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Personal Freedom

Personal Freedom

Individual Rights are being curtailed on a daily basis. If you cannot defend your rights, then you have none! What are you going to do about it?

Every day, people who work for various agencies, NGOs, activist groups, political hatchet groups, social organizations, belligerent labor unions, and even law enforcement want to impose their will on your life. In many, if not most cases, such people are the product of public education and media manipulation who have been dumbed down and they don’t have a clue about the virtues of protecting individual liberties, including yours.

Today, if you exercise your rights to free speech, free association, assembly, self expression and many others, you are very likely to get attacked in one way or another. Are you prepared? Or will you just bow down to tyranny and intimidation and ‘let it happen’? When you know the limits of the law, you won’t be bluffed into submission just because ‘someone said so’ and he just happens to carry a badge or have a sticker!

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