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Frivolous Arguments Lead to Trouble

These days I see people all over the freedom movement wasting time and flirting with trouble as they regurgitate old worn out arguments which are losers in court.  The court deems it your responsibility to know the history of arguments and decisions made by the courts and if you bring in the same old losing argument into the court which has been ruled on many times previously, they take offense that you are wasting the court’s time and you’ll get sanctioned and penalized for doing so, not to mention kicked out of court humiliated for being ignorant of these facts and wasting your time. 

Here is a link to find out more about ‘Frivolous Tax Arguments’  Click Here 

To remove the IRS from your life is really a simple task.  It’s not complicated.  You don’t need to be a legal guru.  You don’t need to take chances or make ‘risky’ moves. 

I’ve boiled it down to simple, practical matters and you can find it in the IRS FREEDOM COURSE found in the ADVANCED TRAINING LIBRARIES.

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