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The Lighthouse Law Club and associated entities and platforms provide you with a wealth of knowledge, research, experience and know-how.  Many of these are topics which have some serious  complexities and we understand that while you have your own experience and expertise, you likely do not have the same as it relates to the broad scope of the subject matter we delve into.

As it relates to your own experience and successes, please share those with us in the NATF Members Forum so we can not only celebrate with you but also learn from your personal experience. 

There are three avenues available to get support.

Fireside Chats

We recommend this for everyone.  We have a live session online every Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM Central time.  Bring your issues and we can brainstorm possible solutions and/or guidance for you between Mark and other knowledgable members in attendance.  By being here you’ll also have access to additional files and videos on important topics.  There is a Free version if you want to just get a feel for it but the Live Sessions and Premium posted content is for subscribed members.  It’s only $39 a month, the equivalent of a cheap lunch for two once a month!  To go to the Patreon page Click Here

Private Consultation with Mark

Mark will set aside some time for you to consult privately with him.  One booking will credit you with up to one hour on any topic of your choice, PLUS a second session of up to one hour, if any follow up is needed for $150 pre-paid.  When making a booking please be specific with some detail on what you’d like to accomplish in the session.  If Mark feels that he’s not in a position to help you, he’ll cancel the booking with an explanation and refund the credit.

To make a booking Click Here

Get Paralegal Help

If you have legal issues or a court date you’d like some guidance on we offer the following:

To avail yourself of these services Click Here

NATF/Lighthouse Members Forum

This is not set up so much for support but you can ask for input or engagement from other members.

Join the Forum:  Click Here

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