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Run Bankers Run!

A Strategic Offensive by ‘The People’

With the release of our latest video presentation ‘Run Bankers Run’ (see below) we are announcing that it is time that the people draw a line in the sand and take up the legal and spiritual means to take on the Money Changers and their minions ‘Head On’!  This includes of course the derelict politicians who do their bidding, The corrupt judges who choreograph the bloody battlefield and the attorneys who corral the victims and throw the lances.

Here’s an overly abbreviated synopsis of how everyone in the Western world has been affected by a stolen inheritance and a dimmed future for your progeny.

‘Money of account’ (as opposed to ‘lawful money) in our system is ‘credit’ or promises to pay which never get paid.  Since we no longer use lawful money, nothing ever gets ‘paid’. We only have the franchise privilege to ‘discharge’ one obligation in exchange for another.   We the people are the creators, or issuers of the ‘credit’ (money) when we create promises i.e. mortgage notes, loan and credit card agreements etc.  This is how money is created as was explained by the Federal Reserve themselves in their now out of print publication ‘Modern Money Mechanics’.    

Now, looking at a mortgage situation, say you take out a mortgage today for $100,000.  It wasn’t too long ago (with higher interest rates) that the total payments owed on a 30 year mortgage would be around $300,000.  Well, you ‘created’ the $100,000 when you signed the note right?  Where does the other $200,000 come from?  We have a shortfall in money supply.  This shortfall ‘requires’, in a mathematical certainty that a large portion of the mortgages ‘are designed to fail’!  Enter stage left, the foreclosure process.   And in this example we haven’t given the complete story or even scratched the surface of what we’ll be getting into to expose the fraud of the banking and finance system which has been forced upon us. 

‘Run Bankers Run’ is a coordinated effort to expose the ongoing, incessant and multiple methods of fraud which has been used by the bankers to steal the future from every living man and woman in the western world.  But that’s not enough.  We’ll be ‘outing’ the fraudsters and ganging up on them in the court of public record as well as the court of public opinion.

Here’s the plan:

– We’ll provide a series of educational videos to expose to the world the methods of fraud used by the bankers and their minions to steal from you and everyone else and how they have been doing it for generations.

– As a part of our Peoples’ Army you will share these videos and discuss them in every discussion group, coffee clutch and social gathering place you can find.  

–   We’ll start providing the remedies and going after the criminals for fraud and a whole list of crimes too long to print here.  Our peoples’ army will be a phalanx of knowledgeable truth warriors armed with evidence, grit, law and the prosecutorial penetration we need to put the fear of God into these highway bandits and their protectors.  They will have no place to run.   If they barricade themselves in the courtroom and deny our lawful redresses, we’ll nail them to the cross in the public square with a high profile and personal ‘disclosure’ program which will get more attention than any alien ever could!

That’s the idea.  Stay tuned for more details coming up soon! 

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