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International Business

As you know, the world has globalized.  It used to be that if you travelled to a foreign country, that was a big deal.  Today it is common, everyday practice.  

It’s funny how people in other countries outside the USA, commonly speak 2, 3 even 4 languages.  Their world view is one where doing business internationally is just standard operational procedure.

Now, shift gears and let’s look at this issue from the perspective of ‘Americans’.

Many, if not most, americans view anything done outside the country as being:  

  • Risky
  • Shady
  • Illegal
  • Ill advised (nice way of saying ‘stupid’)
  • Too complicated


It’s easy to see why this perception is so prevalent.  The dairy farmer who has his herd of milk cows, has no desire to have his cows straying over into his neighbor’s farm thus denying him his daily quota of milk!  The powers that be and their media minions have done everything possible to dissuade it’s citizen milk cows from straying.  

Tomes have been written on this subject and we won’t regurgitate it here. 

Suffice it to say this:  As the writing starts SHOUTING from the walls and we see the trends forming and building momentum towards an outright takeover of the US economy, political arena and personal lives of everyone who is not immune (as in the political class),  looking for escape routes in the international arena is the only logical option left for those who want to try and salvage what’s left of their personal freedoms and prosperity for their posterity! 

Even if you don’t have a desire to leave, and perhaps are hoping you won’t HAVE TO, the ONLY prudent step to take is to create the infrastructure whereby you have a pre-planned escape route, with pre-positioned assets and a landing pad somewhere OUT OF HARMS WAY, should the need every arise. 

It doesn’t take a ton of money.  It can be done on a low budget.  But it does take planning and you do have to have a level of economic independence as we so frequently discuss. 

You are encouraged to start thinking about creating a ‘landing pad’ outside the country with business and banking and papers to set you up as a ‘PT’.  

If the need never arises from a crisis state, you are well ahead of the game and you can use these ‘assets’ as part of your ‘privacy and prosperity’ regimen.  If crisis hits, you are prepared. 

Either way, you will benefit. 

Watch the Members Forum for more details on this hugely important topic. 

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