan documents for violations of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to determine what legal options your current mortgage loan situation qualifies for. Then we will help you formulate an effective and affordable strategy to get the legal remedy that the law entitles you to, and that you deserve.




Here are some additional threads you may wish to follow on some various approaches to dealing with the issue;


RESCIND THE NOTE.  The note was fraudulent to begin with as you can see from our BEAT THE BANKERS video.  You’ll find more information on this in the Members Forum > Beat the Bankers > Fight Foreclosure with Coach Monica


PLACE A FRIENDLY LIEN  You can create a contractual obligation with some independent third party and to secure that obligation you have to the third party. They might place a UCC lien on the property which would secure the equity.


BECOME THE SECURED CREDITOR –  In following the Non-UCC process you are in effect changing your status from debtor to creditor and notice of this to the parties in the foreclosure could create some fun confusion for them!   More on this in the VIP Advanced Training Libraries


FILE FOR BANKRUPTCY – This legally creates an automatic and immediate ‘Stay’ on foreclosure proceedings and will buy you some time.


One of our members is a specialist in just this area.  He provides a service whereby you ‘sell’ your interest in the house to the service provider who ostensibly ‘buys bad debt’.  This person is an expert in bankruptcy proceedings and will ultimately get the fraudulent mortgage dismissed in BK court because the alleged lender, or collector, cannot produce a valid claim.  Any related lien or recorded mortgage will be expunged from county records.  The home will be free and clear and you’ll share equity 60/40 with the 60% being yours.  For his services you will then pay a much reduced ‘rent’ which will save you tons of money and you’ll get to stay in the home for as long as you like.   They do charge an initial committment fee up front for this in addition to the back end % as you might expect.

For more on this, please go to the Members Forum <> Beating the Bankers section and we’d love to get your feedback and personal experiences.

To more fully understand the fraud involved, be sure to explore the VIP Advanced Training Library:  BEAT THE BANKERS.


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