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Maps - Courtroom Procedure

Courtroom Procedure
If you are going to do ‘Code Pleading’ in the courtroom it can be fun, effective and rewarding! In 
fact, there are those who say adamantly, that having an attorney will never get you the results and representation that you can do for yourself provided you are prepared and diligent. I tend to agree with that! An attorney is an officer of the court and when you have an attorney you are deemed to be ‘incompetent’ and a ‘ward of the court’ for them to do as they please, which is ‘business as usual’. As an officer of the court an attorney will never hold his counterparts’ feet to the fire. It’s a ‘good ol’ boys network and a game that they play amongst themselves, the members of the bar. So to be a good ‘Pro Se’ litigant, or to appear in ‘Persona Propia’ is your best bet, and you had better be prepared. It’s not that tough.
Start by getting a softcover ‘Rules’ book. Whether federal or state, civil or criminal, there is a ‘Rules of Civil Procedure’ book and the same for ‘Criminal Procedure’. Be sure you review the rules and especially the Rules of Evidence. In Colorado they have an organization called The District Attorneys Council and this group publishes ‘The D.A.s Sourcebook to Colorado Criminal Code’ or some similar title. This book proved invaluable to me in my cases. Check your state for similar organizations and publications..The District Attorneys Council.
You can search for something similar in Amazon or check with your local District Attorneys’ Council (or similar). 

It lays out the keys, the strategies, the points the D.A. needs to prove, the case law they will use etc. It is the playbook by which all Colorado D.A.’s prosecute certain cases. You don’t need to be a D.A. to get one. I just walked into their office and asked for one and they gave it to me (for a price). If they give you any resistance about not being a D.A. or lawyer there are several ways to handle that: private citizen taxpayer, principal of the government, sponsor of the credit which they live off of, or just a silly, bumbling law student wanting to learn the law!

On this page we offer various and diverse resources to help you get more comfortable with courtroom procedure and pleadings. Please do NOT use any sample documents presented here as a ‘template’. Study the content, study other material, research the references to confirm validity in your court and if you want to use something similar in your own case, make your own documents which are 100% unique and relevant to your own case. What we offer here is only for educational purposes to see what other people are doing so you can learn from their research, pleadings and procedures.



Any action must be based on some ‘instrument’; i.e. Drivers license vs. your rights and responsibilities as a natural person, Your birth certificate vs. your rights as a citizen and the statutory code they want to apply to you, the traffic ticket vs. your rights as a sojourner etc. A Declaratory judgment could very well get a court determination as to your rights and responsibilities as it relates to what they are trying to do to you. Fascinating discussion and a simple procedure.
Click here for audio presentation.
Click here for sample Demand for Declaratory Judgment.

Experienced shysters and crooked judges work for the state. Their job is to fleece you any way they can. You need to see the tricks coming and know how to stop it. Click here for a good read of some valuable info. It’s short.

This man swears that the only way to win when the state comes against you for any reason is to defend yourself and learn how to properly use ‘Affidavits’ to have your pleadings ‘stick’ where they can’t be ignored. He has some very good information to know about keeping the judge in line. Interesting presentation.

Robert Fox Affidavit.
The man above referenced Robert Fox and how he beat the state in 11 separate attacks. Below is one of his affidavits as he started putting the pincers on the judge and the state for what they were doing. Read it, learn and enjoy! Click Here

Attorneys Rules of Ethics and ‘Barratry’
Attorneys ‘play’ against each other and almost ‘never’ get challenged by their Bar Association brothers. So they can get very sloppy and accustomed to doing whatever they like, regardless of what the rules say. This means you can have a bountiful harvest in court when you get the judge slapping him silly with the rules. Learn what is legally required of the attorneys and hold them accountable. They will hate you for it and nothing could make you feel better when you go home from court! Click Here

How to Win in Court Without a Lawyer

In 2 Days You’ll Know How to Win Without a Lawyer
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From the Founder:  “I’ve been a case-winning lawyer 30 years. I know how to win!  In just 2 days you will know what it takes to win, then keep the course for a full year to use my simplified forms, legal references, case-winning tactics, everything listed on the left side of this page, plus quizzes to check your progress, video clips, audio you can download, and easy-to-follow classes that explain everything you need to win in any court … without a lawyer!  That’s right!  You will learn how to win without a lawyer in just 2 days then have unlimited online access to everything in this case-winning course for an entire year.   Learn quickly or follow my step-by-step course at your own pace.  Any kind of case, any court, anywhere … state or federal.”

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Erwin Rommel School of Law

Any group who starts their training with Psalm 91 and routinely shows ‘street people’ with no experience how to win in court, is O.K. by me! Look them up in YouTube for some interesting videos. 

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