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Business, Banking & Finance

With the proper knowledge and structuring of business and/or personal financial affairs, the bite of excessive taxation, regulation and intrusion can be significantly reduced if not eliminated altogether. We have ways of dealing with the IRS with finality. In addition, members have access to secure programs which multiply wealth.

The Global Entrepreneur membership moves one to the next level of privacy and protection with advanced strategies and capabilities in the financial arena. In this world tax-free double digit monthly growth is commonplace. This serves to save or create a retirement plan, survive economic collapse or build legacy wealth for generations to come

One of our alliance partners even offers a free educational program showing members how they recoup their payments for taxes, mortgages, credit cards, utility bills and more. They are getting checks from the US Treasury in a completely lawful process which satisfies GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).

You cannot afford NOT to be here!

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