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Get Your Finances in Order & Make a Plan!

Millions are in Financial Trouble – We Can Help! 

The Mortgage Bankers Association says:  

  • 100,000 homes are foreclosed on per month that’s one out of every 200 homes. 
  • 1 child in every class is losing their home

True unemployment figures, according to John Williams ‘Shadowstats’ is closer to 23% which represents in the vicinity of 90 million people. 

Official Consumer Inflation figures tell us that it is less than 2%.  True inflation according to Shadowstats, is closer to 10% without accounting tricks the government uses to keep them lower.  This means that, without a raise next year, your grocery cart will hold 10% less while you spend the same amount of dollars. 

Bankruptcies have been steadily increasing since 1980 to high of 2 million in 2005 and around 1.8 million last year.

The economy is in dire straits as corporate chains close hundreds of stores nationwide.  The Baltic Dry Index is at an all time low which indicates that the movement of goods in the world is at a near standstill globally.   Stock markets are collapsing.  Debt and derivative markets, not to mention the bond market, are imploding.  

Where does this put you?  Maybe you have a ‘JOB’.  But for how long?

Let’s get right to the point on what you can do about it. 

#1… Get out of debt!  The Lighthouse Law Club has amazing advanced processes and tools to, at a minimum, restructure that debt in a way which will help you, or in the best case scenario, flat out eliminate that debt entirely and leave you with a zero balance!  

How?  That’s a long story, but in a nutshell, most mortgage companies, debt collectors, banks and credit card companies do NOT operate or treat their customers in a legal manner.  Much, if not most of the debt was created illegally in the first place!  What do you think happens when fraud exists, and through a ‘Forensic Audit’ we can prove it and threaten to expose the whole issue in a court of public record?   Poof!  The alleged ‘creditor’ says, ‘You know, that really won’t be necessary.  We’ll just zero out your balance if you agree just to be quiet and go away.  

And there are other methods, such as becoming a ‘Secured Creditor’ in relation to the secret bond which was created against your birth certificate and using that ‘credit’ to pay off all your debts.  This is a process of completing paperwork and filing documents and can be done entirely without going to court. 

#2… Become financially independent.  I’m not talking about becoming filthy rich with a big come on (at least not right away).  I’m talking about being practical and being able to pay your bills and finance your life plan without the need for a J.O.B.!  You can’t count on your job being there for you the way things are going.  You cannot be ‘Dependent’!  You must be ‘Independent’!  You need to have a ‘Portable Trade or Occupation’ which allows you to make money from any hammock in the world, which has a Wi-Fi connection.

#3… Create a Bug-Out Plan!   It is increasingly likely that things could get very ugly in your area.  Wouldn’t you have some peace of mind if you had an escape route that led you to a place in a tropical paradise where fruit and vegetables were abundant all around you, seafood was fresh and abundant at the fish market on the beach where the fishermen came in every day with their catch and you could live in your shorts and a t-shirt, even when you were ‘working’?  No crowds, no mobs, no militarized police or U.N. Troops!  

The Law Club is the only place in the world which brings all of this information and opportunity into one venue!  
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