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Local Governance

It is becoming increasingly obvious that our lawful republic, our nation of laws which is designed to protect and preserve our rights, our peace and everyones’ equal right to seek and achieve a good life, is being dismantled by elected or appointed ‘officials’ who hold themselves above the law.

We get news every day how elected leaders routinely lie to the people. We hear how the courts do not honor the law and are merely used as political weapons to be used to preserve the ‘business’ of those in power and the people are trampled in court.

We also see how police can routinely commit murder and get away with it when the ‘system’ protects them as a ‘special class’ which is above the law.

This has to change. It can only change if you, your friends and associates, and your entire community stand up and do something about it. YOU must take control of your community, your city elders, your police and the courts.

Until these people know first hand, that the community is watching them and will hold them accountable, they will simply continue raping and pillaging the public with criminal activity! It’s up to you! What are you going to do about it?

It starts with your local Lighthouse Law Club chapter. Start with a core group of concerned citizens meeting on a regular basis. Communicate in between meetings via Skype or web conference. Study & learn the law and the obligations of your public officials. Network with other groups of a like mind. Do some research and find out what other groups exist in your area who might share your concerns and network with them to form a coalition to retake control of your community from foreign corporations. ‘Foreign’ is used to mean apart and distinct from the peoples’ common law which exists in the republic, i.e. municipal corporation as a subdivision of USA Inc.

I applaud Americans like David Myrland_ who has put up a website at wherein he proposes that each community set up a CITIZENS OVERSIGHT COMMISSION. He and I think alike on this and the concept has a lot of merit. The net effect of this is to have a citizens grand jury, without getting into trouble trying to compete with the courts. With this type of commission it can be ‘very public’, issue press releases, get actively involved in community affairs and have the effect of shining a light on public officials to try to force them into ‘good behavior’.

Please go to his website and review this now, on the CITIZENS OVERSIGHT COMMISSION.
The CITIZENS OVERSIGHT COMMISSION can be the first step in establishing the Peoples’ Common Law Grand Jury. The video below is VERY informative and critical to regaining local governance. Please take the time to view it.


As a part of your ‘Coalition Building’ your top priority is to get your Sheriff working with you. He needs to understand who you are, what you do, what your aims are and that you are there to support him in the execution of his lawful duties. He needs to know that he has support to do ‘the right thing’. As the highest law officer in the county, he has the right and the duty to quash unlawful activity (Fed agency mischief) and to either arrest or expel perpetrators of unlawful activity.

Please inform your sheriff that you expect him to join and participate in the ‘Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officers’ Association’ and Oath Keepers found at Get to know the deputies and invite them to your Law Club meetings. Meet with them either formally or informally just to chat and build relationships. If they resist your invitations or seem contrary to your intended goals, then this should raise a huge red flag and the public would need to know this and start questioning their allegiances!

The root of the peoples’ power stems from their right to set their own courts which include only the people and the Sheriff (no attorneys!). We’ll deal with this critically important issue separately. The videos below at the bottom of the page are of Leroy Schweitzer. If you listen to anyone having to do with the corporation, they will marginalize, minimize and castigate him as a wild eyed, fringe lunatic. The fact is, he was the most learned and knowledgable person on the face of the earth as it relates to the organic law and heritage of the republic. I can attest to this, personally having spent the equivalent of almost a week during two separate visits, getting intense training from him and the other ‘Montana Freemen’. His knowledge and activity was deemed such a threat to the status quo corporate government, that he died in a maximum security prison known as ‘SuperMax’ in Colorado. Read his story in the book about the Montana Freemen. Every American needs to know this story.

Check the forum for further updates on this critical subject matter.

As for the usurpation of local authority, among the several states, by the municipal corporation known as the UNITED STATES and its various subdivisions, the best research we have seen is the research done by Schweitzer and his team.
We present here, their work, and we formally request reply with either acquiescence or rebuttal from the U.S. federal judiciary.


The book below is must reading for all Americans. The true story of the Montana Freeman must live in the hearts of all Americans and we cannot let it die. It is fascinating, compelling and revealing! It’s a short and easy read!

If you care to read a detailed account of my personal interactions with the Freemen, among many other interesting and educational stories, get my book: ONE FREEMANS WAR IN THE SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Find out more at

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