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The Impenetrable International Business Trust

By Now, you’ve likely seen the introductory video presentation entitled:  BUILDING YOUR PERSONAL FORTRESS – WHEN IS A TRUST NOT A TRUST?

If you haven’t seen it yet, Click Here when you have an hour to absorb the details without distractions.  You need to focus.  

This Contractual Business Organization can be set up in the republic of the united States of American and it would be ‘foreign’ to the cabal in Washington, D.C.  Nonetheless, we know we’re dealing with thieves, thugs and other criminal types, so let’s think in terms of additional security. 

My personal preference is to set the venue in Anguilla, under the law of the flag, for the reasons stated in the presentation. 

If you are able to set up a trustee or board of trustees who are also in the international arena,  but not Angilla, that creates an additional layer of protection.

Banking could be set up with a local bank account for local operations, which you might manage as the agent for the trustee and another account set up offshore where accumulations of cash, investments and other assets would accrue.  

Now, in doing this, what have you accomplished?  

You have managed to arrange a ‘business vehicle’ to be a bullet proof recepticle of proceeds from legitimate business activity.  It can hold assets, provide for business continuity should a ‘key person’ be unable to continue, provide for family estate planning and here’s why it’s so strong. 

We already know about the sanctity of contracts, international recognition, venue and the law of the flag, being non-statutory and done in common law which is also recognized by many jurisdictions worldwide.  

Now, in this configuration, for anybody to interfere in the activities of the entity they would have to; 

  1. have the power to violate contracts (privacy clause).  Hint:  this power doesn’t exist anywhere! 
  2. bring a complaint to the authorities of Anguilla and have those courts issue a valid judgement.  Hint:  It ain’t gonna happen!
  3. but they can’t do that without serving proper notice and subpeona to the trustees who are in another (3rd) jurisdiction
  4. and should they accomplish the impossible up to this point and actually get an enforceable judgement, they’d have to go to the jurisdiction where the bank account is and do a separate legal process on the other side of the world. 

Now, ask youself one question:   Is there anybody who wants to get at you THAT BADLY?   

One more question:   Would that trust be managing a value of assets sufficient to warrant a global, multi-jurisdictional legal process involving a minimum of 4 different legal systems?  

Nothing is impenetrable.  But this is as close as it gets!

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