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Legal Status

Most of us are now becoming aware that we’ve been duped into making false admissions, confessions and declarations as being UNITED STATES citizens when in fact we never were in the first place.  Of course this is supremely important when you consider the liability that comes along with that, as opposed to being a private person.  Consider the obligations of a UNITED STATES citizen regarding; taxes, regulations, federal control, statutory control and all that goes with that.

Your Legal Status is supremely important and there are several options available to you to investigate.  I’ll list them here in order of importance (Mark’s personal opinion) with the first being of highest priority. 

Full Diplomatic Immunity as an Ambassador for the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is dead serious and is the most serious, most defendable and universally accepted status.

Get the full information and training on this in two places;

World Missions Church website

Kingdom Ambassadors YouTube channel


This is not for everyone.  It requires full faith and discipleship to Jesus the christ.  It is non-denominational, non-registered and non-religious.

Implement the ‘5 Flag Strategy’ as a PT

(Note – when arriving upon a Vimeo video they’ll prompt you to ‘join’ with a pop-up box which you don’t need to do.  You can close the pop-up and continue)

PT – The Previous Taxpayer webinar. 1 hour 14 min.

PT – The Perpetual Traveler (book) by W.G. Hill – free download

Why Become an International PT? 16 minute video

Book: Living Free as a PT!

Changing Legal Status Parts 1 & 2 - Practical Measures for a Private Life

Critical ‘How To’ information in a short webinar. These are issues nobody tells you about.  Click Here

Secured Party Creditor

This is part of the process done by our friends at THE MATRIX FREEDOM PROGRAM.  Learn more here. Free registration and educational membership.

Register as a state citizen

as a matter of permanent record with the US State Department using the passport application process.  I used and can recommend Christopher at

The States Assembly(s)

Check them out at

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