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The following is an abbreviated outline of the benefits of being a Full Member in the law club.

People Ask: ‘What’s Included?’
Here’s the answer…

A Wealth of Materials geared for both 'Defense' and for going on 'Offense'
Our objective is to help guide and assist members' efforts to seek remedy for cases involving violations of rights,
tort claims, trespass upon property, etc.  One successful case which is awarded damages will fund a set
of other cases and we grow exponentially from there until we are all on a 'Do Not Detain' list
and we re-instill in the government a healthy 'Fear of the People' 
as we take back control of our sacred lost ground.

Advanced Training Libraries

Each Topic listed here is its own section containing one or more folders with various and numerous;
manuals, papers, documents, templates, and instructions in each folder.

Beat the Bankers

Come Out of Babylon

Affidavits of Obligation

Contractual Business Organizations (Business trusts)

Corporate Legal Document Templates

Declaration as an Ambassador for the Kingdom of Heaven - Legal Memorandum

DeProgramming Master File - UCL

Fireside Chats

Fight Back with a Criminal Complaint

IRS Freedom Course

Legal Status Correction

Research Corrupt Judges and expose their bribes

Spiritual Renewal

Trademark, Tradename & Copyrights

When You are Arrested...

Win in Court - Subrogation

New Product Packages Files

A-101 Initial Contact

A-102 Winning in Court

A-103 Strategic Boot Camp

A-104 Uncovering Bribes

A-105 Travel by Right

B- 101 is IRS Freedom Course listed above

C-102 Beat the Bankers

C-103 Kill the Debt is not included

C-104 Stop Foreclosure

D-101 The Art and Science of Financial Privacy

E-101 The Life and Lifestyle of the PT

F-101 The Insiders Rolodex

Base Camp

Part I: Getting started with fundamentals

- Introduction Video
- Quick References - 4 Articles on Fundamental Issues for clarity
- The Vision of the Law Club - Video - Creating Synergy with like-minded members
- Strategic Planning Video Workshop. Determining a personal strategy that works
for you and then implementing a customized plan with your own priorities to focus on and
avoid ‘information overload’.

Part II: Recon, Doing Legal Research References;
- Video The basics of doing legal research
- The Erwin Rommel School of Common Law
- Judge Anna Von Reitz
- George Gordon’s School of Common Law

Part III: Maps - Courtroom Procedure
- Numerous ideas, references & resources

Part IV: Self Governance
- 6 different subsections

Books, Charts, White-papers, and Research Documents to Download.

- Asset Protection: 3 very rare and powerful finds you will cherish!

- Business Banking & Finance: 7 different treasures

- Common-Law: 5 historical treatises which you are unlikely to find anywhere else!

- Contract & Commercial Law: 15 powerful revelations of historical importance and useful documents you can use today.

- IRS & Taxes in General: 3 Research documents for the ages.

- PT Lifestyle, Preparation & Escape: 3 Classic Writings to move you to the ‘next level’ in your strategy

- Right to Travel: 3 critical writings on this important issue.

- Self Defense & Survival: 13 different training sessions on practical ways to defend yourself in everyday life.

- Uniform Commercial Code: 4 Quick Reference Charts to help you immediately understand the UCC.


- Subsection: Withholding
- Subsection: Liens & Levies
- Subsection: FATCA & SARS
- Subsection: Decoding the IMF
- Subsection: Current News
- Subsection: Salvation in Section 83
- Subsection: Dealing with Demands for Payment
- Subsection: To File or not to File?
- Subsection: Frivolous arguments lead to trouble
- Subsection: Don’t Argue - Agree with a Conditional Offer

Members Forum

Interact with other members and learn from their experiences.
5 years of member newsletters, bulletins, conversations, input, personal experiences and more.

Private Consultations

-  Private consultations with Mark are on a time available basis.
He does not consult on legal/court cases or provide legal advise  
$150 pre-paid for up to 2 one hour sessions.

Recommended Services

We’ve compiled a list of vetted third-party service providers to help you achieve specific objectives
to complement your membership benefits.

Theaters of Operation

Each section has various subsections and multiple contents therein

- Initial Contact & Travel
- Bank Fraud
- Business Banking & Finance
- Cash Flow Solutions
- Commercial Law
- Contractual Business Organization - Business Trust
- Debt Elimination
- Foreclosure
- International Business & Lifestyle Opportunities
- Legal Status Correction

Video Workshops

The Private Asset Management System (PAMS)

Escape the Matrix

Change your Legal Status - Practical Matters

Stop Withholding

The Previous Taxpayer

The Private Traveller

...and if that isn't enough, we're adding new information on a regular basis.

To Join:

A Lifetime Membership is $1950 and $49 annual renewal thereafter.
To exercise this option a) fill out the questionnaire, then b) make your contribution here.  
You have another option:
Today, due to the war being waged against free people of the world
we're offering a way to help pay for your membership  with an 'off-grid cash flow solution'
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This is a big part of the financial engine to make this entire program viable. 


- Go to, watch the short videos, read up on it, and understand the details. 
- Sign up (if you don't have a sponsor one will be assigned automatically)
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