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The Art of Becoming an International PT

What does ‘PT’ stand for ?  

  • perpetual traveler
  • permanent tourist
  • previous taxpayer
  • prepared thoroughly
  • parked temporarily
  • passing through


You get the idea.  Where ever you are, you appear as though you’re from somewhere else.  This gives you certain advantages in terms of how you are treated.

We all know that ‘tourists’ are almost always welcome and treated much nicer than the ‘locals’!  That’s just the common sense when it comes to business and commerce.  Tourists spend money!  They come with foreign passports and are not considered ‘residents’ and you know what that means from a legal perspective. 

W.G. Hill made the term popular with his renowned book ‘The PT’.  

We have that book for you right here.  Download it for yourself and get the full impact of what is a PT and the benefits of being a PT.  Click Here

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