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Personal Independence Requires Finances

Obamanomics is working! 

I don’t need to tell you how successful Obama has been in creating massive economic decline which meets the social agenda’s objective, which is:  TO MAKE THE POPULATION COMPLETELY DEPENDENT ON THE CONTROLLERS! 

I frequently talk in my workshops about the need to be independent and mobile as it relates to your cash flow.  If you haven’t seen my short video message on called PORTABLE TRADES AND OCCUPATIONS, please review it to establish the basis of understanding for the need for an independent source of cash flow. 

Enough of that.  You have dreams bigger than your budget.  If you have a job, you do not have freedom of your time and your life, and that needs to change. 

Or let’s just say you are one of hundreds of millions of people on this planet who do NOT have sufficient funds to retire or even meet current NEEDS AND DESIRES! 

Check out this video introduction on the iCharity Club.  It’s only 10 minutes and will change your life, if you let it. 

After you see the video, you can REGISTER HERE and start changing things for the better. 

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